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Are chores all you do after you get home from work? Fantastic Cleaners can help you turn things around by sending an experienced team of cleaners to tick all boxes on your to-do list. If your home is already in good condition, but you lack the time to occasionally dust up the place, we can also dispatch a specialist who will clean your home on a regular basis. Each cleaner is fully insured for your peace of mind and will perform their duties without disturbing your daily routine.

The company also provides affordable carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning services, provided by a certified technician. After evaluating the material your fabric is made of (suede, leather, etc.), the skilled professional will use a suitable machine and cleaning products to gently remove the stains from existence. Regardless of the job you hire us to do, you can count on the cleaners to do the work in line with your personal requirements and the latest industry standard.

We also provide professional end of tenancy cleaning, oven cleaning, window cleaning, after builders cleaning, gutter cleaning for domestic and commercial properties as well as efficient office cleaning services.

Fantastic Cleaners Reviews

Fantastic Cleaners Reviews

Review of Fantastic Cleaners by Zack Winfield
1 10/02/2019 Zack Winfield

Absolute shambles. Two people took three and half hours to clean an empty small two bedroom flat. They missed the entire empty freezer which is disgustingly dirty and the kitchen floor and sink looked worse than when they started. Carpet cleaner didn’t show up the first time and when they rescheduled was 25 mins late. Customer service was rude and unhelpful. I will never use these clowns again.

Fantastic Cleaners replied:
Dear Zack,

We regret to hear about your disappointment of the recent service received! Please rest assured a senior member of our Customer service team is currently looking into the matter and will contact you with a fair resolution in due course. Thank you for your patience!

Kind regards,
Fantastic Cleaners
Review of Fantastic Cleaners by Alice C
1 07/01/2019 Alice C

totally unreliable.
we have had at least a dozen different cleaners over the last 3 months so we have to explain everything again all the time.
the cleaners don’t speak English so despite a lot of pointing and miming, we sometimes end up with our tee-shirts ironed but none of the shirts.
I never know when I come home from work whether the cleaner will have come today, whether she will have hoovered or ironed or only cleaned the bathrooms but left the ironing and hoover for another day (and another cleaner).

Fantastic Cleaners replied:
Dear Alice,

Thank you for your honest feedback.

We regret to hear that our service did not manage to reach your customer satisfaction and we would like to apologise for the great inconvenience we have caused you.

Please be advised that our Customer Care Department will be happy to assist you and to apologise personally for the hassle you have gone through. It will be highly appreciated if you provide us with your postcode or a reference number so we could locate your file.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,
Fantastic Cleaners
Review of Fantastic Cleaners by Laura
5 14/12/2018 Laura

I love the appearance of the whole house since I started using their cleaning services. Last week, the cleaners turned up on schedule and freshened up my bathroom as quickly as possible. There were no signs of limescale on taps and the shower was perfectly scrubbed. Good job.

Fantastic Cleaners replied:
Dear Laura,

Thank you for your nice feedback.
Hope you will continue to use our cleaning services in the future.
Wishing you relaxing days until we see you again.

All the best,
Fantastic Cleaners
Review of Fantastic Cleaners by monique

This review has been reported. We are currently assessing the review in accordance with our reporting processes.

Review of Fantastic Cleaners by YY
1 17/08/2018 YY

Avoid unless you want to dump your money.
The cleaner team came late and spoke F words all the time. Obviously they were not professional at all hence the quality is so poor.
Again avoid.

Fantastic Cleaners replied:
Dear YY,

Thank you for your feedback!

First and foremost please accept our apology for the situation.

As a customer oriented company we will take all action to avoid such situations from happening in the future.

Rest assured that our team will contact you to assist and sort this out for you.

Thank you!

Kind Regards,
Fantastic Cleaners
Review of Fantastic Cleaners by Yinu
1 11/08/2018 Yinu

I had a deep cleaning booked for a month in advance on a Saturday because I had an important family occasion on th Sunday. On the Saturday in question no one turned up. No text or explanation. It turns out that admin cancelled the booking on the Thursday and thought it ok to tell me about it on the Saturday morning at 8.00am. Not only did they think that was ok they also used the wrong number so I received nothing. When I phoned at 10.00 No one told me what had happened so i could arrange an alternative but lied and said they were trying to sort something out - just to give them a bit more time. In the end someone phoned me at one o’clock to say the best they could offer me was Wednesday. So no alternative but to do any thing about it A very unprofessional outfit.

Fantastic Cleaners replied:
Dear Tinu,

Thank you for the chance given to discuss the issue over the phone with us.

As we discussed emails confirming the compensation agreed, were sent to you.

