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As a professional Personal Trainer, my main passion is guiding people towards a healthier lifestyle. Everybody is unique; each with their own strengths and limitations. My method is to build a custom plan based on your shape, size, and fitness goals.


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Mick Barber

Super dedicated to working to your goals
Excellent nutritional advice 🖒


Shannon Mangan

Very professional, encouraging and supportive throughout the sessions. Highly recommend!


Debbie Mangan Was Harris

Very professional ... Would definitely recommend


Jamie Smith

Highly recommend really good personal trainer and really knows his stuff ��


Stef Knapper

Top man as well as PT trainer, asked for help and thats exactly what i got, cant recommend this guy enough.


Katie Brown

Very professional! Really gives you the confidence to workout in the gym on your own. Knows his stuff and gives you alternate exercises if your struggling with a particular one. 100% recommend.


Kim Thorley

I did a 6 week bootcamp with Finn and I thoroughly enjoyed it! He provided support throughout including meal ideas. I would definitely recommend him, he pushes you when you think you can’t do anymore. Sorry I moaned; a lot ��


Lisa Moss

I’ve just completed a six week boot camp and its been great! For the first time ever, I’ve actually enjoyed exercising.I feel fitter and more toned thanks to Finn pushing me during the PT sessions. Highly recommend! Thanks Finn �� xx More...


Josie Beeston

Finn is very professional and definitely knows his stuff! He sees the potential in you & pushes you to achieve your best! Can’t wait to continue the PT sessions with him! I would 100% recommend �


Ayshe Birchall

I did a 6 week bootcamp with Finn and really enjoyed it. He provided lots of support, including meal ideas and nutrition advice. He pushes you to achieve your goals and doesn’t let you give up easily! He makes you feel confident when working out, I would definitely recommend Finn to anyone. More...


Jason Slack

I have just finished the 6 week boot camp with Finn and I’ve really enjoyed it. He’s pushed and supported in every class and pt. He is also very supportive when it come to the most important diet, shearing ideas and pointing you the right direction. More...


Kaylie Beardmore

Finn is the Best personal trainer ever! I hate exercise but love my weekly pt sessions and the hypertrophy he does on a Thursday! He always adds a finisher to his sessions which I hate at the time but feel so much better for after � he always gives advice and is such a good trainer � (you will ache after)!! No pain no GAIN!! He is so good at what he does. Thanks Finn our pt sessions wouldn't be the same without you � More...


Craig Doorbar

I have just completed a 6 week boot camp with Finn. What a brilliant experience ! For the first time in years I have started to enjoy training again !! Got some good results along the way too !! Finn is a fantastic trainer : he knows how to motivate and get the best out of you . A top man and a proper gent to boot !!
I will be using him as a PT in the future ......

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By listening to what people want to achieve and then creating a sustainable, realistic plan to suite their needs and lifestyle.

Getting the body of your dreams is more than just training and diet. Its about consistency effort and sacrifice. But most importantly the body of your dreams is about being happy with who you are and how you look and feel, irrespective of wether you have a six pack or not. Happiness is internal and external.

The desire to help others to achieve there goals as well as a passion for health and fitness. When combined my lifestyle became my business and visa versa.

My service is honest, professional and achievable. No bullshit and no gimmicks.