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Rakesh Singh

19 August 2019

I have had Charles from First call for a Job today, They have left my house, front and back garden in a mess, the landscaping is to very poor standard. I am in disbelief and shock, I have had to leave work early because of this situation. The rubbish and leaves and weeds all over the place. He jet washed the patio and sludge and dirt is at end of my drive which my neighbor has kindly cleaned up. He told my wife he would email me guarantees of the works and receipt. He was badgering my wife for the £450 before works and tidy up was complete. My gave monies in good faith as he promised everything thing will be tidy up and cleaned. I have left messages and called him but no reply several times. But no reply. More...



9 August 2019

Ok but told one fee agreed 350 then after job said sorry need 70 VAT