Thank you once again for the time you spent with us sharing your feedback helping us to improve ourselves for any future reference.

Let me note that if any further assistance needed, we will be more than happy to help at any time.

Kind Regards,
Fantastic Cleaners
Review of Fantastic Cleaners by stephanie chng
4 07/06/2018 stephanie chng

I had a first bad experience as my first session was cancelled at the last minute. However, after-sales recovery service was promptly received and a complimentary service was subsequently provided. I appreciate and am pleased with the cleaning standards and would recommend it to all in future.

Review of Fantastic Cleaners by Michele Blair
5 07/06/2018 Michele Blair

I have been using Fantastic and Agnes for the last year. She and her team are very reliable, efficient and trustworthy and do a fantastic job.

I love that Agnes always sends me a confirmation text the day before she is scheduled to arrive. Very professional! I highly recommend Fantastic and Agnes and team. You will not be disappointed.

Review of Fantastic Cleaners by Karen Flawless Reed
5 23/05/2018 Karen Flawless Reed

These cleaners came to do an end of tenancy cleaning. They did such a deep level of cleaning that the house looked like it was new. It looked so perfectly cleaned and tidy that I even didn't want to move out! I have never received a better cleaning service. I would definitely use their cleaning services in future.

Review of Fantastic Cleaners by Chris Jeyakumar
2 10/05/2018 Chris Jeyakumar

Used to be a great service from the cleaners but in the last few months the cleaning service is poor, different cleaners arranged who regularly cancel last minute and now I can't even get a cleaning service arranged! Repeatedly told someone will call back once schedules are checked but have had to call numerous times only to be greeted with an answer phone message. Time to find another cleaner elsewhere who maybe more expensive but much more reliable and quality service!

Review of Fantastic Cleaners by Elise Garner
5 10/05/2018 Elise Garner

Their service is the absolutely most professional in carpet cleaning I've ever seen in my life!

I made an appointment via their website on Wednesday and got a response within minutes and finalized the appointment for Saturday morning. The technician came in right on time and he was very professional, polite, informative and helpful. And he did a wonderful job cleaning the carpets! They look fresh and fluffy.

I would definitely recommend them and I will keep them in mind for any future jobs I might have.

Review of Fantastic Cleaners by Client Services
1 04/05/2018 Client Services

Used Fantastic Cleaners for a professional check-in. It was a very bad service and clean smears, dirt, windows and more. The standard was at best like a domestic clean. Reported it to the cleaner on site and he was VERY rude. They had also blown the main fuse in the property and not reported it, yet continued to clean in the dark. Very frustrating as the tenant checked in the next day and the report marked it as a domestic level and pointed out the problems we had raised. The tenant then also complained. We asked them to return for a third time but they weren't very responsive time wise. So, we had to pay for an emergency electrician and separate pro clean. They are still chasing payment even though we have made an official complaint, wasted endless times and now they are just sending emails about interest and outstanding payment etc, but never replied to our complaint or issues. Using the service cost us approximately £360 more and a lot of headache. Which is a great shame. We have been pushed to this review as they are so UN professional in their approach!

Review of Fantastic Cleaners by Lucy Clarke
5 30/04/2018 Lucy Clarke

Having been disappointed with other cleaners recently our cleaner through Fantastic Cleaners was fantastic! So pleased to have finally found a company that listens to their customers and the website and service I have received is brilliant.

Review of Fantastic Cleaners by Erin Annear
5 26/04/2018 Erin Annear

Yesterday was my 3rd appointment with Fantastic Cleaners. And again everything went great. I am happy to recommend their cleaning services.

Review of Fantastic Cleaners by Bella
4 24/04/2018 Bella

Amazing service! They sent me a cleaner at a short notice after an accident on our lovely carpet. Professional and very courteous. The carpet looks as good as new. Very happy with the result. Would recommend the service.

Fantastic Cleaners replied:
Dear Bella,

Thank you for choosing our professionals to clean your carpets.

Feedback like yours is always nice to hear! Thank you so much.

Kind Regards,
Fantastic Cleaners
Review of Fantastic Cleaners by Gracie K.
5 23/04/2018 Gracie K.

Fantastic Cleaners is the real deal!

This is my third time using Fantastic Cleaners. I have tried a couple other cleaning companies and each time I felt like I was played. I consider myself a tidy person, but just need the extra hand cleaning those not-so-pleasant areas.

Even after being recommended by a friend, I was doubtful to try out new cleaning company because I felt that there is nothing they can do, that I can't. But I was completely wrong.

