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I am a female painter & decorator and have a passion for bringing colour to homes and families with a personal and friendly touch .
Interior painting
Filling & sanding​
Hand painted furniture and pattern designing of choice


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V J Storey

25 October 2017

So I had booked ana in August and had to wait until the end of October for the appointment. I was super excited as I thought she would be great and looked talented. I kept in contact to ensure she was still on time and she kept saying she was. I had numerous other workmen booked for the day after the completed painting such as mirrors and blinds etc. She text me the last working day before she was due to arrive saying she now wasn't coming on the booked dates but would come on different days. I had a weeks holiday booked off work and she gave me no explanation. She also asked for half the money upfront. This concerned me as it implied either money issues or she had booked another job when she had already agreed to do mine. Either way I decided not to use her after that. She text me a horrible message to say Good luck finding Someone. So beware. I have a nice guy now doing my painting at very short notice. He turns up when he says he will :o) More...