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Back Pain Relief Center

13305NW Cornell Road Suite E Portland, OR 97229


Back Pain Relief Center

13305NW Cornell Road Suite E Portland, OR 97229



Short-Term Chiropractic Care for your neck and back.

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Archie R.

23 May 2018

Joni is the best! She's helping me with my bad posture, back, shoulders and carpel tunnel. The desk job does takes its toll.I came in with a lot of pain and after just one session my pain was reduced by a good 50%.Further sessions are helping and improving my condition. It's easy to schedule, clean facilities and wonderful staff. More...


Rahul S.

20 May 2018

Excellent, prompt and helpful!I started going to Cedar Mill Back Relief for a workplace related injury that was recurring back. Joni worked with me to find problems with my posture, and certain twitches that were seemingly causing me more hurt! I was especially impressed with Joni's ability to find specific muscle groups that were affected by my different activities. Awesome work! More...


Pongo B.

5 April 2018

Dr Besser and his staff are wonderful. I see him for mid back and neck adjustments, and have had great success. I'd highly recommend him to anyone looking for a quality chiropractor.


Elena A.

19 February 2018

Really friendly staff. They offer great hours to come in whether is in the morning or late afternoon. Selina is great at what she does. Felt so much better after my massage sessions. Would definitely recommend anyone to this place. More...


Sarah P.

10 May 2017

Love this place!  I get my massage from Dani.  She knows EXACTLY where I need relief.  She makes you feel so comfortable too.  Both her and Dr Besser are amazing.  They both have given me exercises to do at home that help my back issues tremendously.  Love the atmosphere. Susan at the front desk is so accommodating sweet too.  I'd give 6 stars if possible! More...


Heidi G.

13 April 2017

I am so thankful I found this team. My back went out Friday morning and I wasn't able to stand or walk. Dr Besser helped me out and I have been going regularly. I am on a slow road of healing but every day I am feeling better and walking better. Also very happy with the massage therapy! More...


Anna D.

28 November 2016

I woke up one morning completely unable to move my head. I checked for a chiropractor near my house and stumbled upon Dr. Bresser's practice and was extremely pleased to find that I was able to book an appointment for that same day online, even though they didn't open for several hours yet. Stephen was great!! It took two visits to get me moving again. I won't hesitate to return if I find myself in need again. While I certainly don't look forward to being in pain, I know I will be in good hands when I return. More...


Stacy L.

13 September 2016

I was having horrible shoulder pain and couldn't get into my regular medical Dr. for days.  Someone suggested a Chiropractor and I found Back Pain Relief Center in a quick search online.  It was the closest to my work, and I am very glad I found them.  I saw Danielle for a massage first then was adjusted by Dr. Besser.  I felt significant relief after my first visit.  I then saw Danielle 2 additional times and she completely resolved my shoulder pain issue.  I followed her at home care advice and that combined with her skill is what alleviated my shoulder pain.  Added bonus is they worked with my health insurance company so I only had to pay my co-pays.  I will easily refer my friends and family to Back Pain Relief and I will go back without hesitation should I need them again. More...


Ren G.

14 June 2016

This place is amazing. The staff genuinely care about each and every patient. The massage staff is skilled and attentive to areas that need working on. While Dr. Besser is a licensed chiropractor, and is incredibly knowledgeable about chiropractic medicine, he is also a wealth of knowledge about various diets and other healthy lifestyle practices. Highly recommend checking out Back Pain Relief Center. More...


Rachel B.

17 May 2015

The staff at Healthsource are warm, engaging and helpful. I have been able to relieve vestibular migraines, chronic heartburn and general soreness by seeing Dr. Besser on a regular basis. I will recommend his services to anyone seeking a no-nonsense, "let's fix it" approach to aches and pains. Great service!! More...


Krysta S.

15 January 2015

I've gone to multiple chiropractors throughout my life for various issues. I came to healthsource on a friend's recommendation for my lower back. As a healthcare professional in a clinic setting I really take cleanliness and professionalism to heart in a clinic and the moment I walked in I could tell this office was up to par. Jordyn at the front desk is so welcoming and the waiting area is very clean, spacious and inviting. Dr. Besser did and initial assessment on me which I really appreciated, knowing that every medical professional has to establish a baseline before any kind of treatment can happen. Since I've started seeing him my back pain has dramatically improved. I am a regular Crossfitter so having a chiropractor who understands crossfit and participates in it too has really helped prepare me and aid in recovery from my workouts. I've also utilized the PT and massage therapy services which are both available in the same office. This was  huge plus to me...very convenient. The financial consult was very helpful in laying out the cost and payment of my treatments. Going over this in person was a welcomed change from getting a bill in the mail, not knowing what to expect.The overall attitude and environment of back pain relief center is positive, upbeat and professional. I have even recommended them to my family... if you can trust someone to care for your parents...that's a good thing. More...


Shauna P.

28 July 2014

The whole team is great!  I threw out my back running, irritating the damage done by splitting a disk in a car accident when I was 17.  I was in constant pain, which has been diminished greatly over time with visits to Dr. Besser.  I highly recommend giving his team a chance, you won't regret it! More...


Jenny P.

13 September 2013

I have had experience in both working with a chiropractor and being a patient. And my experience with Dr. Besser and his staff was wonderful. My 19 year old daughter was the patient this time and she too had a great experience, both with treatment and with the staff. Dr. Besser is very personable, friendly and makes you feel like you're a close personal friend he is taking care of. Thank you for the great experience. More...


Eric S.

12 September 2013

I can not say enough good things about Dr. Besser or his staff. After years of chronic back pain I decided to seek help and I'm so glad I did. In just 4 months the improvement to my back pain is unbelievable! Dr. Besser does great work and (this is super important to me) is very honest. I started with 3X a week and then as I improved it was 2X to 1X to now every 1X every 2 weeks. I also have to note how friendly they are and what a pleasure it is to be welcomed with a smile. Seriously - give them a chance. Your body will thank you for it. More...