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Guilsborough, Northamptonshire, Northamptonshire

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Anna Enfys Healing & Coaching

Guilsborough, Northamptonshire, Northamptonshire


Anna Enfys is a company which offers healing and spiritual services and also some education. Healing services include Rainbow Thread Energy Healing, which is akin to reiki but calls upon specific archangels and also works with colour, crystals and essential oils.



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Rainbow Thread Energy Healing is similar to Reiki in that it is energy healing administered by the therapist’s hands, which are used as a channel, in this case for the energy of 7 specific Archangels. This is a safe, gentle and effective treatment and can be given as a standalone treatment or by combining essential oils, crystals and colours. This works quite synergistically as the Archangels have oils, colours and crystals which resonate/link with them, so the Archangels energies and the energies of the oils, colours and crystals all work together, creating a powerful treatment. The crystals can be used in tinctures, sprays, on the skin or carried as can the essential oils. Colour is introduced by way of crystals, oils and also light, silks, art, food etc. I do hold Diplomas in colour, crystal and colour aromatherapy, accredited by IPHM and IICT. These services can be requested on their own if a client wishes.Each person has their own angels that are with them and they also assist with the healing. Seven Archangels are invoked for this healing. These are the Archangels Uriel, Chamuel, Jophiel, Raphael, Michael, Zadkiel and Gabriel. It is powerful but very gentle too and extremely special. This form of healing is also perfect for distant healing as the healing can be sent via ch’i ball and this therefore enables me to treat anyone, anywhere, at anytime. Energy knows no time or distance and the Archangels know exactly what you need at any given time! Then you can truly choose your time and place to have your healing come to you. All healing is given with love and comes from love. This treatment can assist in triggering self-healing and also healing on all levels be it mental, physical, emotional or spiritual and it also takes you to a place of complete relaxation. It is not uncommon for clients to experience sensations, visions, colours etc whilst in the wings of the Archangels.

Offerings for you from the Goddess or Ascended Master Isis. Isis of 10,000 names including Goddess of Motherhood and Fertility is also a powerful Healer. She has knowledge of all the ancient universal secrets. The Winged Mother is ready to wrap around you her rainbow wings of healing, harmony and comfort. Isis lovingly shifts your energy in order to bring about release of what doesn’t serve and also to restore balance on all levels ~ mental, physical, spiritual and emotional. The energy of Isis is strong and powerful and she may be quite direct in her approach but always loving, always protective for she is your winged mother and embodies too, the Divine Feminine. She is here to assist in guiding and healing all who may seek her out. Look no further. Sacred Isis Healing Treatment ~ which may involves crystals, essential oils and coloured silks besides of course, the energy of Isis. You may also receive specific guidance at this time. The Session lasts approximately 1 hour. Timings for sessions are approximate as times may vary between clients due to what they need at that particular time and if any essential oils are to be used on the skin, then time for skin testing needs to be allowed.

Further offerings from the Goddess or Ascended Master Isis. Combining the healing of Isis and of Crystals, this option is purely for beauty of the face. Isis is and still appears as a great beauty and certainly knows a thing or two. I see here mainly dressed in emerald green and as a slender female of great beauty. She knows about beauty and guides me during these treatments both with her energy but also with her knowledge of crystals and essential oils. Many of us suffer from skin problems from time to time or some of us are struggling with a long term conditions. These treatments may assist in clearing away problems and improving the skin, and without toxic skin medications. Well worth trying out! There are several options to choose from but, if you’ve a specific problem which isn’t listed please contact me and talk to me and I’ll put a treatment together just for you, to restore a bit of balance to the skin. Single treatments are available but if you have a persistent problem a course or package of facials will be of benefit and of course, perfect as a gift or a regular treat for you. Each of these lasts approx 50 minutes although this may vary according to your individual needs. Treatment includes a cleanse, tone and moisturise with my own blend of essential oils in good quality, organic bases which are free from SLS and parabens. Crystals and oils used may vary. The illustrations are examples. Yours will be chosen intuitively and by using my knowledge of colours, crystals and colour aromatherapy. I am a qualified Colour Aromatherapist and Crystal Therapist and I combine my own knowledge with that guidance which comes from the Goddess Isis.

