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Bodystreet is an innovative workout studio that combines expert personal training with the buzz of Electro-Muscle Stimulation (EMS). The result; a highly-effective exercise programme that enables you to get fit, tone up and build muscle - fast!


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Claire Young

10 September 2019

Absolutely loving this look forward to my session



23 August 2019

Always help you with you achieving your goals, very encouraging and help you even if lactive acid creeps in x great PT, and very sensitive towards your needs and achievement. Top lads, very informative, and encouraging. . Thankyou very much. Always come out on a high. More...


Kay Kensell

23 August 2019

The Guys at Bodystreet MK are amazing they are full of Confidence and make you feel relaxed. If i wasn't moving to Crete in April2020 i would still be there but now for me is a foot Operation and recovery process hence the reason for leaving now thanks Bodystreet i will miss you Guys x


Gary Penning

23 August 2019

I’ve lost 1 & 1/2 stone in 10 weeks, I’m fitter and feeling great I have a busy life so the half hour per week works well for me I’m a huge fan of the team who work hard to help me achieve my goals .......


Dave Quinn

23 August 2019

Hard working, dedicated staff. Very pleasant to deal with. They make me work hard, but I enjoy the challenges.
Tough, but worth it, I feel much fitter


Nicky Morris

23 August 2019

Knowledgable and enthusiastic staff makes this work out the most fun and productive I’ve ever had!


Annie Nicholson

18 August 2019

Been going for 6 weeks now love it Katie and Artem are so nice great vibe and so Happy with My Progress


De Va

26 July 2019

I love the staff, I love the place and I love my training... Finally Bodystreet arrived to Edinburgh - never liked the gym in my life but with Bodystreet I found it so much easier to enjoy exercising - thank you all - it’s such a pleasure to be one of the first ones - always looking forward to my sessions



14 July 2019

Have appt next week
Most helpful on contact


Chisanga, MK.

30 May 2019

The team at Bodystreet MK Station
(Alistair, Phil and Idai) are exceptional in the way they help you to optimise your training efforts. They believe in your ability to accomplish excercise, eating and resting goals as a holistic part of your everyday life. They are all about making a lifestyle change which is truly tailored to suit you as an individual. I have lost weight, gained muscle tone and I hydrate a lot better which is noticable in my skin, hair and nails. For a woman these are little pluses which make a huge difference and all for just 20 minutes a week! I would not hesitate to recommend Bodystreet to anyone who is serious about getting the most out of a workout for less time. More...



30 May 2019

Bodystreet is a fantastic, intense and rewarding workout. Expert personal trainers keep you motivated and the studio decor is first class!


Peter Smith

24 May 2019

Great place ! Really enjoying the sessions. Big difference having a personal trainer working you and ensuring you're doing all the exercises correctly for best results. The 20 min workout is perfect for me. Kate & Jason are really good to deal with, facilities and equipment are very high standard.If you don't have much time and want a really effective alternative to the gym you need to try this! More...


Sandra Jakimoviciute

24 May 2019

Great service and friendly staff! Really enjoyed my 20min workout - it seemed as it was only a few minutes long. Good way to save time and keep in shape - highly recommend!



24 May 2019

Great concept if you want to achieve a superior workout in less time! Did my first EMS training last Saturday and still have got muscle soreness. Very clean and modern premises! Loved your shower rooms! More...


Olga Admaeva

22 May 2019

Great training and team! Highly recommend.


Calum Slavin

22 May 2019

Very welcoming staff who are knowledgable and make the experience for a first timer relaxing and fun. Tests on muscle mass, body fat % etc given which is very interesting. Staff break down this information so that it is easy to follow. This is benefical as it allows you to see where you need to make improvements. Such an effective, intense workout in a very short space of time. Excellent experience all round!! More...


Hortensia Salazar

21 May 2019

Is a fantastic place, the staff is incredible friendly


Gill Murray

20 May 2019

Fantastic training facility and really amazing workout. Everyone is so friendly and the workouts are really highly effective.


robin barrie

19 May 2019

Met the guys at sweat festival in Edinburgh. Friendly, approachable and most of of all knowledgeable. Many thanks guys.


