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Hello, we're Elementary Digital, a full service digital agency in London and Leeds. We are a specialist Wordpress and Magento agency. We help companies realise their potential online through user focussed web design, development and online marketing tools including search engine optimisation, paid search, social media and email marketing.


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David Rees

30 March 2019

We (HTG Trading Ltd) have worked with Elementary Digital for over five years now and they have been excellent throughout. We initially needed a Wordpress agency that could develop a new website for one of our brands and support us throughout the whole roadmap and development process. To date the relationship has been very successful, so much so they have recently created additional websites for us and we've migrated existing sites to them to support moving forward. They're a great team and we would highly recommend them. More...


Frank Cowling

30 October 2018

Top team, having worked with some 'cowboys' on our Wordpress website we spoke to the guys at Elementary who from the initial contact have always be mega helpful and have really pushed our website on. They've sorted out all the issues we were having and we're just about to start planning the next site with Elementary. More...


Think Renewables

30 July 2018

We started working with Elementary back in 2013 and they have always provided us with excellent digital thinking. Our website has envolved and visibility grown through their strategic guidance. A first-class agency, who are REAL experts in Wordpress, plus a friendly team who are great to work with. More...


Lauren Seward

30 July 2018

I've been working with Elementary in London for over five years on my website and digital marketing. I've recently begun developing a new business and they're advice and guidance has been invaluable. My business has grown every year and my new website has already started to deliver new opportunities. Nice team, friendly bunch and very knowledgeable about Wordpress, I have and continue to recommend them. More...


Gyles Seward

23 July 2018

Top team, very knowledgeable about web design, website development and they've really helped with our SEO


Alan Dunderdale

26 May 2018

From the first contact to the launch of our web site, Elementary Digital were there! The team were brilliant Their service is second to none , a very special team with old fashioned customer service.Thank you All.Leeds Talking Newspaper More...


Anna Herman

26 May 2018

Neat and modern websites.


Ryan Stockley

30 July 2017

Top Magento guys, Elementary Digital really helped me when I had been used by my old agency. Very reliable.

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A deep understanding of your audience, market place and your personality (company/individual). Websites need to speak a thousand words about you, your products and services without the noted understanding your website will never bring you to life online and with a small window of opportunity to wow people you need to make it work. A 'GREAT' website means bringing together this insight, an understanding of how people search for your services and the content that will have the most impact, only then will your website be fit for purpose.

1. Who are you audience?
2. Why would someone want to work with/purchase from you?
3. Who are your competition? What do you like/not like about them?
4. What are your digital marketing ambitions?
5. What is your budget?

Helping people understand how they can use digital marketing to develop their business then watching business grow when all elements of a digital strategy come together.

A inherent frustration with how digital agency gave advice that was favourable to themselves and not the company or individual they were working for. We wanted to offer good, practical, insight driven advice that was honest to people.

Our approach is all about you, we don't just build websites and visibility but we'll help you develop a deep understanding of how to create success online. Our focus is about delivering success for you, not what's most commercially rewarding for us. We work in partnership with our clients, develop good working relationships and focus on deliver long term success whether you work with us for short or long period.