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"Big Apple Movers NYC- Long distance movers NYC
Big Apple Movers NYC was founded many decades ago. We started it to help people moving to or out of New York. At first, we did only conduct local relocation. But as time went on, we have become long distance movers NYC as well.


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Mark T.

7 November 2017

These guys were great. I appreciated the no nonsense approach I got whenever I called.  The movers were really great.  It was a tough job on a freezing day and they moved quickly and were super friendly and careful the entire time.  I screwed around with some "cheap" movers for a past move and it ended being expensive since they took so long.   Hope I don't have to move again for a long time, but will use Big Apple when I do. More...


Vivian B.

6 August 2016

On time, courteous and did a wonderful job.  I was kind of amazed of their exp;ertise in handling the furniture and boxes.  I would definitely call them again.  Great job boys! More...


Ally P.

18 July 2016

I compared them to OZ and Flat Rate. They're MUCH cheaper. I was concerned that would mean worse service, but that wasn't the case. They did a good job. They moved all my stuff and everything was in one piece. Even my crappy particle board dresser came out ok. They flipped it upside down so the part that did get a little banged up was the bottom and isn't noticeable. The bed had a couple of small scratches, but nothing really noticeable. My old paintings with paint chipping off came out just as well as they went in and none of the glass broke or cracked. Overall, very good. The reasons I gave 4 stars instead of 5: I moved from Manhattan to right near New Brunswick. They left my apt at 2pm. They got there at 5:45pm. They did get hit by a taxi so that took them about 30 min (and I wasn't charged for that) and lets says they needed 30 min to organize their truck after they left my apt. That's still 2.75 hours to get from NYC to New Brunswick. I got there in less than 1.5 hours in a car. I know trucks have to go slower and take special routes, but over 2x longer? Also, they make you sign a bunch of paperwork, most of which is fine, but one of the forms said the customer is required to find them legal parking. I happen to live in a building that found them a spot. But what if i hadn't? What if I couldn't have found them a spot? This is something that customers should definitely know. Even if it's industry standard, it should still be told when giving a quote.That being said, if I move again, I'd use them again. More...


Peter T.

17 June 2016

I would highly recommend Big Apple Moving for going in or out of the five boroughs. Moe and his crew were pleasant and efficient gentlemen and didn't let anything faze them. They moved us from a 3 bedroom in northern Westchester to a 2 bed co-op in Queens with a single elevator and flight of stairs from the service entrance to deal with and didn't even blink at the challenge. Shout outs to James, TJ, Wonka, Mike and camo shorts guy (sorry I didn't get his name) for hauling a huge amount of stuff with great good humor with Moe calling the shots as well as working his butt off. Thanks as well to Donna for co-ordination from the office. Not the lowest bid we got, but worth it. We were a little concerned when the trucks showed up two hours after the appointment time, but the guys emptied the house in 2 1/2 hours much to our relief. Their trucks may not be pretty but their service is pretty sweet. If we emmove again we'll go right to them. More...


Richard Gladys

25 May 2016

Used Big Apple Moves twice for my daughter,out of old apt , into storage for 6 months at their facility, and into a new apt this week all set up by long distance from PA.Very Professional, cordial, and very helpful every time they were contacted , and last move was done to a third floor walk up in 95 degree heat and they didn't wilt!! Would recommend to anyone. More...


Lauren Sica

25 May 2016

Amazing! Came to my apartment for a walk through estimate, gave me low/high pricing. Day of move went seamlessly. Movers were courteous, worked extremely fast and made sure that all my furniture was safely packed. Entire move from Brooklyn to Long Island went off without any problems! Will definitely be recommending Big Apple Movers to my family and friends! More...


Victoria B.

4 May 2016

Big apple was the best experience I had with a moving and storage company . Everything went smoothly I even had my items in storage for about 8 months . Donna has excellent communication skills and making the move date was so easy with her . The movers are amazing and moved everything with ease . I would highly recommend and call them again if I need to move again . Great place ! More...


Rex F.

2 September 2015

There are certain things in New York that everyone knows will suck. L train commutes, mysteriously empty subway cars, the MTA in general, Times Square, DOH ratings at your favorite Chinese food restaurant, and moving. For the last one, at least you can call these guys.Amazingly, with Big Apple you don't have to play "pick two" between professional, friendly, fast and reasonably priced, because they check all the boxes (haha, boxes - moving, dumbass). From scheduling to getting a quote to obtaining insurance to the actual moving day it was the most painless process I've yet seen and I - like many of the masochists that like to play dom-sub in the giant role play called "living in New York" aka "getting fisted" - have moved more times than I care to remember. They were 15 minutes late to arrive, but completed the job 2 hours faster than budgeted, and they're not the least expensive option you can go for, but they're far from the priciest and I'd be willing to bet your dollar goes way further here than it does elsewhere.Their giant yellow truck fits more disassembled particleboard IKEA furniture than you can accumulate in a lifetime. More...


