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Bristol, Avon

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Bristol, Avon



Following a successful presentation to the Prince’s Trust in 2011, we created our family business under the brand of ‘Eat a Pitta’ in St Nicholas Market, Bristol. Since then we have grown to include 4 locations, the others being in Broadmead City Centre, Queens Road & Gloucester Road.


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Anne Roberts

23 February 2019

friendly staff and omg the foooood!


Simon Jupp

12 February 2019

A friend introduced me to Eat A Pitta and I'm hooked. The food is incredibly tasty, good value and the staff are excellent. Nicki in the Queens Rd store deserves particular praise for brilliant customer service! More...


Layla Browne

19 January 2019

Eat a pitta is incredible! I treat myself to lunch there 3 times a week and have never got bored of it. The BEST falafel and hummus I've ever eaten! I'm moving to London in the summer and will miss eat a pitta so so much. The downfalls would be that there isn't consistent portioning by staff, some staff can be stingy with portions yet others can be generous. Also its such a shame that there is coriander in most of the salads. I cannot stomach coriander which means I'm limited to which salads I can have. Regardless of the downfalls, I would rate eat a pitta as a 4.8/5 More...


Ruth Wood

10 January 2019

Love this place. Food is really tasty and the staff are always really friendly and helpful


Emily Bieksaite

1 January 2019

Always friendly staff, they take care of you. If you don’t want a topping they will substitute for something extra of what you like. Always fills me up


Josh Cohen

18 December 2018

Great tasting food, consistently fresh and high quality and reasonably priced.

There is seating upstairs with self serve water and napkins which makes for a lovely break in the day.

Recommend if you're in for a filling lunch and to go for the sauces. Mix them up or ask for recommendations, theyre all great!


Andrew Jenkins

17 December 2018

Loved this place.
Saw ambulances outside, and if it's good enough for our hard working paramedics it's gotta be worth a visit.
Man, it was amazing.
Super helpful friendly staff, I was able to taste some food before I bought.
I chose a small wrap, blimey, it made my lunch next day too.
I highly recommend.


Nely Cruvinel

27 November 2018

I love this place! I recommend...


Suzanne Claremont

22 November 2018

Beautiful food. Simply delicious. Lovely, helpful staff. Thank you for such amazing veggie/ vegan fare.


Ali Bambi Miller

19 November 2018

Huge, fresh and best thing I've ever eaten Delivered by deliveroo on time and god it was tasty!


J Rey Mensah

6 November 2018

always fresh and on point healthy eating at its best friendly staff and always great bantz


Gavin Jenner

4 November 2018

Absolutely loved the food here. Hummus so good and the falafel had that great crispness with soft interior. Well worth upgrading your pitta as well. Couldn't get enough of it, will visit again if in the neighbourhood. More...


Shariff Tbealeh

28 October 2018

The falafel is great. Shame about the hummus. Tahini is the main ingredient of any great hummus but there isn't much in their recipe. The hummus is very bland. Even their staff agree. More...


Antonis Tofias

22 October 2018

Absolutely amazing service, with delicious food at an amazing price! We collaborated for the Students for Global Health - Formerly Medsin Autumn Weekend and everyone loved it! P.S.: biodegradable boxes and forks and napkins made our sustainability policy shine bright! ;) More...


Fausta Janulytė

20 September 2018

The best falafel place in Bristol


Andy Compton

13 September 2018

Best healthy fast food in town!


Ellie Hinton

3 September 2018

Lovely food and healthy. Just a shame it’s served in plastic boxes, maybe could use cardboard ones instead?


Janine Jackson

28 August 2018

Absolutely love this place, popped in after a persuasive free falafel and we were hooked! Simple, fresh and delicious.... thanks Will..!!!