The team of 3 girls did an amazing job again. And fast as well. I was surprised that they even had a profile for me when I called them the second time! I had only used them once before and they had taken note of what I wanted to be cleaned and what needed the most attention, which is very professional of them. The lady that had helped me out the first time over the phone was very detail oriented and a pleasure to talk with. She didn't rush me or make me feel like I was being too picky.

As long as I live in London, I will never turn to another cleaning service. Keep up the great job!

Review of Fantastic Cleaners by N. Barry
5 19/04/2018 N. Barry

I booked a one-off cleaning with Fantastic Cleaners last weekend and was so impressed!

I was able to arrange all the details through their online booking form, which was really easy. The team showed up on time and were wonderful. I left them to do the cleaning and really could not be happier with the result. The house smelled so fresh and really was sparkling clean!

I'm looking forward to booking them again and know that I'm in good hands with Fantastic Cleaners.

Thank you so very much for a job very well done!

Review of Fantastic Cleaners by Tim James
5 08/04/2018 Tim James

I booked fantastic cleaners for an end of tenancy clean; the cleaners were an hour and a bit late so our ex landlord was kept waiting for almost two hours for their arrival.
The landlord was also displeased with the end result and scheduled another cleaning company to come and finish the work as fantastic cleaners were not able to rectify the issue in time for his requirements.
All in all I’m delighted that my ex-landlord was inconvenienced as much as possible whilst dealing with fantastic cleaners :)

Review of Fantastic Cleaners by Amy Coleman
5 23/03/2018 Amy Coleman

The other day we had these cleaners come home after the builders finished their work widening the living room. There was a mess of building material, dust and leftovers everywhere, but the team of experts did well their job and transformed the room into the neat and tidy place it should be. I am content with the quality of cleaning and would use their services again.

Review of Fantastic Cleaners by Natalie Eadie
4 14/03/2018 Natalie Eadie

I have used fantastic services for on a number of opportunities. They helped me move home, assemble furniture and most recently I have been using their cleaning services. They are always wonderful at responding and my flat has never been cleaner. While cancellations happen more often than I would like to think they should, it is an industry reliant on people and life happens. They are always quick to advise and rectify. I would strongly recommend this service.

Review of Fantastic Cleaners by Lola Allen
5 14/03/2018 Lola Allen

They just did a fantastic job! ????????????

I have 2 bedrooms and 2 baths and they finished in just 3 hours! And the quality of the work is excellent! I will continue to use them as well as recommend them! Thank you so much!

Review of Fantastic Cleaners by Samit Dutta
1 12/03/2018 Samit Dutta

Definitely steer clear, we have used them a number of times in the past and in general the service was good but during an after build clean back in September, the handles to our shower were damaged. One of the cleaners used a corrosive substance, which she originally denied despite it being clear in their own before and after photographs. This situation has still not been rectified over six months later, the customer service is appalling and they just keep lying. I’ve had to constantly chase as any time they have promised to get in touch they have not, most recently (January) they claimed to have replacements and that they would post them but they have not appeared. You can tell a good company by how they handle customer services when they make a mistakes and unfortunately this is not a good company.

Review of Fantastic Cleaners by A. Toomey
5 09/03/2018 A. Toomey

Arrived right on time and cleaned the carpets with absolutely no fuss. I am more than happy to have got rid of all stains. Would recommend their services.

Fantastic Cleaners replied:
Hi A. Toomey,

we are happy to hear you are pleased with the carpet cleaning service. Thank you for sharing your feedback and taking the time to write this review. We hope to hear from you again in future.

Kind regards,
Fantastic Cleaners
Review of Fantastic Cleaners by Alice Burke
5 07/03/2018 Alice Burke

This cleaning service has been incredible. I am very thankful for their online booking options, which makes everything so easy. I am using they regular cleaning services bi-monthly since October 2017. Every clean seems like a deep clean to me! My cleaner, Martina, is great. ????????????

I wanted a cleaning service that is reliable and efficient and I get both with Fantastic Cleaners. Also, I wanted to keep using the cleaner that came to my house the first time and they were able to accommodate that request.

I am thankful for the transparent pricing as well. I am very busy and having someone help every couple of weeks is perfect as it keeps things tidy and extra clean.

Thank you Fantastic Cleaners and thank you to my cleaner Martina!

Review of Fantastic Cleaners by Natasha G.
5 28/02/2018 Natasha G.

The best carpet cleaning I've ever had! Scheduling was easy and efficient. The cleaner was friendly, conscientious and did an amazing job. My carpets have never looked this great before! I highly recommend this service to anyone with carpet cleaning needs. Thank you Fantastic Cleaners for a truly exceptional customer experience!