Rebecca T.

5 August 2015

Wonderful experience from start to finish!  Highly recommend Big Apple Moving!


Julie Q.

22 June 2015

Our move was a 1BR in an elevator building on the UWS to a 4th fl walk up in Cobble Hill. The guys did a great job overall, and our experience with this company was a positive one. Their quote wasn't the cheapest nor the most expensive, but it felt fair. The owner, Joe, did a thorough and honest assessment of the cost and recommended in staffing a 5-person team for the job. It costs more per hour, but prevents the guys from tiring out and would take less time. Glad we went that route. Had we not had trouble trying to move our big a$$ sectional sofa through our narrow doorway, the move would have come out to about 5 hours, as estimated. Only a few IKEA pieces were dinged on the corners. We signed a waiver that basically said they're not at fault for damage to particle board. I was immensely impressed with the hauling skills of every crew member. For walk up apartments, hiring Big Apple Moving is definitely worth it. Ultimately the job went over our estimate by $300, but that was attributed to our bulky sectional couch! More...


Alison S.

10 May 2015

Joe, the owner, was a pleasure to work with and made sure the large move was as quick and seamless as possible. Thanks, Joe!


Amara F.

4 March 2015

I highly recommend Big Apple Moving & Storage. They helped to make a very unpleasant experience a little less unpleasant. Their movers are strong, efficient, very nice and assuring. They did our large move in 6 hours and it ended up costing us less than our estimate. And it was snowing! More...


Brook L.

3 February 2015

I've used these guys three times for Brooklyn and Manhattan moves: 1st time was great, really friendly crew, fast move, no hassle with "extra charges"; 2nd time - not so great. Crew was a little sketchy and charged for things they shouldn't have. So I called up the office afterwards and got a  sincere apology from Donna as well as a refund for the incorrect charges. I was really impressed by her response, so for my most recent move I went with them again. 3rd crew was very helpful and FAST - which was greatly appreciated since a snow storm was on the way. While unpacking I found that a box of water glasses that I packed didn't make it in one piece. So I called the office again. Joe apologized and explained that even though they didn't pack the box and no extra insurance or deductible was in play, he would send me a small refund because he felt bad. And the credit was actually enough to cover the cost of a new set of Ikea glasses, so I was happy with that. So far Big Apple has always given me the best price quotes and the best customer service. I've dealt with one other moving company in the city besides them and I would only recommend these guys. More...


Rob W.

9 October 2014

I enlisted Big Apple recently to help me move some stuff from a storage facility to a new apartment.  While not a perfect experience, it was largely positive.  The truck was a bit late to arrive (and the staff at the office blithely unconcerned when I called to inquire as to their whereabouts), so the storage facility loading dock got filled up quickly, and they had to double-park outside - I was concerned that this would add unnecessary delays/complications to the move - but the moving team was incredibly quick and dedicated and got everything from storage to apartment in a bit less than the expected three hours.They are not going to win any aesthetic awards - the truck looked a bit old and rickety, the phone team, as mentioned, occasionally a bit abrasive.  The movers carried huge items/numbers of boxes up the stairs literally slung over their back with some kind of bungee cord contraption.  If you're watching too closely, they might make you nervous, but clearly they knew what they were doing.  The job got done quickly and efficiently (and at a great rate (+ a Yelp deal!)) - ultimately, what more can you ask from a move? More...


Margaret T.

22 September 2014

Wow, these guys were amazing. I used POD services to move my things from Las Vegas to NY, and hired Big Apple moving to unload the POD upon it's arrival. I cannot tell you how amazing the men were who showed up to unload it. They arrived immediately on time, they were polite, and wow... were they strong. I didn't really have any furniture for them to unload, only boxes, but these men carried upwards of 5 boxes strapped to their backs at a time, up 3 flights of stairs. I hired them for 3 hours and they were done in less than 1. The only thing that was crappy was that even though I hired them for 3 hours and they were done in 1 hour, I was still required to pay the 3 hour amount. I wished that I could have gotten some of that money back so that I could have used it to tip them. I wound up tipping them a lot of money anyways, because I was so impressed, but it would have been nice to not have to pay for 3 full hours when they were only here for 1. Excellent service, I would highly recommend them on the unloading side of moving. More...