hrough a listening ear, a heart of love and compassion, my gifts and with empathy, I can bring through and assist you with what affects you at a deeper level. This may be something of current life or indeed, a past life that needs healing in order to move you forward . Perhaps you have a wish or deep desire to develop your own gifts or just to be able to understand, ‘to get’ what the deeper meaning of life is about. Do you want to see the bigger picture? Are you wanting to connect or reconnect at a deeper level spiritually, with both yourself and with others? Are you struggling with relationships or certain situations? Are there recurring events in your life? Feeling stuck? Talk them through, bring the heart of the matter to the fore with my assistance. Find the cause, find the way and allow me to work with you to heal what is affecting you. Let me guide you as you go, whilst you stay at all times, in the driving seat. Spiritual Life Coaching is aimed at empowering YOU, of assisting YOUR growth, of being able to use YOUR gifts enabling YOU towards a richer and more meaningful life. Besides talking, deep listening and feeling, I have many ‘tools’ to work with, be it through readings to bring through the heart of the matter, a past life, whatever is affecting you. Crystals, colours, affirmations and yes, energy healing are all things that can assist you on your journey and I also use my psychic gifts to assist you, be it through treatment or in use in different ways, such as meditation or connecting with the Angels. What you and I work with depends on you as an individual, there is no set pattern. Your sessions are as individual as you are! Is it easy? Not always. Sometimes there is hard work for you to do in order to move on. Often termed as ‘shadow work‘ and it involves confronting your deepest fears, guilt or shame. All that you seek to lock away in the shadows. It can be done and a sacred place will always be held for you in which to work. You will be supported with love, strength and guidance as you go, both from myself and from the Angels and Masters of the Light. Having gone through much shadow work personally, I am able to understand deeply the difficulties etc, that may be faced. I do hold a Diploma (with a distinction) in Spiritual Life Coaching besides much life (lives) experience to boot. When you are ready, you’ll be able, feel ready and equipped to spread your wings and fly, upwards and onwards with love and peace in your heart. The AIM ~ To empower and heal those affected by situations, events and experiences in their lives, to be empowered by and with their own inner strength and their own spiritual being and that of the spiritual world. My MISSION ~ To reach out and be reachable by those in need of spiritual coaching and guidance, whatever the reason. I do not shock and do not judge in anyway, so don’t feel you’d be embarrassed or unable to speak out. You can ~ my ears and open heart await you! If you have any questions, just ask!

Oh to connect with a loved one in spirit! This can be done via a reading in person, however, many prefer a distant reading as with this option there are no feelings of pressure or anxiety or indeed, the need to travel or of feeling embarrassed if the tears fall, which they often do! Remember though, that tears are healing. Energy knows no time or distance, and our loved ones in spirit are pure energy, they are not gone, merely transformed. For these readings I ask for a recent photograph, head and shoulders is fine, a selfie is perfect. The photograph is used by me to bring your energy in, to make a connection Some people actually sense this happening. From there, the reading begins. I will see and sense things about you, and who is with you. You can name the loved one you would like to connect with, or, you can just see who comes through for you. There are no guarantees that the one named will come in, but generally someone in spirit will. Sometimes it may even be more than one! Please note if you are recently bereaved it may be advisable to let a little time pass before obtaining a reading ~ this is for you to allow a little settling and some grieving time. Where you are in your grieving process is worth bearing in mind. Having said that, once the time is right, a reading can assist you with letting go of any unfinished business, relationship issues, of healing and allowing movement forward in life. The beauty with this mediumship is that the Archangels will also administer healing to you during the reading to further help you at this time. I will report back to you all aspects of the reading by sending you a downloadable document (PDF) via email, which is handy for you to keep for future reference. Some things that come through in a reading refer to the past, some to the present and some the future. A reading may make much sense or at the time bits will appear strange, but in time, all comes to light. Details become verified. On occasions, more than one spirit will connect with a message, there is no extra charge for this when this occurs. Likewise, you may also have mediumship cards pulled for you, if guided to. There may also be a possibility, if I am guided, to give you a channelled picture of one who is present. These readings as I’ve already stated can be very healing and may assist with moving forward from a state of grief, of being able to say things that were left unsaid, of releasing that which is held onto. Healing is sent to the sitter during the reading should it be needed, wherever or on whatever level it is required. The Angels knows what each person requires. I repeat this section as it is so relevant to healing and moving forward in the grieving process.

