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I have been a entrepreneur for more than 15 years working across multiple industries and disciplines including strategy, hotels, marketing, international business and IT / BPO outsourcing.

My recent experience has been more dedicated towards working with entrepreneurs - I can relate to how the tribe wants to stay on top of things all the time.



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Absolutely love to see satisfaction that entrepreneurs get while working together and solving their worries step by step. I love that celebratory feeling in your success!

The first time I ever did a job more than 15 years ago was for myself! I loved the freedom of being an entrepreneur - the challenges, the successes and the failures. I have started or been involved with multiple businesses ever since.

Because I am one of them. I think like an entrepreneur first, get into the customer's shoes and then start working with them to deliver solutions.


I differ from a business coach or a mentor but also work in a similar way. I always remember the fact that as an entrepreneur you are the driver with the vision and my job is simply to walk along while offering inputs, resources and support at all the times.

I can help you outsource and successfully implement some of the key tasks that you might not find yourself best suited to. If it is Accounting, Marketing (including Digital & Social), websites and apps or IT related needs such as software development, complex IT and cloud, I am happy to advise and find you guaranteed cost savings and better results. I don't simply introduce but rather continue to manage the implementation at all the times.

I enjoy working with entrepreneurs in helping them develop that perfect business plan or a proposal. My focus is not on writing it myself but instead offering you insights, suggestions and mostly us working together on it. Business plans is one area where I strongly believe the entrepreneur must save time by taking the right help but never by having someone else do it.