Egle Adomynaite

18 May 2019

What an amazing place! I heard about EMS training a while ago and was so happy to find out that Bodystreet has opened in Edinburgh. It only takes 20min for a full body work out and it actually works! Staff is super knowledgeable and very helpful. The studio is modern, very clean and spacious. Cant recommend enough. More...


Tracey Bright

9 May 2019

Had a fantastic experience here today for the first time! The staff are amazing! Everything was thoroughly explained to me about the procedure before it started The thought of a session which lasts just 20 minutes is equivalent to a whole week of gym sessions is awesome!! Perfect for those who don’t have much time or a busy lifestyle! The facilities are very clean and modern! Nice coffee too! Looking forward to my next session and seeing the difference in my results which are recorded and printed out which also explains all the results too! Highly recommend! Give it a go! You won’t be disappointed Hope to see you there! More...


Taghrid Safwat

4 May 2019

I love this place, friendly staff, clean, and comfortable. Work out for 20 minutes it's really all it takes as I felt very energetic. Thank you guys for your hard work. Wish you all the best. More...


Varun Yadav

3 May 2019

I have been working out from past 5 weeks on EMS. And I can already see my body transform.


Taras Soloviy

26 April 2019

Such an incredible workout, I felt like I ran a marathon afterwards. Such friendly staff to top it off


Katie Tamm

25 April 2019

Great place, I’m glad I went for it.
Very impressed with the results so far! Can’t wait for my next session!


Artem Golozubtsev

25 April 2019

After my 3rd EMS workout session I feel more energetic and powerful. My strength increased and start feeling some muscles in my body which I never used before.


Ashleigh Murray

8 April 2019

Had my first session tonight with Kate, was slightly nervous as haven’t experienced anything quite like it but was soon at ease even through the vibrations-ha & enjoyed the session!! Looking forward to next week!! xx


Andrei Austin

7 April 2019

Awesome right from the start of the process.

Studio Manager Idai & my personal trainer Phil took me through the initial procedures, assessing my personal goals & customizing a plan for me. Even opening the studio earlier than normal to accommodate my work schedule.

For the first time ever, I look forward to "going to the gym" & since it's only 20 minutes per week it is both cost & time effective.


Przemek Fokt-Skierecki

30 March 2019

Body Street MK is definitely a place where you can achieve your goals, with a fantastic team that is always supportive and encouraging. It is a long term commitment but I have never regretted it. I've been attending my 20 minutes gym sessions for a year and I can see results. It's a great addition to our busy lifestyles. It is easy - you just need to sign up !!! Lying down on the couch and reading these reviews won't help you to make a change, do it now! Good Luck!!! More...


Cristian Testa

29 March 2019

I have been suffering back pain for a long time and for an athlete and a dad is not really a good thing to deal with. Working with the Bodystreet team really helped me to focus my workout on my core without putting my back under too much pressure and strain. Chiropractor, Bodystreet and three times a day stretching exercises are really helping me to recover and get back in shape after a nightmare that really lasted for too long. Hopefully, soon I will stop saying to my kids that I cannot play with them because my back is in pain! Thank you guys! Top Team! More...


Inese Inès

26 March 2019

Loved today's session! Can't wait to go back ! Thanks to today's trainer for all the effort and Katya for all information and service!


Arman Arojan

26 March 2019

Great workout, and only 20 minutes! loved it, and do recommend everyone else! PT Michele done a great job pushing me to limits! Amazing facilities to chill out after a hard workout. 5 stars guys, keep up the good work! More...


Ben Dixon

21 March 2019

Fun environment to work out in with very friendly staff. I would highly recommend.


Talha Khurram Ahmad

21 March 2019

Hugely impressed by the services provided by the guys at Bodystreet! Fantastic one-to-one training means each week you will be focused on hitting your goals, whether that be weight loss or muscle gain. Be consistent and work hard, and the results will be visible! Highly recommended! More...


