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Our professional repair technicians are well qualified specialists and particular areas of expertise cover a wide range of products including, such as, Iphone ,Blackberries ,Smart Phones, Laptops, PCs, Game Consoles Ipods and iPads.

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25 February 2019

Great service. Helpful guy. Fixed screens on two broken devices and now as good as new. Highly recommend this shop.


Lee Williams

26 January 2019

Excellent business. Charger wouldn’t charge my sons iPhone. “No problem, come back in 30 minutes”. Phone fixed at a reasonable price with unbeatable service.



26 January 2019

high quality and quick phone repairs. I asked for next day and even though it was completed a couple hours after the time he gave me , the guy gave me a free phone case to compensate.


Jhon Khan

28 September 2018

Very fast and friendly service and much better prices than any of the completion


Goldi Paul

30 July 2018

Extremely knowledgeable and reliable, repaired my iPhone 8 plus at fraction of the price of the big boys . Would definitely recommend this shop


Harish Chokra

26 May 2018

Very good service I fix my phone within 10 minutes


Brigita Brigita

26 May 2018

Needed a glass replacement for a cracked screen on my Samsung Galaxy. Quick, friendly service. Great price too.



26 May 2018

I was recommended this shop by a friend. Phoned them up the same night and they were very polite and helpful. Told them my Samsung J3 had a cracked screen he asked sensible questions about the phone in order to repair it. Came in today and it was repaired within a few hours. Staff were extremely friendly and helpful, and I would recommend this shop if i have another fault with my phone. More...


LOL gamer

16 February 2018

Phone died morning of my husbands operation! Brought here and fixed within an hour! Thank you


Margareth Mitka

24 December 2017

Very good and quick job, reasonable price. My Samsung 7 edge is like new. Highly recommended.


Muneeb Rehman

12 October 2017

a year ago
Had numerous iPhone screens replaced here, really cheap prices, fast and excellent service too!


Lucy Turtle

12 October 2017

Outstanding customer service and excellent quality of the repair to my iPhone!!! I will return. Many thanks to the staff at Dr Mobile