Review of Fantastic Cleaners by Amanda Marshall
5 14/02/2018 Amanda Marshall

I called them on Friday to make an appointment because my carpets were really in need of cleaning. They came on Sunday morning on time and they were friendly, helpful and did an outstanding job. My carpets look and smell great and all this for a very reasonable price. I couldn't be happier!

Review of Fantastic Cleaners by Maya Cross
5 12/02/2018 Maya Cross

I was very impressed with carpet cleaners work! They contacted me earlier than expected in hopes of starting early. The technicians were professional, courteous and I was charged exactly as quoted. I will call them again if I ever need carpet cleaned.

Review of Fantastic Cleaners by Denise Albert
5 31/01/2018 Denise Albert

Very happy. Great service. Great people. I had 2 cleaners come into my home. They done a great job and treated me and my home with respect. I will definitely be using fantastic services again and would most definitely recommend.

Review of Fantastic Cleaners by Ashley Nickels
5 29/01/2018 Ashley Nickels

I don't remember when was the last time I had a professional carpet cleaning and I didn't think my carpet would ever look nice again... but Fantastic Cleaners made it possible! Their technician did an outstanding job! He was very honest and professional, provided high-quality work and he has the best equipment to get the job done right! I would highly recommend Fantastic Cleaners if you want great quality at an affordable price!

Review of Fantastic Cleaners by Renee Fletcher
5 26/01/2018 Renee Fletcher

The two cleaners sent to me were 35 minutes late, but I had a call letting me know this, which was good. Anyway, they were very nice and did a fantastic job. Excellent carpet cleaning service, I am 100% happy.

Review of Fantastic Cleaners by Grace S.
5 22/01/2018 Grace S.

I'm really pleased with this cleaner's work. Once a week, a professional cleaner comes to my home and helps me with tasks such as collecting dust, cleaning the floor, tiles and others. We elaborated a list with tasks to follow and this way is easier for both of us. Since I have been using their services, I now have more time for my personal things and my house is still tidy and ordered. The price they charge me is pretty fair for the quality of work.

Fantastic Cleaners replied:
Dear Grace,

Thanks for taking the time to share your experience online.
We are happy to hear we've done a great job.
Thank you for choosing us.

Best regards,
Fantastic Cleaners
Review of Fantastic Cleaners by Ruth Timmis
1 11/01/2018 Ruth Timmis

I AM GIVING THIS COMPANY NO STARS. Awful company. Had a cleaner who when my partner came back for something was stood around leaning over my kitchen counter on her phone to a friend. This was clearly why she never finished the job properly. When I got home and she had 'finished' I checked under my rug was still dirty, my bathroom hadn't been touched and floor still dirty, dust all inside the front room fireplace, I honestly think she folded some clothes, wiped around. After this I requested for a new cleaner to come the last 2 have arrived 25 minutes late and have told me that they will be late at the time they are due to arrive. I have, which I informed fantastic services that I need to leave on time as I have 2 children drop off before I go to work. When the second and latest cleaner arrived I explained to her that i did not need her to stay the full 3 hours and she rolled her eyes and gave me an attitude, she did not smile the entire time I spoke to her and engaged in no communication at all a part mumbling and grunting. I strongly advice you to go ELSEWHERE. I had a previous cleaner who I charged £10 and hour and did a better job than any of these cleaners in a shorter amount of time, even doing extra jobs when she finished early. My children loved her and it was a pleasure to see her every weeek - this is a 'fantastic cleaner' not these people who are charged more for cheating myself and my family out of our hard earned money and time on a regular basis. And please don't contact me about this.

Review of Fantastic Cleaners by Logan G.
5 03/01/2018 Logan G.

This was a really good service. Used them to clean all carpets in our new house. Arrived promptly and completed the job within time.Very professional and quick. Great app as well, which makes booking even easier.

Review of Fantastic Cleaners by Rachel Collinson
5 22/12/2017 Rachel Collinson

Fantastic Services cleaned our home ready for Christmas as a one-off clean last Sunday. I haven’t used them before but I will definitely be using them again!! I’m disabled and very ill so find cleaning extremely difficult. They were very understanding, kind and helpful. Our home is beautifully clean and it is clear that they both took real pride in their work. They arrived early and worked solidly! Nothing was too much trouble! Every room is gleaming! We are extremely happy and will be using them again regularly in the new year!! I would recommend the team who came here to anyone! Thank you very much!!

Review of Fantastic Cleaners by I am Danny
5 19/12/2017 I am Danny

I'm really pleased with their cleaning service. Once a week, a cleaner comes to my home and helps me with the cleaning. We elaborated a list of tasks to follow and this way is easier for both of us. Since I have been using their services, I have more time for my personal things and my home is still tidy and ordered. Also, the price they charge me is pretty fair for the quality of work.

