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Many people seek counselling to work through feelings and experiences they may be struggling with and find their strengths and solutions for moving forward. Counselling is an effective way of bringing about lasting change.

My name is Vicky Mould, I manage Azalea Counselling, and I am a person-centred therapist for individuals, couples and families, including people experiencing:



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One of the most wonderful experiences for me is witnessing my clients recognise and value their own potential and really grow as individuals. I feel humbled to be part of that journey.

I always wanted to run a private counselling practice and I value the freedom to be creative and work the hours that suit my personal circumstances.

I have been described as a warm and genuine person, deeply accepting of others, a really good listener and witty, and l think these qualities enable me to build solid relationships with many people.


As a person-centred counsellor, I believe that you have the potential within you to heal past or present hurts and be or become the person you really are, and I aim to nurture that potential through the counselling relationship. I am interested in getting to know you, and I see myself as a warm and genuine person - someone you can turn to, confide in, and ultimately be yourself with. I aim to really hear and understand you, so I will listen at a deep level, without providing solutions or advice. If you find it difficult to put your thoughts and feelings into words, feel distanced from your feelings, or prefer to express yourself in a different way, I can introduce art mediums to assist with this. Being valued and accepted just as you are is a unique experience, and I will not judge or criticise you, nor define you by any diagnosis that you may have. Whilst I am a counsellor, I do not see myself as the 'expert' or 'authority' of your life. We are all different, and I trust that you know what is best for you. Working together, I seek to enable you to make choices and changes that you want to make and continue to strive towards a healthier and more fulfilling life.

The person-centred approach underpins my couples and family work (this approach is a relationship therapy) and I hold a Certificate in Couple and Family Counselling. As a couples and family therapist, I can: - offer a place to devote time to your relationship or relationships - listen attentively to both or all perspectives without taking sides or making judgements - facilitate the communication between you - enable you to become aware of any patterns that may be preventing you from moving forward - enable you to engage in more open dialogue - enable you to adjust and come to terms with life changes and loss. In order to support you in the best way possible, I may suggest activities in the counselling room (such as role play) and between sessions, yet it’s up to you whether you engage in these. Couples counselling is a talking therapy for two people in any kind of relationship (it’s not just for partners or married couples) and it can enable you to improve the way you are together and how you communicate with each other. Family therapy usually consists of 3 or 4 people in close relationships and it can help you work through difficulties that are affecting the whole family, by increasing your understanding of one another and your support for each other.

Individual appointments are charged at £42.50 for 60 minutes. Couples appointments are charged at £60 for 90 minutes. Family appointments are charged at £68 for 90 minutes and may include 3 or 4 people in close relationships. Please note that fees are paid on the day of your appointment - either in cash, by cheque, or bank transfer. If finances are a concern for you, please speak to me about this because I usually have 1 or 2 spaces for concessions. If you would like to arrange an initial appointment – either in person or online, or enquire how counselling may help you, please get in touch by telephone or email.