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1-2-1 Personal Training, Group Personal Training. Offer a wide range of options, from Programmes, 1-2-1, Couple, Group PT. Courses available to take. from Shred-it FITZ, to Build a booty in 6 Weeks. Understand nutrition, amount of calories to take and learn about food labelling, what to watch.


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Tara Hughes

3 August 2019

Highly recommend a session with craig. Short and sharp session which left my chest aching for days. You don’t need to be in the gym for hours to get that after gym burn with this guy


Kate Hancock

12 July 2019

Craig is a great PT - listens to what you want and is very patient and always available for advice! Very grateful for his help with my weight loss resulting in my wedding dress having to be made smaller and smaller!


Kerry Parker

6 April 2019

I’ve had a few PT’s with Craig now, he listens to your goals and develops a work out to suit. He’s a friendly guy and makes you feel at ease. Looking forward to more sessions


Kieran Mcvey

27 February 2019

Top trainer...very professional and makes you feel at ease when working with him. I would 100% recommend him to anyone! Keep up the good work mate!!


Kat Arnold

15 January 2019

Had a brilliant joint pt session last week, we completed a full body work out which I felt for another 4 days after! Definitely recommend


Vicky Taylor

5 October 2018

Would 100% recommend Craig!! He’s so knowledgeable, and really pushes you, but at the same time corrects technique to prevent any injury. He is really professional, varies his workouts and understands what I want to achieve! Loved my PT session!! More...


Ashley Kelly

10 September 2018

What a great, professional, friendly PT he's always around to help you in anyway he can. Thanks for making training that little bit more enjoyable


Lora Bristow

21 August 2018

Somehow Craig managed to get me to sign up to a 12 week challenge. After much protesting I gave it a go and the results are brilliant! I hated cardio and hated abs (ok I still hate abs) but the result was worth it. I’ve always been a size 8-10 but was getting more to a podgy size 10 and wanted to get back to normal. I learnt so many different exercises and Craig built the cardio into a training plan that was actually enjoyable and got me to achieve the goal I wanted. Would 100% recommend Craig if you have a goal you want to actually achieve!! More...


Shannon Worthington

16 August 2018

I have been training with Craig for a few months and he has really helped me build my strength up and give me more confidence in weight training. He always has great advice and great workouts. Highly recommended � More...


Darren Jackson

7 August 2018

Verry professional and hard working easy to get on with and has a good knowledge of training and how to get results with clients


Heidi Fitzsimons

23 July 2018

In 5 weeks considered i only train 1 or 2 days a week I have lost 2inch off both legs, half an inch off both arms, 2 inches from my waste also dropped just under half a stone I couldn't be more happier seeing results, thank you, highly recommended


Alan Scott

23 July 2018

"I really benefitted from Craig understanding my goals and targets. He designed a fun but tiring workout regime for me to follow over several sessions. Each session was tougher and tougher but Craig new how to motivate and drive me so i could continue to test and surprise myself. He is very educated in many forms of training to keep things fresh and his knowledge of what foods i should be eating was invaluable as it meant he could suggest things which were tasty and good for me!" More...


Jayne Annie Hatton

23 July 2018

Been training with Craig a couple of weeks now.. can honestly say he’s amazing, his training is different but challenging, what’s needed. Each time is different and fun.. I train most days anyway but since training with Craig I’ve had lots of new ideas which I do throughout the week.. fantastic core workouts which I loved! I feel my strength as come on loads .. Very helpful with nutrition aswell! And he as an amazing cook book .. More...


Kerry Thomas

23 July 2018

I would highly recommend Craig. Felt great after every training session (except the first as everything hurt! ) learned a lot about what excersices are best for me to slim down and get in shape. Great trainer and lovely person too. Can't go wrong xx More...


Sarah Clarke

23 July 2018

I can't recommend Craig enough! He's so knowledgeable, and genuinely seems to care about his clients. He always tailors my workouts to the things he knows I enjoy and pushes me to keep going when it gets tough. There's no strict diet plans, just great advice on how to make little, sustainable changes. Training with Craig is the best way to lose inches and body fat, best decision I ever made! More...

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Provide a 12 Week written programme, with nutrition guides for full support of the full programme and after.

Good planning and commitment to regards to exercising and diet, never get stress about weight, everyday body weight changes everyday.

Help people to give them back confidence so they have no problem with looking good and fitting into their favourite clothes

Be my own boss, expand and gain rewards the amount of effort you put into it.

I'm an honest and down to earth guy, I want help you as much as possible, for you to have that healthier lifestyle.



Setting realistic goals, helping others to feel great about them selfs, gain motivated and feel more confident with them selfs.