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Bright Butterfly Hypnotherapy and Coaching

“Helping you to make changes in your life”

Do you want to - Think Better, Feel Better, Live Better?

Is there something in your life that is not as you want it to be? Are you wanting to make changes in your personal or professional life?


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16 September 2019

I have been extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Jo; her focussed and multi-disciplined coaching style increased my openness to personal learning and development. With Jo's help I was able to shape the desired outcomes I wanted from coaching and to identify opportunities to take greater action and responsibility for achieving my goals.More specifically, I have found ways to develop my self-confidence, both in and outside of work, for improved personal effectiveness and increased happiness.I found Jo to be open, warm and gracious with both her time and effort; she is a capable and experienced coach and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her. More...

21 February 2019

After receiving just one session with Jo for my 23 year long phobia of dogs, I now have taken my friends dog on a 2 mile walk. What a difference, normally Louis (the dog) would have had to be put in his crate anytime I visited and I would sit nervously even if he was just moving about in it. Thank you so much for your help. Each day I have become more and more confident and I am really grateful. More...

19 October 2018

Jo is simply fantastic. On a personal noted she helped hugely with anxiety before my wedding and she now helps coach me at least monthly to remove any gremlins in my thinking. This allows me clarity and focus within my business making sure all of our patients are given the care they deserve. From a clinical perspective, any time emotional issues are detected at the clinic Jo's details are first in the ring! More...

7 August 2018

Jo supports the Family Support team at Alice charity to cope with the impact of supporting the most disadvantaged families within our communitities providing them with the tools & skills to cope with their demanding roles and lives -we just cannot recommend her highly enough

23 July 2018

This Lady is truly amazing she sorted my problem in just two sessions. Many thanks Jo

23 July 2018

Can't recommend this lady enough!! Brilliant xx

23 July 2018

This lady is fabulous! I have suffered with mental health issues for over 10 years and after seeing Jo, I finally feel like my life is back on track and the future looks bright xx

23 July 2018

Fantastic positive time with Jo
She supported me with shifting my negative focus on myself to me being more proactive & accepting of myself�
Lovely room to work in,we spoke on FaceTime & I took worksheets & online links to support my personal growth More...

23 July 2018

Jo helped me enormously. Being truly happy in our own skin is the ultimate destination and Jo has helped me on my journey. My troublesome IBS symptoms subsided within a couple of days of our first appointment, and are no longer a daily part of life (3 months on now!) Thank you Jo. I highly recommend Jo / Bright Butterfly � More...

23 July 2018

I have been seeing jo over weight loss what a amazing person since seeing her i have lost 11 and a half pounds i look at food so differnetly you dont realise how strong your mind is and what it can do . i have all the imformation from each session i had with jo and recordings which really helps as well i had a few personal problems going on when i saw jo and she made them go away but not forgotton but know how to deal with them she is so calm and friendly and makes you feel at ease i will miss my sessions as you feel so much better after them. More...

23 July 2018

Jo Cook will change your life. I cannot thank her enough for the work I've done with her. I would highly recommend her services to anyone. The positive outlook she installs in you and the outcomes and strength you get from this are priceless. Thank you Jo x More...

25 May 2018

Jo Cook is fantastic at what she does, she's changed my life for the better. Her gentle style and kind nature make her a true confidant so you can really open up and feel safe and secure. This allows Jo to help and guide you with her knowledge and skills to a happier future. My optimism for a bright future has never been so high after working with Jo :) I was a hypnotherapy cynic but now would recommend Jo's services to everyone. More...

25 May 2018

Jo is fab - highly recommend

25 May 2018

Jo gives fantastic support and help to those who ask for it. She is very knowledgeable in her field and uses her expertise and experience to help others with their problems. Thanks Jo.

25 May 2018

Hi Jo Cook is very accomplished in her field. I know of several people who have used her services and been happy with the result and gone on to a better life with her help. She has helped me on occasions with hypnotherapy too. I highly recommend her skills and professionalism More...


