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ATM Taxis was founded by Graham as a means to provide people with affordable, reliable and a fast Taxi service to any destination for his customers. Since it's growth Graham and ATM Taxis has provided a safe Taxi service to over 500 customers and counting!



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We provide Airport Transfer to every airport including Exeter Airport, Plymouth Airport, Bristol Airport, Heathrow Airport, Gatwick Airport, Manchester Airport and many more!

In the party mood? We work all days on the week including Friday, Saturday and Sunday! So if you need that comfort of having a lift home on an enjoyable night out we will help.

Have a set number of pickups needed? We will fulfill any contract hires.

We will provide you a complete bus transfer if you need to get from one stop to the next.

If you or your child needs picking up or dropping off at school or college we will make sure you are on time and in safe hands with all our drivers DBS checked.

Go away and need to get to a Train Station? We will drop you to the front door even with all your bags of luggage!

Not going very far? We will transport you even if it's only 2 minutes down the road to the shops.