Blush beauty boutique

Blush beauty boutique

Blush beauty boutique locationBelfast, Castlereagh District

Based in the heart of East Belfast, Blush Beauty Boutique offers an array of fabulous treatments to cater all. Pamper yourself with one of our amazing body treatments or allow one of our highly skilled nail technicians to transform your nails and feet. Whether you want a full day of luxury or just a few moments of maintenance our caring, professional team aim to ease away your stress, improve your appearance and enhance your inner aura.
Your experience at Blush Beauty Boutique will be one to remember.

Blush beauty boutique Reviews

Blush beauty boutique Reviews

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Blush beauty boutique

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Review of Blush beauty boutique by Joanne Mills
1 month ago

Myself and my Aunt went for her birthday treat. Had an amazing massage and facial. Never been before but was brilliant girls were friendly such a lovely day. Can't wait til get back. Wow.

Joanne Mills
Review of Blush beauty boutique by June Burns
2 weeks ago

First time at Blush Beauty Salon and I am so pleased with my Gel nails they look great, brilliant job done. I will definitely be back.

June Burns
Review of Blush beauty boutique by Karen Stubbs
6 days ago

I love blush beauty from the lovely young receptionist that greeted me to my lovely professional beautician called Amy. A relaxing atmosphere and nothing to much trouble. Thank you Amy i will be back.

Karen Stubbs
Review of Blush beauty boutique by Jordan Hamill
9 months ago

I purchased a half day spa package for my partner and I for our anniversary and it's safe to say we were delighted. There was just a relaxed yet professional atmosphere, all the staff were very pleasant and very helpful, made my partner and I feel very welcomed. Massage and facial were 1st class and the relaxation area with the hot tub just topped it all off. Money well spent, would highly recommend!!

Jordan Hamill
Review of Blush beauty boutique by Laura
7 months ago

I recommend this place to everyone! I've been going to Naomi for years now for my twice monthly gelish, and she's the best in the business- always perfect, attention to detail, loads of time, lots of chat, and even fitting me in for small appointments when I forget to book in! Can't fault her and the girls at all and it's a lovely atmosphere to relax for an hour- love the new day spa also :)

Review of Blush beauty boutique by Diane Murphy
2 months ago

Great staff and my nails are done to perfection by Amber every time, lovely place x

Diane Murphy
Review of Blush beauty boutique by Alison Andrews
7 months ago

Brilliant service and friendly staff. Always made to feel welcome blush is so relaxing that i could fall asleep getting my hd brows done .(Which always turn out amazing ).

Alison Andrews
Review of Blush beauty boutique by Jenny
8 months ago

I had put this review on Facebook but the lovely company that Blush Beauty is deleted the post and blocked me! 3 of us had gel polish on our toe nails (one being an 11 year old child) for going on holidays! We arrived for our appointment at 4.45 we were all seen at the same time by 3 different staff members, I was finished first, the 11year old the half way through had the girl that did mine take over! While we my sister sat out the front getting hers done, the girl that was doing hers then had to leave to collect her children so again the young girl that did mine and finished the second ones also then had to finish my sister's! The fact that the first girl left my sister waiting for 10 minutes to go and do an eyebrow wax for another customer didn't help matters, not a great start but the best was yet to come! So it came to paying and my sister has a Membership Plus card (there was a sign on the door to advise of the Membership Plus) we asked the young girl serving if she new about it but didn't so asked the woman stomping about the salon if she new about it to which a very sharp response of "NO" was given! So we were in a stale mate, no effort was made to go and find out the information and if in fact discount  would/can be offered! When we pushed again and asked the young girl and the horrible woman she again snapped NO as she continued to tidy up (by this stage it was almost 6pm and closing time) to which I replied the customer service in here is great (stating the obvious) we asked again and asked could a phone call be made to find out as other stores offer usually a 10% discount and as we were spending nearly £80 something off as the sign in the window said would be appreciated.  Well obviously this was too much to ask for, the horrible woman offered 5% off but we said no we would like her to go find out for definite if it was accepted or give us 10% off before we paid! Well that was it she the started shouting at us said we refused to pay and she was going to call the police and locked the door on us locking us in..  again we had an 11 year old child with us who was petrified! The horrible woman the went out the back and called the police (they didn't arrive and obviously must have thought the whole thing was so rediclious that it would have wasted their time to come out) she then made a second phone call and came back out to say that they didn't accept the Membership Plus and that the sign in the window was for insurance purposes...alas the answer we wanted that could have easily be found out 15 minutes earlier without us being locked in the premises and the police being called! Apparently it was our fault though because my sister wanted a French polish done and it took her so long to pick a colour, this being screamed to us by the horrible woman (strange though that a salon offers over 50 colours to choose from and don't expect customers to take a little time to make a decision, as I also pointed out I asked for 3 gel polishes at the time of booking but was not asked if any were French polish so it was my fault that I didn't know that that took longer to apply hence the reason we were only finished at 6pm! How it's my fault is beyond me!)
So we pay our money and leave after being allowed out and the door being unlocked while we stood in the street and my 11 year old niece cried her eyes out she waw so scared at being locked in and the police called!
It turns out the horrible woman was the owners mother! I have never came across a more vile woman in all my life; I will never return to this place and urge everyone to avoid it at all costs! Almost £80 for the polish and 3 days later two of us have had 2-3 toes of the polish come off so not only was the service the most diabolical I have ever came across the products used were not worth the money or hassle and grief we had to endure and what was supposed to be a girly pamper session to have some fun before we all went on holidays was totally ruined by the company and that horrible woman!