Joe Enright

6 September 2014

Picked Big Apple after getting about 20 quotes for a move upstate because the estimate was actually based on some thought - cost came in about the middle of the pack but after talking to Joe Clements in his 3rd Avenue office I had some confidence they would actually show up. Guys Joe sent were great. John in particular, the wise old pro, was fantastic. I forget the names of the other workers but they busted butt too. It was a hot day, a complicated move, but they worked every minute. I practically had to knock them out to get them to stop and have some water. I'll be using Big Apple again for my next move although hopefully that won't happen for another decade or two. TIP: I chose to move on a day I knew I could wrangle parking in front of the building on both ends of the move. Saved a lot of time and hassle and no honking - neighbors appreciated it. More...


Monica R.

3 August 2014

These guys were seriously amazing and the movers were awesome! The price was right too. I have zero complaints. Joe and his son James took good care of us, and we also bought a gorgeous antique desk from them.I would highly recommend these guys to everyone. More...


Emily N.

20 May 2014

I decided to use Big Apple for my move from the Upper West Side to the Upper East Side after having a good experience with them a few years ago, and I am so happy I did!I ended up having more things to move than I initially thought, and Big Apple was flexible to meet my needs.  TJ and his team emptied my apartment quickly and efficiently and made my move to a fourth-floor walk-up as painless as it could have been.  They treated all of my belongings with care, even while navigating narrow hallways and tricky angles.After two great experiences, I would absolutely recommend Big Apple for a stress-free move! More...


Jordan L.

12 March 2014

Not only did Big Apple just do an AMAZING job moving me into my new apartment, but as coincidence would have it, they are my new neighbors here in Boerum Hill. They are by far the most accommodating moving company I have worked with and offer a great value and extremely professional service. The crew members were friendly, efficient, and very careful with my belongings. The scheduling process easy and flexible. The best part? Despite several trucks and many employees going in and out of their facility they have never once been a disturbance on the block and have never woken me up or made any noise. These guys are stealthy! I would totally recommend. More...


Kelly S.

17 February 2014

I have used Big Apple on 3 different moves within NYC over the past 13 years. I recommend them without hesitation -- their quotes are accurate, prices are reasonable, their crews are professional and polite, and the company is easy to deal with. On one of the moves, a picture frame was damaged -- but the claims process was quick and easy. I hope we aren't going to move again for a while....but if we do we'll use Big Apple again for sure. It's a great company. More...


A Brit In Brookly N.

7 February 2014

A few years later, I still rate these guys 5 stars - we used them again because of our great experience in 2011.  Don't be fooled by the oldest truck in the world when it pulls up!  Just like our last move, they are fast, super-polite, and magical at getting a massive sofa-bed down stairs and round a 180 without sawing the darn thing to bits.This time they packed our entire kitchen. NOT ONE ITEM broke. Not ONE. Thanks Joe and your team.  You made moving with 2 kids and 2 cats as easy as it possibly can be. More...


Laurie B.

18 November 2013

We used Big Apple Movers to move my 98-year-old blind father out of his long-time Queens apartment and into a place near Philadelphia. Joe not only accommodated us in terms of speeding things along, but when it came to visiting my father for an estimate. The price was very reasonable and Joe was extremely kind to my (very anxious) father. We scheduled the move for just 10 days later. The four men Joe sent from Big Apple movers also conducted themselves admirably: they were prompt, courteous, extremely careful, and patient. We couldn't have been more pleased. More...


Joe S.

16 October 2013

We couldn't have had a more positive experience with Big Apple and with Joe (the owner, I think).  Their estimate was more reasonable than most other companies we spoke with, so we were a bit nervous about the kind of service we'd receive.  But I have to say, we couldn't have been much happier with them.The crew that showed up was professional, friendly, and super fast.  They took great pains to make sure everything was well-protected, including individually wrapping anything that could possibly get scratched or broken.  And they moved everything very quickly and asked plenty of good questions along the way.Joe was very upfront and honest about what they would be able to do, and his estimate of the final time frame and cost was virtually spot-on.  He didn't over-promise anything, and he was able to deliver exactly the kind of service he said he would.It's a shame there are so many mixed reviews of this company, but we felt that they couldn't have done a better job, especially for the value.  Would definitely use them again. More...