Learning is done distantly and the student can work through the course material at their own pace, although 3 – 6 months should be ample. Progress and understanding of course material is done by an examination. All questions are based on the course material. Following examination, the student receives two attunements, which may be sent distantly or can be done in person. There is no need for purchase additional material unless one wishes to use crystals, oils etc in their practice although you may want to do additional research of your own. After attunements, the student is asked to practice and then submit two case studies of a minumum 1500 words each. Upon satisfactory completion, the student receives certification and is a Rainbow Thread Energy Healer. The course is split into modules and gives teaching on specific Archangels, and also essential oils, crystals, colours and sounds associated with them and which can be used to enhance the treatment. You’ll be taught how to use, invoke the energy and also covered is protection of energy and also connecting with your Angels. The new content covers sound healing and more briefly, working with animals alongside this healing. It is not necessary to have studied other modalities in order to do this course, although it may lead you to take other courses! Courses of this nature are distinctly addictive and I should know. All support will be given as necessary. The course is facilitated entirely by me and I practice this modality in my daily work. Courses are sent via email in downloadable documents (PDF).

This is a beautiful course which was written by me, Elaine at Anna Enfys on the subject of Rainbow Mediumship, with angelic guidance, and it is Angelic mediumship. This is a unique course which does not pull from other sources, it was written entirely by me, and as such, is one of a kind! The course consists of 17 lessons in all. At the end of the course there is a short Q & A examination and the student is asked to complete and submit two case studies, after which the student gains their certification. The course covers information on the Archangels that one works with in Rainbow Mediumship, how to connect, preparation for a sitting, conducting a sitting, protection, the grieving process and much more, including legal aspects. There are also 8 guided meditations recorded by me with the Archangels, to assist with connecting to the Archangels and to facilitate self-healing. You may also connect with me for one to ones, support and guidance via Skype or Messenger or WhatsApp. Rainbow Mediumship can help your clients with healing their grief, of laying things to rest and of forgiveness and acceptance and thus allowing a moving forward with life. I do facilitate the course entirely by myself and full support is given wherever needed and however needed. This course is suitable for anyone interested in mediumship. You do need to be aged over 18 years. Course material is sent via email in downloadable documents (PDF). Rainbow Mediumship is very gentle and beautiful but, if there is history of any mental illness it may be wise to ask about healing or follow the advice of your practitioner. There are no heebie jeebies to be worried about but in connecting with higher energy i.e. the angelic realms, this may bring up much that needs to be healed within oneself and although I may assist generally, I’m not a mental health practitioner or medically qualified.

Spirit drawings are channelled. I work with a Guide in order to bring these drawings to you. Drawings may be of an angel who is with you, a guide or a loved one who has passed, according to what comes through in the channelling. Pictures may be done in acrylic, watercolour, charcoal, chalk, pencil or pastels ~ according to what I’m guided to use. The pictures hold much energy and if you look into the eyes of your drawing, you will likely sense the energy of the being it portrays. Size of drawings may vary. Remember that these drawings are channelled ~ I don’t dictate what comes through for you, as I am quite literally in the hands of my Guide. If possible a photo of the recipient is useful for aiding energetic connection but is not essential.