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Claire Pooley is trained in a variety of psychological approaches as well as a Qualified Mental Health Nurse (1983). This afford her clients the opportunity of therapy/treatment choices. She has been a Counsellor for 27 years, a Clinical Supervisor for 23 years, has been a Tutor on various Counselling and Supervision courses and more recently a Traumatologist and EMDR Practitioner.


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Paul Goodwin

25 August 2018

Great clinic


Lucy King

25 August 2018

Apart from the great health benefits of a colonic hydrotherapy session, the Inner Health Clinic provide a relaxing, friendly and scary free zone for such a treatment.


Peta Heskell

25 August 2018

I love colonics and Uzma is a great therapist. Everyone should embrace it for maintenance as I do. Great experience. I recommend it to everyone - proactive healthcare is really worth it over time. And it's so nice seeing all that waste flowing out of my body.. how can anyone not love that idea. More...


Loz Wake

26 May 2018

Excellent service! Had a treatment with Uzma today, she made me feel very comfortable with her professionally friendly manner.

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Witnessing the improvement the therapy offers the clients

Being able to tailor the best therapy for the client

The service offers a safe, confidential and comfortable space to explore issues and consider ways to improve the personal development whilst feeling empowered to direct the way forward.