Review of Blush beauty boutique by Sharon Carmichael
10 months ago

Awful.. avoid completely. The "manager/boss" I'm not sure, what position as she changed positions when it suited her. Was so so rude, to her staff and customers. Another last minute appointment was taken in while I was there during my appointment and I had to wait half way through getting my nails done while they squeezed in a brow wax, the manager then had the cheek to say my French polish was only booked in for a polish and french takes longer. Well if you hadnt of greedily squeezed in another appointment I would have been finished on time. Then there was an issue of paying at the end when we noticed a member offer sticker on window, the staff and this "boss" made no attempt find out what the discount was, complained about what time it was, starting turning of lights. She even locked the door and called the police to say we weren't going to pay. They never tunrned up and probably had a good laugh about her calling about such a major issue!! Wehad not an issue in paying, even for the awful awful service and quality polish. All we wanted to know was what the discount was as advertised on the window she eventually rang someone and then told us that was only for show of insurances purposes. We accepted and paid. She complained that it took an 11 ages to pick a nail colour, was that not part of the service, getting to choose, instead of being told here are the pinks they are very in, which do you want. Then when my 11 year old choose a colour after a few mins of being able to look at the colours alone. The women said the brush was ruined and hardly any left and that her staff done it under her breath, so we then had to pick another colour....and we where wasting time! The 11 year had a tiny bit of polish on her toe nails, again the attitude towards this was unbelievable.
No glass of proceco as advised while getting our nails done.
My nails where done while siting in the waiting area seating and the girl on the floor, if they couldn't accommodate 3 people at a time, why take the booking.
Please do not go here if you unless you want to be talked and dealt with by an extremely rude, chip on a shoulder "boss". Definitely the worse service I have received by miles.
Avoid avoid avoid.
It may be they have changed management, but you can can't call this place "mangaged" that would take someone who wanted to deal with the public and enjoyed her work to run it.

Sharon Carmichael
Review of Blush beauty boutique by Alex Mclure
8 months ago

excellent service and treatments staff all friendly and helpfull

Alex Mclure
Review of Blush beauty boutique by David Montgomery
1 year ago

My wife Henrietta has been going here for the last year and she love's it. The girls who work there are brilliant with her as health problem's and suffers from Vascular Dementia and one time she was there she forgot her mobile phone and couldn't ring me to pick her up and she was stressed as she couldn't remember our home number and they were going to bring her home themselves only she suddenly remembered our number and the girl rang me (Naomi) and told me what happened and I collected her. That's what i call looking after your customer's and give a great service.