Tripp Singer

26 May 2013

I initially selected Big Apple Moving because they had a great track record with the BBB and that gave me a level of confidence in their service. Joe Clements from Big Apple came to my home to provide an estimate, and from the questions he asked and the information he provided it was obvious that he really knew his stuff. Their preparation team came to my home the day before the move and did a great prep job with padding furniture, etc. to save time the next day, because the building I was moving from and the building I was moving to both required that the move be completed between 9am and 5pm.They returned on the move day and very efficiently took care of everything both loading and unloading, and even put all of my unbolted furniture back together again without any issues.I hope never to move again, but if I need to move I will definitely call Big Apple Moving! More...


Sam S.

31 March 2013

Got some boxes. They were polite and nice. How much am I supposed to say about polite and nice people who sold me boxes?


T S.

24 February 2013

I initially selected Big Apple Moving because they had a great track record with the BBB and that gave me a level of confidence in their service. Joe Clements from Big Apple came to my home to provide an estimate, and from the questions he asked and the information he provided it was obvious that he really knew his stuff. Their preparation team came to my home the day before the move and did a great prep job with padding furniture, etc. to save time the next day, because the building I was moving from and the building I was moving to both required that the move be completed between 9am and 5pm.They returned on the move day and very efficiently took care of everything both loading and unloading, and even put all of my unbolted furniture back together again without any issues.I hope never to move again, but if I need to move I will definitely call Big Apple Moving! More...


Rachel B.

18 February 2013

These guys were professional, respectful and efficient, and the price was reasonable. No damage to our furniture despite the move from a walk-up to a walk-up.


Kate O.

30 August 2012

I really can't express how great of an experience I had with the movers and staff at Big Apple Moving. I never thought I'd write that sentence about movers - ever! The office team was great at providing an estimate, helping me figure out how large of a truck I'd need, and pulling together the appropriate insurance forms for the old and new building. The pricing was reasonable (given how expensive NYC movers can be) and I loved that they accepted credit cards.The moving team was outrageously good. They arrived on time, explained all the paperwork and charges to me, dealt with some crazy parking/truck agility, were the proper blend of careful and quick, totally cheerful and pleasant, funny, kind, and had me giddy with how great the experience was the whole day.  I had been concerned about doing a job within NYC and having them take longer than the minimum 4 hours by going slowly -- instead, this group of 3 guys (with the wonderful Mo as the lead) finished the whole job in 3 hours without a dent/scratch/or break.Knowing how great they are makes me not dread moving the next time -- how many people can say that! More...


Sour D.

3 June 2012

I used Big Apple Moving twice when I lived in Manhattan. The guys were great, the office was very helpful and nice. They were careful with everything. Even pieces of furniture we didn't care too much about, they wrapped up in moving blankets. If we ever make it back to New York City, we will absolutely use Big Apple Moving for any significant move. More...


Wayne B.

8 April 2012

Our recent move at the end  of  March went without a flaw. They took the pain out of packing too.  As we  finish unpacking, it does not appear that anything was lost or broken.


Jason Y.

6 November 2011

In the past month I've had to move twice and both times ive used Big Apple.  I read every review and even signed up for angies list, even though they had some issues they were usually minor.  Their rate is a decent, i'd say its just about a tick above average for both moves I paid $108/hr and i had been quoted much higher rates from some other moving companies.  If your trying to save some money as with the previous reviewer said pack your own stuff, its by the hour and of course no one is going to pack your valuables like you are.  Both times before they showed up I had my 25-30 boxes packed, desk taped up and legs off, tv wrapped, and my bed in a bag.  I had 1 mover who was present for both moves and was a very nice dude.  All the movers were courteous and professionals they were in and out no lagging and stopping only to drink water.First move - 10/11/2011The first time was from a Elevator building to a 4th floor walkup, you know the ones that have steep steps and wind around.  They showed up to my old Apt 15 min ahead of schedule with three guys to do a quick evaluation.  They told me we'd be out of the apt in a hour to hour and a half, we were in the truck and ready to go in 1 hour.  They took three tries before finding a spot to park on mott st, after the first load up they gave me an estimate of a hour and a half.  They were done in about an hour mind you these are steep, winding marble steps.  They were great and they came in under the time estimated so I tipped each one $60Second Move - 11/02/2011The second move was from 4th floor walkup to a elevator building.  The apt i moved into was just too small for my dog and I and also she's 12 so she was having a hard time up the marble steps.  So this move was a fun one, they were scheduled to be at my Apt at 1PM at 1:30 i called big apple and was informed by donna that the 1PM quoted was an estimate and that there are no solid appt times except for the morning moves and that the movers must be stuck at a previous job.  2PM rolls around, 3PM and by 4PM im kinda pissed, I hadn't eaten anything since lunch the day before, i'd been up since 7AM to finish packing and since they could show up at anytime i didn't want to be a dick and be eating while they were moving.  They show up at 4:30 and immediately the guy that had been there for my last move said that they would only charge me for 3 hours and I'd get a 8% discount.  They were out of the walkup apt in a hour and 10 min and got me into my new apt in about 40 min which was kind of impressive.  They offloaded all my stuff around the corner and had a train of dolleys.  Overall-I gave them 4 stars because in the end it was about their moving abilities and they were quick.  They were late the second move but the move took almost 4 hours and i was only charged for 3 so a 25% + the 8% cash discount made up for everything else.  I hope I don't have to see them for a few years but if I have to move again or recommend movers to a friend Id recommend them in a heartbeat. More...