Review of Fantastic Cleaners by Jennifer
5 08/12/2017 Jennifer

Happy with the service. Easy to arrange removal time on-line and convenient weekend slots available. Guys were professional and efficient. Got the job done quickly and good value for money.

Review of Fantastic Cleaners by Jennifer Heath
5 07/12/2017 Jennifer Heath

The guys who helped me move were extremely efficient and super helpful, they built and even fixed furniture for me and worked miracles with fitting large furniture through narrow doorways with no damage to anything. Highly recommend this service.

Review of Fantastic Cleaners by Kerem Alioglu
5 25/11/2017 Kerem Alioglu

Brilliant hard working workers. They get the job done. I have been using them quite a lot recently for gardening, tree surgery and plastering. All services were top notch! Thank you!

Review of Fantastic Cleaners by Paul Bretherton
5 22/11/2017 Paul Bretherton

The two guys who came out to help us move were absolutely fantastic. They were quick and handled our furniture with care. I would happily recommend them to anyone needing movers who are fast, cheap, and convenient.

Review of Fantastic Cleaners by Blaine Campbell
3 09/11/2017 Blaine Campbell

After realising that my cleaner had spent less than an hour of the 3.5 paid for, I contacted the service desk, this happened a further 2 times, with only an offer of £12 refund. I said due to my trust being breached, I would like to cancel the service and have my keys left at my property. 3 weeks later, after constant requests for the return of my keys and my offer to collect them, I still had no keys and I had to threaten reporting them as stolen to the police to have them returned. I was given a number of missed deadlines. On the final day I very clearly stated they should be posted through my letterbox, and informed the service I would not be in, incidentally I returned early from work, and was careful not to put any lights on. The cleaner casually let herself in my home and was rather shocked to see me there. I took my keys and asked her to leave. I am extremely concerned as to what would have happened if I wasn’t there.

UPDATE- I was offered a full refund of the last session. The customer complaints team handled this efficiently, effectively and were proactive. I do believe I would now consider their services again in the future.

Review of Fantastic Cleaners by goana747
5 08/11/2017 goana747

Really good service!! I had my oven and my fridge freezer professionally cleaned and the results were really good. The person cleaning them was very polite and helpful and went out of his way to be helpful. 5 start service! Ana

Review of Fantastic Cleaners by Maggie Jeffreys
5 06/11/2017 Maggie Jeffreys

Wonderful Gardeners, hard working and extremely knowledgable. They know exactly what to do and will do anything you ask them of them. Keen and willing. Very neat work.

I am delighted with our Team of Fantastic Gardeners who have been with us for nearly two years now. They never let us down and continue to impress with their hard work and enthusiasm. In addition to their excellent gardening skills, they are both such lovely people and are consistently eager to ensure they do a good job for us. Couldn’t do without them! The garden and the grounds look wonderful all year round thanks to them.

Review of Fantastic Cleaners by Cat Rage
5 03/11/2017 Cat Rage

Great garden clearance and tidying, and reduced the cost as they were able to do everything in less time than anticipated. Lovely honest workers.

Review of Fantastic Cleaners by Taiwo Adewumi
1 19/10/2017 Taiwo Adewumi

Avoid completely. Do not use them. I paid for an end of tenancy cleaning in July 2017. Firstly they arrived late for the job. The cleaning was terrible. I complained to their customer service team and till date no phone call or apology from them. I requested for my refunds as it was part of the T & C if I was not satisfied with the cleaning. No one has gotten back to me.

Review of Fantastic Cleaners by Eve Tyler
1 09/10/2017 Eve Tyler

Used the 'end of tenancy' cleaning service, and the cleaners broke one of the freezer drawers. Despite saying they would take financial responsibility of covering the cost of a new drawer, they still haven't (despite endless back and forth on the phone) - and my landlord isn't releasing my deposit as a result. It's been over a month now. Would recommend finding a more straight-forward company to use.

Update: the matter was cleared up. I ended up finding a replacement drawer myself (and Fantastic Cleaners quickly reimbursed me for the cost) and my landlord finally released my deposit.

Review of Fantastic Cleaners by Nick Parry
5 08/10/2017 Nick Parry

Excellent service, arrived bang on time, perfect oven clean, perfect fridge/freezer clean. Very good value for money, did not rush the job, very polite.
What more can I say.