David Montgomery
Review of Blush beauty boutique by Tammie Rea
10 months ago

Rude receptionist & unwelcoming

Tammie Rea
Review of Blush beauty boutique by Tamzin Mccamley
9 months ago

Tamzin Mccamley
Review of Blush beauty boutique by Jennifer Hamilton
1 year ago

Jennifer Hamilton
Review of Blush beauty boutique by gemma crawford
10 months ago

I booked a half spa day including 2 people for a one hour full body massage, a one hour facial and spa excess and afternoon tea for 2. The robes were tattered, old, smelt and felt unwashed. The slippers were also unclean and were for 2 left feet. I am a trained beauty therapist, and therefore was able to tell that our massages were not of professional quality. Not only did it feel like the masseuses were making it up as they went along, they missed doing arms, hands and necks, as well as neglecting to ask how the pressure of the massage was, checkins are standard practice for any professional masseuse. We paid for a full body massage and got a half assed attempt at a back and low body massage. During the massage, one of the girls also spent the entire duration telling the other girl how to massage, which is highly unprofessional.
After the massages where done, we moved onto the facials. During the facials, the cloths used were rough we where left, and she used her fingers to apply some cream and left for 2 15 minute intervals. She did not explain what was happening or where she was going, but when they came back we were sitting up then she explained she had put a mask on our face. I have never had a mask put on with someone's fingers before. After the 15 minutes away from us she started putting more cream on our faces and all I could smell was smoke from her fingers. I was absolutely nauseous with the smell. It was obvious the woman had went for a smoke break and didn't wash her hands. Again, everything about the facial was highly unprofessional.

We tried to brush ourselves down and move onto the spa room for our jacuzzi access and afternoon tea for 2. I had booked in March and told them one of us was gluten free, and she told me that was ok and they cater for gluten free. On the day I reminded them again that one of us was gluten free, which she informed me was no problem. However, when we where going in, she said that she didn’t know much about gluten free, and so did a fruit salad, to which I was shocked. Firstly, we couldn't turn the lights on to even see the food and had to ask for a candle. Then I noticed that she hadn't done any sandwiches at all and given myself and my mother a fruit salad. This contained one apple cut up between us, one strawberry each and two grapes each. They also had ginger/lemon tea. They had failed to ask us if we preferred normal tea or even if we liked ginger/lemon tea. I complained saying only one of us is gluten free and asked why there were no sandwiches. The girl said she would make some. 25 minutes later and no sandwiches had arrived. I decided to try the jacuzzi and was disgusted as the whole tub was covered in a thick slime. I immediately got back out. At this point we had decided we’d had enough and it was time to leave.
When we where heading, out the girl who we had requested sandwiches from was half way up the stairs with one sandwich in each hand, not even on a plate, stating she had forgotten about the sandwiches. This on it’s own is a clear violation of health and safety legislation.
I am gutted that I booked this for my mum for mothers day, which I couldn't get a date booked until the 17th of June as that's all they had available, only to have the day be so horrible. We both left feeling worse than when we went in, dirty and itchy. I'm so disturbed by the cleanliness of the place. The staff were extremely curt. My mum also noticed on the way out a guest book to which we where very curious if there would be bad reviews in it. On inspection the first 2 pages there were good reviews. On a closer inspection, I noticed the pages had been taped in and there was a huge amount of pages missing. I can only speculate, but it seems like pages I would guess of negative reviews had been ripped out. Overall, not only do these people have no idea what they are doing and providing horrible experiences, they are also in violation of so many health and safety laws. I've been to serval spas and not one could even come close to how bad that one was.

gemma crawford
Review of Blush beauty boutique by David Montgomery
1 year ago

My wife Henrietta has been going here for the last year and she love's it. The girls who work there are brilliant with her as health problem's and suffers from Vascular Dementia and one time she was there she forgot her mobile phone and couldn't ring me to pick her up and she was stressed as she couldn't remember our home number and they were going to bring her home themselves only she suddenly remembered our number and the girl rang me (Naomi) and told me what happened and I collected her. That's what i call looking after your customer's and give a great service.

David Montgomery
Review of Blush beauty boutique by Jennifer Hamilton
1 year ago

Jennifer Hamilton
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