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Morpeth, Northumberland

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Clean olive

Morpeth, Northumberland


I’m a team of one!

I’m looking for the opportunity to start my own little business up of house cleaning.

Silly as it sounds... I LOVE cleaning!

I’ve decided after all these years of 9-5 work , I want to create my own freedom and do something I really am passionate about!



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Only just beginning my cleaning business journey, which I am very excited to begin and get started!

I can bring my own cleaning products, bleach/anti-bacterial spray/mop and bucket/hoover ect. (General house cleaning products.

I love most about cleaning is the difference once it’s done! It leaves me satisfied that I’ve made a change to help someone out and leave a smile on their faces!

My secret passion for cleaning! Once I start I simply can’t stop!

Many co-worker, friends and family have been persuading me for quite some time to get into the business, so I’ve decided to take on a challenge and do what I love.

I’m a very reliable, trustworthy honest person.

And I have always had a caring personality with the focus to help make a difference in someone’s lives, even if I made life a little easier for you it would be lovely to hear back!

I can promise you that you could leave me with any task and I will always give 100% to make sure the job gets done properly!

As I am literally just starting my self-employed cleaning journey , it is going to be tough for me to get clients, but if you give me the opportunity I can prove myself to you, giving the smile on your face you hope for!