Review of Fantastic Cleaners by Shaz Edoo
1 08/10/2017 Shaz Edoo

Booked them for an end of tenancy clean before I had read their reviews. The booking system and website is extremely easy to use and Lorraine who contacted me to finalise the booking was excellent, great customer service and very professional. That’s where the good service ends. They arrived 2 hours early than the stated and booked time so we sent the Husband and wife duo away and asked them to come back due to not having moved out! After the clean, had a walk around, there was a bit of rubbish on the floor that had been left so I picked it up in front of the guy, who said “that wasn’t there, you put that there” to hear such foolish words was laughable. A bit of a debate and he accepted to pick it up and discard. The wardrobe is only 200 cm in height (6ft 6inches) and the guy said he “couldn’t reach” to clean on top of it, even though he was 6ft! What a joke! There was a bit of dusting crumbs by the side of the bed on the carpet and when it was pointed out to him, he replied “we don’t do deep clean”!!! It’s just a spot you missed with the hoover!!! After another hoover and the dusting of the wardrobe, 2 hours later, it was finally done. Would never recommend or use this company. Regret booking them. A joke of a company and not worth £186 at all for a small 1 bedroom flat with no living room. My removal company who did 2 hours work and grafted like soldiers only charged me £110!!!

Review of Fantastic Cleaners by Natalia Konovalova
4 29/09/2017 Natalia Konovalova

Booked window and carpet cleaning services and payed online. Arranged my day so that I can be home at the time when the team arrives. The team did not arrive. Having waited for 15 minutes called Fantastic Services switchboard. The operator told me that the team was not available on that day. Very disappointing that their system allowed me to book and took my credit card details, despite the team not being available until the following day. Even more disappointing that no one got in touch to let me know that the cleaners were not coming.

UPDATE: Fantastic Services got in touch shortly after I published the above review. They were keen to resolve the matter. I rescheduled the window cleaning for a different date. The cleaners arrived slightly late, but this time I got a message saying that they were running late which was much appreciated. They were friendly and efficient. They did a good job (although not perfect as they left some spots). Overall I feel that I got good value for money.

Review of Fantastic Cleaners by RS S
1 27/09/2017 RS S

Just awful! Despite having spoken to three advisers over the phone, having exchanged numerous emails to confirm my requirements, and having completed the online form, they sent the most unsuitable cleaner to provide the service. I had asked for someone who could iron. I had been very very clear (on the phone and in writing) that the person had to be good at ironing. Couldn't have been clearer. I was assured of their service quality. The poor lady didn’t even know she was expected to iron and simply couldn’t iron. She tried, but I had to ask her to stop because it was totally unacceptable, and she was ruining my clothes. She was lovely and polite, but we were both highly embarrassed by the situation. The agency is only interested in taking your money. If six hours per week on a regular basis doesn't warrant meeting a client's expectations, I don't know what does. They don't care about their staff, clients or providing a good service. Waste of time and waste of money! Disgusting!

Review of Fantastic Cleaners by Elena Seymenliyska
5 25/09/2017 Elena Seymenliyska

Great service! I booked their upholstery cleaning and everything was excellent all round: from the initial phone call to arrange the booking, to the availability and flexibility in making the appointment to the quality of cleaning and customer service of the staff. Would highly recommend this company, and will definitely be using it again.

Review of Fantastic Cleaners by Mayo Runsewe
1 17/09/2017 Mayo Runsewe

Very Poor service, the first time i used them for my oven cleaning they were exceptional. The second time round, the cleaner they sent damaged both my oven and microwave oven. I was contacted by customer care and informed that they would handle the situation. A month later, after a string of emails and evidence, they seized all communications. and have not bothered to follow up. Stay away from them as they do not take responsibility for damages caused.

Review of Fantastic Cleaners by Sheena Turner
1 22/08/2017 Sheena Turner

Fantastic cleaners started off great I used them for a year at my previous address, when I moved to my new address I received a regular cleaner for a few weeks that did a great job cleaning, after that I got replacement cleaners every week and the quality of the cleaning went down each week, with cleaners forgetting to clean kitchen area and bathroom areas, when I finally raised this to customer service they asked for another chance, the last cleaner was walked around and asked to clean kitchen bathroom etc and she left without cleaning those areas, which you shouldn't even have to tell them In the first place. She didn't dust And and clean the loo and kitchen sink and areas and was at our house for 3 hours so not sure what she did. We still haven't received our money back for this service and no one has called us to resolve and they tried to send us another cleaner. I would not use this company again for cleaning and I'm very disappointed in their service as the whole point is to get a regular cleaner and not have to explain each week what needs to be done. And the quality of the cleaning is horrible.