Clients feel so relaxed, yet motivated, it is great to see someone look so comfortable and happy.
I love the change that clients can make in a short space of time and that this can be 'life changing' for many. Often clients come to me overwhelmed and without hope, having tried other routes to address their problem so it is great to see them gain confidence, get results and overall feel better about themselves and found peace of mind and motivation.

I have been in people management and learning development for most of my career so far. I learnt to be a coach and wanted to take that further and studied Hypnotherapy and coaching.
During the course I experienced the power of hypnotherapy for myself and I could see how it could help people with anxiety, depression and confidence in an effective way

My aim is to enable change and for you to sustain that change Depending on your circumstances I provide a number of options for working with me. I have a number of therapies that I use to help you to achieve your goal. I always start with a Free telephone consultation to discuss your challenges and agree the way forward.
Focused 2-hour session – Ready for take-off?
This two-hour session enables you to address any issue that you are trying to resolve. You may be clear on what is troubling you and your outcomes. This is ideal for working with a specific fear or phobia or habit cessation. You are likely to be wanting to unravel one problem and we can focus on this goal in the two hours.

This can be completed by Skype or at my therapy rooms.

Working deeper 3 -sessions for fearful and stuck
It is likely you have been experiencing issues for a while and perhaps there are a number of things that bother you that require a combination of therapies and work in between sessions.

Over the 3 tailored sessions I will aim to address the root cause, change habits and instil new thoughts and behaviours.
We will start with one 90-minute session followed up with two 60 minute sessions

Sparkle Formula for Weight loss and Vitality

A program of 4+ sessions, to enable you to gain a better relationship with food, address emotional challenges and gain self-worth and focus.

This is not a diet and requires commitment to change.

This is for you if: -
You’re tired of diets, unhappy with your weight and on cycle of self- destructive emotional eating?
• Your weight is impacting your health and your self-esteem?
• Have you been on endless diets?
• Do you feel like you have no control over your mind when it comes to food?
• Do you wish you could think more positively about your goals, feel better about your body and wear nicer clothes that make you look good?
• Do you want to feel more confident, go out and get a new job or take on a new hobby?
Four sessions blending a variety of therapy tools appropriate to your challenges, plus information, recordings, self-help tools and ongoing support of 2 coaching sessions by Skype/Facetime to help you on your journey to success.
If appropriate the ‘Virtual gastric band’ can be incorporated in this program.

Plus, access to an additional Nutritional session to identify any resistance to weight loss.

Shine formula for Anxiety and Self-Belief

A programme of 4+ sessions, this is for you if you feel anxious and lack confidence and if affects a number of areas of your life. Maybe you fed up with not being able to control how you think, feel or act? Or…
• Some situations 'trigger' uncomfortable feelings, even though you have no idea why.
• Anxiety is affecting your day today life, and you suffering from panic attacks?
• You feel vulnerable and compare yourself to others a lot?
• You feel like you have no control over your life and can’t make decisions?
• You wish you could think more positively about your goals, feel better about yourself and complete tasks easily?
Four sessions blending a variety of therapy tools appropriate to your challenges, with information, recordings, self-help tools and ongoing support of 1 coaching session by Skype/Facetime.


I am a qualified Brain Writing Recursive Therapy® Life Coach, NLP life coach, and Executive Coach level 5 (Henley Business School). I am also a Chartered member of the CIPD

How can I help? I can help you as an individual and I can also help employers with their team members.
A coach is very different to a mentor, consultant, trainer or helpful friend.

A coach will help you to reflect, think, challenge your thoughts and get beyond your core resistance to enable you to make decisions and take action with conviction.

For success I believe you need these 4 elements.

The three on the top can be acquired with time, support and hard work! I think you would agree that is you are someone seeking change you will have a positive attitude to do better and achieve more. All these elements have likely involved a mentor, trainer or consultant. Self-belief is a little harder to gain!

It is the confidence and self-belief that is harder to get, and no one can really teach it or give it to you, it comes from within!

Go on make that change.