Angus Lancaster

18 July 2018

Amazing food!!! Delicious!! So glad these exist in Bristol


Hilary G

9 July 2018

Great place for lunch. Delicious huumus and falafels


Linda Reus

25 June 2018

Had a falafel bowl and it was the best falafel I have ever eaten. So fresh and the sides were amazing. So so tasty, I tried to find it in other cities but couldn't. Now I'm going to have to visit Bristol just for the amazing falafel! More...


Brad Burton

24 June 2018

OMG. Seriously. My wife and I just came all the way from Taunton for an Eat A Pitta lunch. 10/10 like really. EXCEPTIONAL.


Loui King

17 June 2018

First time i had a felafel was so good amazing loved it �


Lisa Morton

12 April 2018

Please come to Cardiff. We would love to have you!


Althea Kibblewhite

2 April 2018

Sooo filling and healthy and really good falafel Amazing all there disposable single use containers are compostable, other businesses should follow their lead ! Also thanks for the free salad box for carrying my large salad box on my head xX More...


Kate Aaliyah

25 March 2018

The guy who served me was beautiful and he was just the sweetest person ever and makes one killer vegan pitta � ������


Ha Rossi

15 March 2018

Huge thanks to Eat A Pitta in Broadmead for the hot water refill for our Outreach tonight. Kind regards from the Help Bristol's Homeless Team.


Ash Bovey

8 March 2018

Always super delicious and filling! And great that it's almost all vegan options. Thank you!


Kenny Fransson

3 February 2018

Came to Bristol by plane and asked a lady on the bus were to eat. She said "Eat a Pitta, the best falafel I've ever eaten!"


Aysha Alnasser

1 February 2018

Best falafel ive had so far in england coming from a Jordanian , shame they changed the loyalty card from a free meal to a drink


Nikola Grujic

4 December 2017

Amazing fresh salads, hummus and falafel! Tahini could be vegan though ♡


Helen Hook

7 September 2017

love it! Keep up the good work!! always fresh, always tasty and a healthy treat


Daniel Robbins-White

2 May 2017

Amazing food and amazing service everytime.. can't wait for my next visit.


Sophie Alexandra

28 April 2017

I am so so grateful for the manager and team of the store on Gloucester Road, every time I go in there and say I'm a coeliac they always go out of their way making sure they give me all the untouched foods, which I appreciate so much! I know I'm a pain but they never say it's any trouble and try and make sure I go in as early as I can to make it easier for them too! My partner and I love the food so much, we keep going back, gorgeous tasty, healthy food! We always get the falafel box. � thank you so much again! Xx More...


Melanie Barber

22 April 2017

Fresh, delicious and really good value for money


Lara Thomas-Nel

17 April 2017

The salad box is the best take away ever! Fills you up and it is delicious. The best falafel I have had :)


Amy Brown

6 March 2017

Absolutely fantastic food, so much flavour and great value for money. Would definitely recommend!


Claire Stone

19 February 2017

Really enjoyed it will defo come bk again �


Barbara Ralph

1 February 2017

Best flavours and value for money. If they ever publish a recipe book I would love to buy one.


Frank Xavier

15 January 2017

Very good food and cheap too! Only bad thing is that there's almost nowhere to sit.


Amber Pepper

8 January 2017

I try to go there whenever I'm in town.


Kara Duffy

9 June 2016

Best falafel & salad box everrrrrrrr


Jaye W.

3 May 2016

Delicious! I had the falafel and hummus box which was £2.80 - such a bargain! I got 6 massive falafels and a generous scoop of hummus. With lemon & olive oil sauce on top. Gluten-free, nut-free, and fantastic! It's too bad I'll only be in Bristol for the weekend, because I would be back in St Nicholas's market everyday to eat here! More...


Mariné Lee

11 March 2016

I really love it! I have to go once per week at least!!


Gemma Holbrook

21 February 2016

Very tasty! Absolutely love Eat a Pitta falafels and hummus!! So good, healthy and excellent value for money!