Review of Fantastic Cleaners by Gail Youngman
5 03/08/2017 Gail Youngman

Excellent communication via phone and email to first get a quote and then confirmation of booking. Kept informed throughout of when the person would arrive etc via text message and email. Cleaning itself was great, sofa very much cleaner than it was! The guy explained the process and was very efficient.

Review of Fantastic Cleaners by Kadisha McIntosh
5 26/07/2017 Kadisha McIntosh

I requested a on off clean over the phone. Detailed exactly what I wanted. On time service. Great eye to detail and very hardworking over three hours. The provided their own cleaning products; throughly cleaned the carpet I was so impressed. Excellent value for money worth every penny.

Review of Fantastic Cleaners by Natasha Dominique Laskowska
5 24/07/2017 Natasha Dominique Laskowska

The best removal service!!!! Great guys that can't do enough for you. Polite,courteous, obliging, hardworking, quick, trustworthy and all round brilliant!! I have used they're removal service many many times and have always been so impressed with the level of service I received from them. I have recommended them many times and would highly recommend them again and again. Thank you!

Review of Fantastic Cleaners by Sandra Fuller
5 11/07/2017 Sandra Fuller

My mother has passed away and my disabled brother who lived there could not keep on top of the cleaning and the big bungalow needed a good going over prior to him selling up and downsizing.

I cannot fault Fantastic Cleaners. The friendly cleaners and gardeners arrived before 9am. They worked through a very hot day. The two male gardeners did a wonderful job of clearing two years growth, weeding, mowing and tidying up front and back gardens in 4 hours.

The cleaners, a lady and gent, were very cheerful did a wonderful 8 hour job cleaning a very neglected four bedroom bungalow. After a brief tour and our requirements outlined, they just got on with it with only a brief break. The place was shining when they left.

The price was very reasonable and I would not hesitate to recommend the company. I will use them in the future for my requirements. Please thank the team (who I gather were Bulgarian) for a job well done.

Review of Fantastic Cleaners by Danny Miller
5 30/06/2017 Danny Miller

Very professional and friendly service! Had originally booked 3hrs, but the 2 gentlemen advised quite early on that they wouldn't need 3hrs and would get the booking changed to just 2hrs, which meant it was a little cheaper. They were very efficient and didn't hand around. Would highly recommend.

Review of Fantastic Cleaners by Cris Glover
5 17/06/2017 Cris Glover

Always amazing results. We have an amazing guy that does our carpets. Affordable prices. Would never use anywhere else. We have pets and take in rescue animals and they always completely remove any stain or odour. Thanks again guys! Cris - Manchester

Fantastic Cleaners

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Fantastic Cleaners Q&A

Fantastic Cleaners Q&A

How long have you been in business?

Рeputable team of cleaning technicians, that provide a wide range of services for the home and office since 2009.

Do you bring your own equipment and supplies?

The fantastic cleaners are fully trained and experienced. For the more complex professional cleaning service, we deliver certified technicians, professional cleaning gear and high-end detergents.

Services provided by Fantastic Cleaners

Fantastic Cleaners Services

Domestic cleaning service

You can forget about all your domestic home cleaning chores. We will take care of your cleaning on a regular basis so you can simply enjoy life. Book a fantastic cleaner for regular visits. What Does The Fantastic Domestic Home Cleaning Service for London Includes: NOTE: Have in mind that if you as clients have any special needs, then you can always share them with us. Also, the cleaning check-list can be customized to fit your own domestic needs. • Bedroom: dusting of all surfaces in reach, change of bedding, mirrors wipe and polish, empty bins/change bin bag, hoover and/or mop the floor, making sure skirting as taken care of. • Bathroom: sanitise all reachable surfaces, clean the shower cabin and/or bathtub, sanitize the toilet, clean mirrors, mop the floor, empty bins/change bin bag.Kitchen: clean and sanitise all surfaces, clean hobs/splash-back, clean microwave, vacuum and/or mop floor, empty bins/change bin bag, clean skirtings. • Living room: dusting/polishing all reachable surfaces, wipe dust and dirt from furnishing, empty bins/change bin bag, hoover and/or mop the floor, clean skirtings. • Hallway/Staircase: dust all reachable surfaces, clean skirtings, wipe banisters, hoover and/or mop the floor. Upon request the fantastic cleaners can wipe windows from inside, fold/organise clothes water plants, feed your cat/dog, do the laundry, hang and iron it. One-Off / Regular Domestic Home Cleaning: If your property needs a one-off deep clean, then we can deliver a team of fully equipped fantastic cleaners. If you'd like to get regular domestic cleaning, then we can appoint a dedicated housekeeper who will take care. Keep in mind that you will have to ensure that cleaning detergents and a hovers are available. Also, you can request an initial one-off appointment with a cleaning lady/maid to see if you will be pleased with our service, and then choose to proceed with a regular domestic clean at preferential rates. About Your House Cleaners All fantastic cleaners of London are insured, professionally trained, and 100% ready to help you tackle even the most annoying of chores. Each London cleaner goes through basic to advanced trainings which are followed by lectures, practice and more. As a reputable London cleaning company, we monitor their work and ask homeowners/tenants/landlords(you) for feedback.

