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Bradley Smithies

Amazing work and it's always an experience working alongside EnA Photography


Adam Marshall PT

Had a little shoot done for some promo photos for work. Great quality. Great finished article. Recommend highly.


Julie Neesam

I Would like to say a big thank you to Ian ... fantastic day spent on the beach with my lovely Family... the out come was fantastic photos.
I would highly recommend Ian to anyone who is looking for photographer ... you will not be disappointed ...


Sheila Loder

Couldn't have asked for anyone better than Ian to take our wedding photos, he made us feel such at ease. Ian knew instantly at the kinda pics we wanted and he delivered! He's not just a photographer now he's a great friend. For all your photography needs don't look any further than EnA photography, you really won't be disappointed. Will definitely be recommending Ian and his services to everyone. Thank you Ian, your a star. ����� More...


Peter Mann

One of the best photographers, gig or landscape, or otherwise about, and an all round decent guy as well


With people it's all about getting to know them, pre wedding or gig meet ups, understanding what the subjects want from the shoot, the styles they like and what they intend to use the shots for i.e. are they memories only, will they be printed and displayed, is it for music promo flyers and posters and so on.

With landscape and streetscape most places have been photographed a million times and so it's about trying to find a different look or angle, something to make people think 'Oh that's different, I've not seen that before'.

First and foremost is understanding why they want the images and what they intend using them for, there is no point in even picking up the camera until you understand this. I have a lot of interesting ideas and angles but ultimately I need to understand the clients' wishes and needs before I can offer an input and make suggestions.

The thing I love most about being a professional photographer is the reaction when the images are presented to the clients, both as proofs and then the final edited images. To see the look on the bride and grooms face when they see I captured Grandad dancing with his five year old grandaughter, or Great Aunt Mildred getting her high heels stuck in the grass at the reception.

To see the company Directors bursting with pride at their glossy line of trucks gleaming in the sun in their compound. To see a rock band completely floored by the moody way their simple promo shots have been edited.

That's all very special, to think that I have done those things is pretty amazing :-)

A few years ago I was sent a decent camera as a loyalty gift by my accountancy company, I picked it up and played about with it and started taking it to gigs I was attending and my images started getting some very good reactions, I started getting asked to attend events and started being paid for my services. I took every bit of free training available, watched countless hundreds of tutorials and started developing my own style.

Now I simply love it, whether it's a wedding, a gig, a commercial shoot, or even if I am just shooting for my own pleasure.

What I will be is 100% honest and realistic, I will ensure that I listen to exactly what you as a client wants from the shoot, I will give you sincere input and suggestions which I think will compliment your ideas and I will price accordingly. What you wont get from me is a choice of off the shelf pre priced photography packages. Every job is individually priced.

In short, a total bespoke service from a guy who cares very much about what he does.