Simon Davis

12 December 2015

Just popped in after following the glorious scent wafting out of the newly opened branch on the Gloucester Rd. The falafel was the best I've ever tasted. I will be back.


Andrew Bingham

9 December 2015

Easily the best food stall in Bristol (possibly the planet)


Chris Keeler

19 September 2015

I don't get to go here as often as I like but when I do I'm never dissatisfied. Delicious falafel crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside, creamy hummus and crunchy salad to go with it. All for a fiver. Yum Yum YUM!


Olli L.

16 September 2015

I was just reviewing another Falafel place when I thought of Eat a Pitta. Had to just come by and say that these guys make absolutely incredible Falafel, and that their toppings, hummus, sauces and pita bread are top notch. With every bite, you get such a lovely variety of flavours which perfectly complement each other. Easily one of the best falafel spots I've ever visited! More...


Patricia Z.

28 March 2015

No matter what time you arrive, there will always be a queue for this stand, and for good reason. The hummus is fresh and tasty, while the falafels are nice and crispy. The portion is definitely big enough for two people to share, although if you're a gourmand like me, you won't hesitate to eat it all. The best part is the takeaway plastic container - reusable goodness for all your mealpreppers out there! More...


Lucy R.

6 July 2014

St Nicks market is a truly amazing place, lots of small independent stalls inside and outside and an amazing stretch of "street food" stalls, there are lovely sandwich shops, a moroccan, a kebab place, a pie place and a cake stall plus LOADS more.  Amongst all of these places is "Eat A Pitta", what they offer is simple falafel, falafel in a box with salad or falafel in a pitta.The key to eating in St Nicks market is to not be put off by the queues, in this particular place they manage the queue very well, taking orders and money and giving you a ticket, it makes it all very speedy and efficient.I chose falafel in a box with salad and it was absolutely delicious, the falafel were tasty, crisp and moist (I hate using that word but so often falafel are dry and soggy) there were 4 different salads including cous cous, red cabbage slaw and a carrot slaw and hummus, there was a choice of 3 different dressings, I went for all 3, a medium chilli, tahini and lemon oil, there was also hot chilli if you were feeling the need for a bit more heat.It cost £4.50 and was worth every penny, I can't believe I have never tried this place before but I will definitely be back. More...


Katy H.

11 December 2013

I was recommended Eat a Pitta by my sister and dad they regularly go here once a week for the markets in Bristol.I was really impressed by the quick service. We were given a ticket when greeted as it's really popular for lunchesThe best bit about Eat a Pitta is the salad and the big portion size. The salads were cous cous and chick pea, carrot, red cabbage, or tomato and cucumber also with pickled onions, gherkins or peppers. More...


Natalie T.

22 July 2013

Falafel is tasty and a good texture. Salads are tasty. Staff are speedy and food is well priced. Highly recommended! Way better than falafel king ;)

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Falafel & hummus, pittas and fresh Moroccan salads

The Eat a Pitta falafel recipe originated in Grandma Yolandes’ kitchen in the back streets of Algiers more than 70 years ago. As a kid I was always glued to my grandmothers side as she taught me how to make the perfect falafel, crispy on the outside, moist in the middle.

Armed with my grandma’s secret recipe and 12 years experience cooking in the restaurant business, I realised my dream in November 2011 and opened ‘Eat a Pitta’ in St Nicholas market in Bristol with the help of 'The Princes Trust'. Since then we have spread the falafel love even further with 3 more outlets in Broadmead, Gloucester rd & Queens rd.

Nothing made Grandma Yolande happier than seeing her treasured family tradition live on through me. Come and try our delicious falafels at Eat a Pitta today! Hopefully you will be able to taste that little bit of magic in every bite!


We provide catering services for events of all sizes. This can span from a private party, business lunches, all the way to catering for a festival or a wedding. This means that we can handle orders of all sizes and we can work with any customer's needs to ensure that their event is successful. We have already spent time catering for a number of festivals and regularly cater for business lunches and private functions.