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Nottingham, Nottinghamshire

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Catherine Lineker Coaching

Nottingham, Nottinghamshire



I offer 1:1 or small group personal training, this is based out of a private gym in NG4.
My background is in sport and nutrition with a degree level knowledge in nutrition. This extra knowledge adds an edge to my training and allows me to approach weight loss or sport-specific fitness in an efficient way.


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10 April 2019

I would highly recommend Catherine as a personal trainer; she has a friendly nature coupled with a real focus on training and helping you achieve your goals



10 April 2019

How would I sum up working with Catherine in a sentence? Professional, confident, motivating and knowledgeable, thank you, Catherine!

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1) Be clear on what the goals are and ensure that they are achievable and realistic. There's no point overreaching and getting de-motivated.
2) Accountability- I can educate and motivate and help be accountable for your choices in order to achieve your long-term goals.
3) Flexible coaching approach- figuring out what makes that person tick

Everyone knows that there isn't a secret, but, education as well as help with making choices and with managing your time can go a long way to prioritising your health and fitness.

Coaching something new and seeing the change from a confused face to a "Oh I get it" face!

I wanted to be able to manage my own time so that I could give the best I could to helping people learn and change.

I'm easy going, love a chat as much as the next person but I'm a taskmaster and when stuff needs to be done you'll know about it.