End of tenancy cleaning

Kitchens:: • Wash and polish of all reachable work surfaces. • Detailed cleaning inside all cupboards and drawers. • Sink cleansing and taps and remove lime scale and polish if required. • All wall tiles are to be de-greased, carefully cleaned and polished (if mould growth is present it will be removed from between grout). • Clean oven internally to get rid of built up grease as well as cleanse all exterior, including polishing of any external chrome. • Clean and remove grime from extractor. • Clean and defrost fridges while removing all grime, mildew and food deposits. • Cleanse washing machines inside and out. We make sure the rubber at the door is spotless. Clean soap drawers and filters. • Clean dishwashers top to bottom. • Clean exterior of all kitchen appliances incl microwaves • Bins cleaning Bathrooms: • Shower screen fully de-scaled, carefully cleaned and polished. • All wall tiles are degreased, cleaned and wiped (mould growth if any removed from between grout). • Bath , basin, taps, shower and fittings. • Toilet to be de-scaled, and brushed clean. WC seat is also properly cleaned. • All soap and shampoo etc. are removed. • Mirrors to be wiped and polished. • All floors are set to be washed and sanitized. General Domestic Cleaning: • Dusting throughout, including: light fittings and shades, light switches, dado rails, skirting, spindles and banisters, curtain rails, wall pictures, mirrors, fire surround and radiators. • All light furniture to be moved and carpets to be vacuum cleaned. Dust skirting boards behind furniture. • Mattresses to be lifted and vacuumed under. • All other floors to be washed using correct type of cleaning materials. • All glass (furniture tops, mirrors, picture frames etc) to be cleaned with window cleaner. • Windows to be cleaned internally. Windows sills to be wiped down. • All doors and top of doors to be cleaned. Door handles to be polished. • Drawers and shelves to be cleared of any rubbish (newspapers and magazines etc.) and telephone directories to be kept and stored neatly. • Upholstery vacuumed, also cushions lifted and cleaned underneath. • All wooden furniture to be carefully wiped clear of dust. • Living room rug (1) cleaned Bedrooms: • All bedroom furnishing/storage units will be spotless cleaned top to bottom. • Bedroom carpets are also cleaned. As a reputable domestic cleaning company , we provide all materials, we guarantee you will get your tenancy deposit back End of tenancy cleaning service is guaranteed. We work on bank holidays and weekends with no extra charge We clean the Oven as a part of the service with no extra charge Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning comes with 25% OFF when booked with End of Tenancy We offer same day services The Fantastic Cleaners of London are flexible with dates, starting times and payment methods We do free re-cleans if needed (as long as reports are filed 7 days after the service)

Window wash and polish

Professional cleaning of your windows and exterior.

After builders cleaning

When your property renovation is complete, the fantastic cleaners will come in and clean up the mess.

Oven cleansing

A professional oven cleaning services causes minimal disturbance to people at your home, unlike off-the-shelf domestic oven cleaners which pose a risk to children and pets. The oven cleaning itself is done prompt and in a timely manner.

Gutter unclogging and cleaning

Our gutter cleaning specialists are experienced, highly reliable and absolutely professional, Yet, as a fantastic cleaning company in London, we continually assess performance on a job to job basis. Feedback is extremely important to us too.

Upholstery and furnishing treatments

The fantastic cleaners service guarantees the removal of soiling whilst never risking damage to your upholstery. As a fantastic cleaning company we often successfully clean fabric that other companies would decline to attempt. For all upholstery cleaning our fantastic specialists use high end cleaning products, equipment and methods. All steps of the way: from initial vacuum cleaning through to choosing the wet or dry cleaning system.

Hard floor care and clean

What To Expect From Your Fantastic Hardfloor Cleaning Service? An experienced hardfloor cleaning technician will come to your property with all the necessary professional equipment for the job. He will carefully inspect your floor to determine what would be the most suitable cleaning method. In accordance to what type the floor is: Sealed Floor Cleaning Method Polished Floor Cleaning Method Only Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

The specialised carpet cleaning is based upon specialised gear due to various types of carpets we clean. From hot water extraction to dry clean, the Fantastic cleaners will handle the task at hand.

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