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Ann Richardson

Karen was so informative and knowledgeable. She had our miniature dachshund puppy following commands in the space of a few minutes. Looking forward to putting ou're new knowledge into practice and enforcing respect and happiness with our new pup. Would highly recommend her 1 to 1 service. Happy dog happy family �� More...


Sam Dimaline

Karen Harvey helped me out no end with my Belgian Malinois puppy. Instant results and knows exactly how to get the best out of your dog. I would highly recommend anyone to go to her! More...


Angie Aldous

After my frenchie attacked another dog unexpectedly I lost my confidence taking him out. Karen took me out on a 'confidence walk' & showed me exactly what to do when my dog showed aggression towards others, she explained exactly why he was behaving this way & how my own behaviour & reactions were affecting his. Everything made sense & after only 1 session friends & family noticed the difference in him. I now feel happy & relaxed about taking him out & he is a much happier dog for it. Thanks Karen, I would recommend your services any day- you have made such a difference to us � More...


Kerry Jupe

Highly recommended.Any little or big problems with your dog please don't hesitate just call Karen a truly remarkable lady who knows her job inside and out you can feel her passion for dogs.I have learnt so much and have overcome my dogs aggressive behaviour towards other dogs.Amazing � More...


Vanessa Warwick

Karen went out of her way to meet me at my house, easing the transition of my 15-month-old 40kg (!) puppy into our household as I was worried about my cat. I've been using her tips and tricks and have no problems controlling my dog. I was so impressed watching her, my dog listened to her every word and she was in complete control. It's great to see and learn from, and she's given me confidence that I can achieve this, too :) More...


Kat Kokoszka

Karen has helped me a lot with my boxer and miniature dachshund. I would recommend her one on one sessions as they are so informative and work straight away. I love the classes too as you see all dogs being trained. Karen has so much useful knowledge and is accommodating to each individual personal circumstances too. There was a time I had so much anxiety taking my boxer out and then Karen gave me 1 on 1 training with him and I am back to enjoying walks again. Could really go on and on about the great service and advise I received from Karen - thank you! X More...


Vicci Pickering

I cannot thank Karen enough for helping us. We rescued our dog who had little respect for us and did not know how to socialise at all with other dogs to the point he turned aggressive and is also high energy. Karen gave us clear guidance and help and what we need to do to help our dogs behaviour. Our dog became resilient to us training him albeit he is very intelligent and it became so bad we almost rehommed him. After trying various alternative training techniques, Karen recommended that we tried using an E-collar on the dog of which we were slightly apprehensive about at first. Karen showed us how we should use it and what to do and what not to do. Before using the e-collar, we couldn't take our dog out and let him off he lead which caused huge frustrations both for us and our boy. Now with the e-collar, we take him to the beach and everywhere. He is happy, we are happy and everything is perfect. He respects us now and really engages with us. We have had some negative input from one local dog trainer who is not familiar with using an e-collar and suggested that our dog was living in fear wearing this collar. I can guarantee you that when used properly as a training aid, your dog will be more than happy to wear this. I highly recommend this collar and Karen's incredible training. Thank you! X More...


Tracy Willis

I cannot recommend Karen enough. We have 5 dogs, things were wonderfully peaceful until we have our youngest two spayed. This caused a hormone change in one which one of my other girls objected to! So much so that we were having about 6 fights a day between them, with us all ending up getting bitten trying to break up the fights! We were ready to rehome one of them but as a last resort were passed the details of Karen. We figured it was worth a try. I am so glad we did!! Karen came round and assessed them and her knowledge was amazing, how she understood each dog and gave us tips for each one. Seeing the dogs change so much as soon as she had left was incredible. The fights got less and less to the point now where we haven't had a fight in months and don't think there will be any more. I am SO glad we contacted Karen, she is worth every penny!! More...


Dee Wallington

Karen was recommended to me and I cannot praise her enough. My very confused and anxious papillon is now well on the road to becoming the dog she used to be. A very big thank you for sorting us both out :) Looking forward to seeing you for our followup :)
I highly recommend Dogma Dog School, Karen is amazing :)


Karen Harvey

Claire Woodward. We asked Karen to visit our 14 month old Shih Tzu who was being reactive to other dogs and strangers both in the home and out walking. Karen soon explained that it was a fear issue and due to us as owners not setting clear boundaries, our little dog had
become a very confused boy!! Karen gave us an insight as to why he was reacting as he was in different situations and showed me solutions to some of the issues. Within a couple of days of Karen's visit we now have a more confident dog who is beginning to understand
we make the decisions and not him! We were certainly the ones who required the "training" but we now feel confident enough to put in place what Karen suggested. It really was amazing watching Karen interact with our dog, she is so confident, calm, reassuring
and professional and never makes you feel that it's all been your fault. Karen points out your mistakes then gives you solutions and the confidence to move forward. We still have a way to go but the difference in our dog already is beyond belief. Looking forward
to the next visit from Karen to continue the excellent work. I would recommend Karen in a heartbeat.


