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I produce designs for print and digital reproduction that are clear, distinctive and purposeful, and I create works of art in a range of media.


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Appropriate design, clarity and ease of navigation with calls to action.

What is the most important thing that sets your product or service apart from others?

Before I make any proposals, I need to clearly understand your objectives.

Detailed brief, with clearly stated objectives. It is important for me to understand what it is that sets your business apart from others.

I love to help small businesses to thrive, providing a range of services that combine my skills in Information technology and design.

A pioneer in the convergence of technology and visual communication with a passion for making the complex clear, I have assisted many companies in the effective adoption of leading-edge information and communications technology, with a particular focus on organisational learning and knowledge management.

After starting my working life as a graphic designer, my growing interest in the contribution that good design can make to business performance led me to return to higher education to study business, specialising in advertising and marketing. I became fascinated by the emergence of the personal computer in the early 1980’s and decided to focus my activity on exploring the potential that this new technology possessed to revolutionise the way organisations and people worked with information.

During the next 20 years I performed a variety of roles in the IT industry, including sales, marketing, product development, project management and consultancy, working with both global businesses and small, specialist companies. This involved the implementation of systems with organisations in a wide range of industry sectors including manufacturing, retailing, advertising, telecommunications, financial services and the public sector.

In the years that followed, I found a way to combine my design skills with my understanding of information technology in establishing and developing a series of successful business ventures. I gained a great deal of enjoyment and satisfaction from this process, and learnt much that I am keen to share with others.

Proven track record of delivering high quality services in information technology and design. I will not promise what I can't deliver.