Marcos E.

11 September 2011

Jose and Jamal were true saviors. I moved into a 6th floor walk-up and they were very helpful in getting everything upstairs, very quickly and without breaking or scratching anything. I'll definitely be giving them a call when I move out... More...


M.J. A.

8 August 2011

I moved with Big Apple Moving & Storage three times while living in Brooklyn. Each time, they were hundreds of dollars cheaper than competitors, and delivered top-notch service.  The move was quick, the estimate they gave me was very close to the final bill, and nothing was damaged during the move.  Additionally, the guys have always been ridiculously friendly. In addition to the three "in-town" moves, I even used them to pack up a rental truck before I drove it from Brooklyn to Los Angeles.  They packed it wonderfully, and nothing was damaged over the 3,000-mile drive.  I highly recommend using these guys.  Make sure to pack up your items in well-sealed boxes and ask them to wrap all your furniture in blankets.  If you do both of these things, you will NOT be disappointed. More...


Jose R.

22 April 2010

Our moving experience was..(if it's possible when talking about a move..)delightful. I was very happy with my choice to use Big Apple. It was ahard job (I was moving into a fifth floor walk-up,) but all the movers did their job with enthusiasm and gusto. I was very impressed with their professionalism and energy. The movers showed up on time, if not early and they were all very knowledgeable and friendly. They made what could have been a very stressful occasion much easier than I imagined. I will definitely use Big Apple Moving again. I will also recommend their services to my friends and family knowing that they will get a great job just like I did. Thanks Big Apple! More...


Barry Nelson

27 May 2008

They showed up on time, they were incredibly fast and dealt with a difficult parking situation at the destination, they were friendly and humorous, and the final price came in a hair UNDER estimate. And everything arrived in perfect condition. Moving completely sucks but these guys almost made it pleasant. I'm never using another service again. More...


Aki A.

2 May 2007

I just moved and used them to move me. They know what they're doing and they're quick about it. Services range from packing for you and moving you and unpacking to simply moving. It's much cheaper to pack yourself. You pay by the hour and of course will have to pay for all the materials they use. I don't know how costly it would've been if they packed me, since I did 90% of the packing myself.The guys and the supervisor were really nice and while moving we all chatted about the local teams. Them being all NY'ers all had one team to side with and the other team to bust on. Was fun!They brought in extra wardrobe boxes to throw the few loose bags and coats i had and didn't charge me for it, which was nice. They showed up at 8:30am and left my new apt at 12:30, completely unloaded (except one thing, more below). So, this move was very fast and required little manual lifting on my part, which I liked since i didn't have my usual cadre of friends helping me move like I have had before.The one thing they forgot was a flat-screen LCD computer monitor. I called them about 30 minutes after they left, when I noticed that it was missing. Didn't get a call back for a few hours, so I called them again and they said that they were looking into it. I called them again the next morning, still nothing. Last call at Noon and they said that they got in touch with the driver and that they had the monitor with them and can drop if off. I told them that I'd come pick it up at their office (since it's relatively close to my new apt) the following morning. It was there, still wrapped in bubble wrap when I got there and picked it up. The driver apologized for screwing up and thinking that everything was unpacked. I wasn't very concerned about getting the monitor back. I just felt that I would get it. And I did :)The price was pretty fair (144/hr for 4 people) and they are quick. I was quoted much higher rates (and some lower), but the time-slots for the lower rate was filled up. For local-area moves I'd recommend a hourly charge over a flat rate, and flat-rate for large/out-of-town moves.I'd use them again. More...

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