Jeff Eaton

What can I say about Karen Harvey and her Dogma Dog School!! This Canine Connoisseur was highly recommended to us about 18mths ago by a neighbour. We had just become proud owners of then 4yr old Arnold, a Springer Spaniel Cross, who we got from a Margaret Green Rescue Centre (Also Recommended)
Although full of beans, having come from a rescue centre, there were one or two issues that needed addressing, so we called on Karen's services. We then had a 2hr session with her. It was during this time that I knew we weren't barking up the wrong tree with Karen, because when she asked Arnold to sit, my wife sat down as well!!!! It was then I knew how good she was!
During the session also, she was able to establish that the way Arnold reacted to certain things, that he had a degree of training before. One of the main things that she tried to instil into us, were things that we could do to help ourselves with Arnold, in respect that it didn't get to the point where we'd lost his respect and that he started owning us! Rather than the other way around!!
18mths on, we still regularly use Karen's services, whether it be dog walking or boarding. We have no hesitation in leaving Arnold with her as when we go away, because we know that he's going to be well looked after and loved as if he was one of her own.
So, to sum up, if you're looking for a reliable, inexpensive, Bone A Fido, place for your Pooch, or any canine issues, then I can't recommend Dogma Dog School more highly!!! As for Karen? She's the Mutt's Nut's!!!


Hollie Wilson

Karen has helped me and family wonders with our American bulldog puppy. She has given us all we need to help keep Mia her lovely playful self but keep her respectful of people dogs and belongings. She loves all the training games and is coming on leaps and bounds. Mia loved Karen from the moment she walked in the door. Looking forward to her second visit. More...


Lynsey Shepherd

First session today and I can't recommend highly enough. Cant wait to put everything Karen told me, into practice! ���


Sandra Hill

Can not thank Karen enough, the change in my little man frank, is unbelievable would definitely recommend Karen for 1-1. I also felt very comfortable leaving frank with Karen for 3 nights and he will definitely be going to stay with Karen again. Enjoy walks with frank no more stress More...


Madeline Louise

We have just had our first training session with Karen and we cannot praise her enough! We have been struggling with training our large breed puppy Baloo. In one session Karen has been able to provide us with useful information and tips on how to train him more effectively and he has responded extremely well to this already. We are looking forward to going along to Karen’s training classes at Dogma dog school. Thanks Karen :) More...


Sarah Frampton

Just had our first session with Karen can't believe how much of a difference one session can make! We have been able to walk our dog for the first time without him pulling on the lead and no confrontation with dogs or people we have both been left feeling more confident and in control of our dog than ever before can't thank Karen enough and would defiantly recommend her to anyone who looking for help with their dog!


Sophia Taglialavore

Started taking our 10month rescue pup to Karen’s Sunday morning classes to help with his pulling and improve my relationship and confidence. Within a few mins of meeting Karen our pup was walking loose lead and well behaved. We’ve been going to her classes ever since and he’s a much better dog for it! Her classes are very informative but not overwhelming and easy exercises to practice at home! I have also recommended her to several friends! More...


Susan King

We were so delighted with Karen it is the first time ever Lewis our year old springer has walked without pulling. Everything she said made sense. We are looking forward to putting everything into practice. She has instilled confidence in us to achieve a Happy well adjusted springer.

We have now attended our first group class. We absolutely loved it. Great chance for Lewis to try out his new skills. Karen is a great teacher such clear instructions and the class is a friendly relaxed atmosphere. Definitely looking forward to going again next week.


Wendy Gardner

Karen is a genius! After no more than 5 minutes she had Vinnie (my daughter's 12 week old Patterdale X) walking at her side, answering to his name and being a very calm and composed puppy. She had the same effect on my puppy Ralph.

She is a brilliant trainer with a down to earth, no nonsense approach & I wish every dog owner could benefit from her teaching. Thank you Karen for showing an old lady who has never had a dog in her 75 years, how to manage and get beautifully trained Ralph.


Laura Fooks

What can I say!, well Karen came into our home and within minutes daisy was like putty in her hands, recall, walking loosely on a leash and she actually got me walking with her like it too,
I actually can't thank this wonderful lady enough, in 2hours she has completely changed my way of thinking and showed me how myself and Daisy can enjoy walks and play,
Can't wait for our 1st class on sunday.
Just a few hours later we have put into action some of the things Karen told us,.its like we have a different dog!! AMAZING!!!! Thank you so much Karen xx

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