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Sheffield City Centre based Personal Trainer and Weight Management Specialist offering 1-2-1 or small group sessions focusing on weight loss, bodyfat reduction and/or muscle building with additional around the clock support and nutritional guidance.


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RunFang Zhou

15 May 2019

I had great time with Emma! Emma is a responsible and professional PT Highly recommended


Li Zhou

14 May 2019

Emma is the best PT ever. Due to my heart problem, I never thought I would step in a gym and start my weight lifting journey. She’s supper supportive and professional, and I actually enjoyed every session with her. Couldn’t find any PT like her! Highly recommend her!!! More...


Siân Rimmington

14 May 2019

The best trainer I’ve ever had! Emma is so supportive and encouraging ,she pushed me far beyond what I thought were my limits to take on more and more weight and my results showed this. Every session was fun and tailored to my needs and my dislikes (and never tried to make me run ) Emma kept me motivated to continue training safely with her whilst I was pregnant, she even went the extra mile and took it upon herself to give me everything I needed to train postpartum without her. Thank you Emma! X More...


Colin Xu

31 January 2019

Emma has treated me so good throughout this entire time and I very much appreciate her professional guidance and knowledge. I did enjoy every PT session as Emma kept my workout routine within my ability which further motivated me to take more weights I couldn't have ever imagined. Thank you so much Emma for doing this for me! Wishing you all the best in life! Hope you achieve higher in the near future! Stay positive! More...


Holly Stainton

17 January 2019

Emma is an awesome PT ☺️ she's really helpful and offers great workout and diet advice! She's really helped me gain confidence in the gym, as there's no way I would have used the free weight section or attempted deadlifts/squats before our sessions...but Emma was really supportive and encouraging and now I love it ️‍♀️ I always look forward to our sessions! More...


Kevin Yhd

7 January 2019

Emma is a nice, patient and professional personal trainer. Her planned sessions for me is very helpful and effective. After that, I've learned how to manage my own training after leaving Sheffield. Leaving this review to give my heartfelt recommendation. More...


Cici Cheng

5 October 2018

I have a eight-month trainning with Emma. She is so kind and professional. Give me many helpful suggestions on health diet and fitness. Also, help me get my dream figure. I want to give many thanks to her. More...


Yuanyuan Wu

8 August 2018

my perfect trainer and “tailor” gave me a lot of professional advice, and she mad me likes working out now!!! If I don’t have to back China, I will continue to have training sessions with her. Highly recommended ❤️❤️❤️❤️ 特别好的健身教练 很漂亮 在中国没有这么专业价格还划算的健身课了~赞 More...


Elizabeth Lees

7 August 2018

Emma is brilliant. She’s always supportive and encouraging even when I feel I can’t do anything else. She makes my sessions enjoyable and worthwhile, and has been really understanding especially since I’ve had a long time off due to being unwell.


Jesus Isea de la Viña

29 May 2018

Emma has managed to bring me back to the gym with a funny mood, good workouts and food advice! Results are 10% body fat loss in 6 weeks! I really cant be more satisfied! Well done Emma... and thanks for your help! More...


Jess Henderson Composer

28 May 2018

Been attending Emma’s Glute Camp at Sweat regularly... Love the variety and effort put into every class, very professional and great music every class! Well worth going and fantastic results! More...


Xingbei Long

28 May 2018

Best PT! Emma is the first one who tells me how to enjoy workout, not to suffer it. She teaches me skills, provides me the best workout plans, and encourages me all the time. I am so happy having her to be my workout instructor! More...


Lydia Graham

14 April 2018

Emma is a great PT, always giving advice on how to achieve your goals. She’s very encouraging and has definitely helped with my confidence using equipment in the gym. I would absolutely recommend Emma!


Alex Cutts

12 April 2018

Emma is the best personal trainer! Never makes me feel uncomfortable and really pushes me which is what I need. She makes training fun and she makes sure I do everting right. I couldn’t ask for a better personal trainer. More...


Zhuoran Wang

12 April 2018

她真的非常棒,会针对你自己的个人情况量身定制适合你的训练,Emma人很好,非常值得信赖! She is really good!She will tailor your training to your own personal situation. nice nice nice person! trustworthy! More...


Kelly Su

12 April 2018

Best trainer ever!!!


Alice Evans

12 April 2018

Massively helped with the confidence to start exercising and getting fit, great motivation and really friendly. Would definitely recommend!


Roxana Gurghian

12 April 2018

Emma is a great trainer! She ensures that my technique is always correct and she is extremely reliable & punctual – always set up & ready to start training on time, with an exercise routine planned. She’s really helpful and friendly. Would definitely recommend! More...


Abigail Corbishley

12 April 2018

Emma is just the whole package - you don’t just get a personal trainer who goes above and beyond for anybody, but you gain an amazing friend who will always be there for you when you need help! Would 100% recommend to anybody. If only I lived closer� More...

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In your (free) initial consultation you will go through extensive client profiling to help with specific goal setting so I can create a bespoke training programme that will create guaranteed results. Delivered alongside monthly progress reviews, 24 hour support and nutritional guidance.

Hard work, consistency and determination are the key to success.

Influencing people’s lives, educating them to be the best, healthiest version of themself.