Brain Working Recursive Therapy is an innovative new concept of working with negative and destructive thought patterns, completely unlike anything that has gone before it. It presents an entirely new view of the subconscious mind - one that is extremely 'user friendly' and easy for the client to understand - as well as an elegant way of providing psychotherapy that gets easily beneath the Conscious Critical Faculty, your brain firewall! It's not hypnosis or a derivative of hypnotherapy and although it works to release trapped emotional responses, it's 'content free' in that you, the client doesn't have to tell the therapist what they're thinking. It excels when help is needed for a huge variety of issues including: • Commitment Anxiety • Phobias, Fears and Anxiety • Success Inhibition • Fear of failure • Binge eating/drinking • All types of Performance Anxiety • Self Worth/Self-Confidence Issues • Fear of Authority • Relationship Issues • Grief • OCD • PTSD Based around proven scientific concepts*, this technique provides flawless and easy-to-understand explanations of why we are apparently powerless to stop doing things that are destructive to us and our wellbeing. It allows effortless 'reprogramming' of learned negative constructs and even makes it possible to change emotional memory and associated complex behaviour patterns. Perhaps the best thing of all is that this is a fast therapy. During research and testing it has resolved deep-seated issues that have been present for as long as the client can remember, and taken only a couple of sessions to do it. It's ideal for use as a standalone therapy or when it transpires there is still some 'stuff' creating destructive or negative responses. "The results produced by this new therapy developed by Terence Watts are incredible! It's private for the client, as they are not required to divulge any personal information to the therapist, nor is there the searching for an ISE. I had - for as long as I can remember a constant feeling of loneliness. At times in my life it was unbearable due to personal circumstances but even in the happiest of times it was still present. During the single session with Terence Watts, I felt a physical change - specifically an intense sensation in my hands and afterwards, I knew the feeling of loneliness was completely gone. Terence requested that I try to find it during the session, however all I have left is the memory of it with no sadness at all." More testimonials https://www.bwrt.org/pages/client-testimonials

Through exploring your situation, careful questioning, encouraging reflection and problem solving, coaching can help you: • Believe in yourself • Achieve your goals • Excel with confidence • Focus your life around what is important to you • Boost your confidence and • Make the decisions you are struggling with

Performance coaching Struggling in your role? Not enjoying work? Newly promoted, new to management and reluctant to tackle people? Lacking confidence in your role and feeling discouraged? Questioning your own choices and capability and feeling like it is all too much of a struggle? First Line coaching empowers “Confidence for discouraged people managers” I will help you to explore your challenges and options. Coaching helps to identify your goals and make decisions. Through support, encouragement and challenge I will help you to emerge with focus, confidence and excel in your role ‘Unlock your potential to perform’ T Gallway, Inner Game. Is this you? • Struggling to cope with stress in the workplace • I’ve been successful in my chosen profession, now I am struggling in a management role • Daunted by the role of being a manager • Adjusting to a new role • Thinking you are in the wrong job • Thinking you have taken on too big a challenge • Dealing with conflict and challenging situations • Tired all the time and not sleeping • Lacking confidence • Not being able to get your point across • Feel like you have too much on and working late • I can’t work with my manager • My team are difficult/challenging How can I help? I have worked in a corporate environment for 30 years, firstly as an operational manager followed by 16 years working in Human resources and Learning and Development. I understand the dynamics of the workplace and the challenges that this presents and for many years I have supported managers in front line roles, often in their first position or starting to climb the management ladder. It is tough, demanding and a steep learning curve. I am passionate about supporting these challenging times that you may be experiencing as a new/inexperienced manager. I studied Coaching with the renowned Henley Business School and also furthered my studies with an NLP coaching certificate. I am also a Clinical Hypnotherapist, which enables me to explore the root cause and work towards resolving issues and transform thinking. First Line Coaching requires commitment and a readiness to embrace change – to see things from another perspective and seek ways to overcome barriers. I will help you to explore these barriers and emerge with clarity and focus. Coaching works with your specific goals. I will work with you, asking questions and making the appropriate challenges to: • Explore your situation objectively • Discuss your values, attitudes and beliefs • Develop your vision for change • Gain clarity of thought • Set milestones and goals • Explore ways to overcome barriers and set backs • Lose limiting believes and thought patterns • Develop positive and effective ways of thinking • Handle pressure and stress healthily • Stay focused on your goal