Julie Holland

20 March 2019

Great workout that get brilliant results. A must try for anyone looking to get fit but, doesn’t have the time or desire to go to a traditional gym three or four times a week.


Vlada Kren

18 March 2019

Very good experience! Nice place, nice people,can highly recommend


Violeta Poskaite

16 March 2019

Super place! Amazing people and atmosphere!!! Highly recommend EVERYONE!!!! You really should try it!!!


Janey Watt

10 March 2019

Had great work out with Moira B. Mike is a brilliant instructor would highly recommend this to everyone who wants fast toning results. LOVE THIS ❤


Tomas Sn

9 March 2019

Great place and inspiring people. Perfect for those who is short with time and wants to keep their body and mind toned!!! Highly recommended.


Arman Ara Arojan

7 March 2019

Great workout, and only 20 minutes! loved it, and do recommend everyone else! PT Michele done a great job pushing me to limits!


GiNtaras Perminas

7 March 2019

Absolutely amazing experience! Quick and efficient workout for just 20 minutes! Believe it or not!!! PT Michele did great job showing about and explaining how all works. Guys are doing great job! Highly recommended!!! More...


Татьяна Пупова

27 January 2019

Хорошее дело в хорошей компании


Carys Jones

8 December 2018

Amazing trainers with motivational talks to make you make the most of all your sessions!


Lengyel Noemi

22 August 2018

It was a great experience and it only takes 20 minutes. Can’t wait to do this every week. It’s electrifying. Everyone needs to try this.���


Kayleigh Louise Baker

22 August 2018

Yesterday I had my free personal training session with Charlie. I can honestly not recommend this place enough!
Charlie was a great trainer, very encouraging and listened to everything I wanted to work on, the service they provide in there studio is next to none!
I can absolutely say the work out has worked I can already feel the effects the following morning!
Anyone that is time poor, wanting to tone and increase energy then this is definitely worth it!
I shall see you tomorrow to set up my membership!
10/10 guys!! �


llinos smith

8 June 2018

Physical for 20 mins and that's enough!


Alistair Goodwin

8 June 2018

Friendly and helpful staff. Very effective training, with a 20 minute workout once per week


Philip Kempson

8 June 2018

Very effective and enjoyable, would recommend to anyone!


Patricia Konz

8 June 2018

The most targeted and time-effective workout. Try it - you won‘t look back.


Matt Hoare

25 May 2018

Absoulty brilliant. Works well and staff are very professional and pleasant.

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We have a team of expert personal trainers who work together to come up with the best strategies to get our clients to their goals. We base our advice on what clients are already doing, in order to make the smallest number of changes to their routine and only changing the things that make the biggest difference. And we use EMS technology, which is unique in it's effectiveness, for the reasons to be explained below:

**How does Electro-Muscle Stimulation (EMS) work?**

In everyday life, your body stimulates muscles naturally by sending bio-electrical pulses down the spinal cord and into your nerve fibres. Muscles need this stimulation in order to move.

Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is nothing more than an amplification of the body’s own electrical pulses. The extra stimulus causes your muscles to contract more and work harder.

Combining EMS with exercise is a very targeted way of super-charging the effects of your workout. Deep muscles are stimulated far more effectively than through conventional exercise alone, making every move stronger and delivering visible improvements more quickly.

**The science behind EMS**

We all have two types of muscle fibre - slow-twitch and fast-twitch. Understanding how each of these works, is the key to ensuring a workout that will really get results.

Slow-twitch muscle fibres support endurance activities like walking, swimming and cycling. These fibres are always stimulated first during exercise. They contract slowly so they can keep moving for a long time without getting tired.

Fast-twitch fibres support quick, powerful movements, like jumping or sprinting. They contract quickly, consume a lot of energy (in other words - they burn fat!) and deliver the strength and power you need to spring into action.

To improve your overall strength, fitness and body tone, it’s important to flex both types of muscle fibre. EMS specifically targets those harder to reach fast-twitch fibres, boosting the effects of your workout.

**A full body workout**

During an EMS training session at Bodystreet, we can configure a wide range of training parameters to suit your individual needs. However, an important difference to other forms of exercise is that we are able to activate ALL of the muscle groups simultaneously. This makes a Bodystreet workout much more time-efficient than conventional strength training or gym sessions, which typically only work a few muscle groups at a time.

EMS training has also a quick and deep-acting tightening effect on all the core muscle groups. That means you can achieve the same strengthening of low-lying muscle fibres that we’d normally associate with Yoga or Pilates exercise, without any of the time-consuming holding moves (e.g plank).

Training with Bodystreet Milton Keynes is the secret to getting the body of your dreams!!! Just kidding!!! Actually, there isn't a secret. The ONLY way to get the body of your dreams is to want it enough to have the motivation/commitment to train appropriately to your goals, along with the commitment to live the lifestyle required to ensure your body makes all the right adaptations.

In simple terms that means sleeping enough, hydrating yourself adequately, eating appropriate foods (in appropriate quantities) and also avoiding certain 'spoilers' which will definitely derail you from reaching your goals (and we all know what those are)!

At Bodystreet what we enjoy most about our work is changing people's lives through improving their health, appearance and self-esteem. We enjoy making a difference.

The Bodystreet method allows personal trainers to successfully manage and train groups of people for whom conventional exercise methods don't seem to be working for a variety of reasons. And that's what inspired our Head Coach (the multiple ultra-endurance World Record holder Idai Makaya) to invest in a Bodystreet franchise and start running the Bodystreet Milton Keynes Studio.

At Bodystreet our personal trainers have decades of cumulative experience in fitness and in high-level sports training. Our Head Coach, Idai Makaya, is a multiple ultra-endurance world record holder with many years of health & fitness industry experience who has worked with a spectrum of individuals - ranging from general fitness enthusiasts to world class athletes.

And the Bodystreet EMS training method is one of the most effective tools available for improving posture and rehabilitating back problems through exercise. Bodystreet EMS training is ideal for people with bad joints whose bodies will not tolerate high-impact training methods. We also plan in collaboration with our clients, so that each client genuinely gets a unique plan based on their personal circumstances (and a plan based on what they think they will realistically do).

So although we only spend 30-60 minutes a week with each client, we still make sure the rest of the time they are living in a way that will support their goals (because we understand that training alone is never enough to attain a high standard of health and fitness - nor to attain an ideal, lean appearance & a much lower target weight).

We use state-of-the-art 'space age' EMS equipment to deliver a workout which cannot be replicated in any other way - working the entire body intensely for 20 minutes. Yes, we work every single muscle maximally - and at the same time - for a 20 full minutes. It has to be experienced to be understood! But it's fun! Our unique workout gives a massive feelgood endorphin 'blast' and although it is intense it also feels great!

Every workout at Bodystreet is intended to be an 'event' because our clients only need to train once a week with us in order to reach their goals (twice in exceptional cases, but most of our clients only train once weekly) and we always make your weekly session count - in every way!


Bespoke personal training using state-of-the-art EMS equipment to improve muscle fibre recruitment and workout intensity.

We use medical grade body scanners to measure and track muscle mass, body fat, and body hydration.

We assist clients in weight loss through a combination of dietary and lifestyle advice, alongside weekly motivation and high intensity fitness training.

The Bodystreet Stop Smoking Challenge is a special call to people who want to quit smoking to make a commitment to once-weekly fitness training at Bodystreet, in conjunction with personal motivation from our coaches and a fully supported smoking cessation plan with a full range of resources (and trained counsellors from the Milton Keynes Stop Smoking Service). If you have wanted to stop smoking, but have not yet taken meaningful action, why not swap your smoking habit for the Bodystreet Smoking Cessation Challenge? It won't cost you more than smoking and it could transform your health and your appearance!