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Alpha Cars

Crawley, West Sussex


Alpha Cars

Crawley, West Sussex


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Alan Coleman

8 August 2018

It’s interesting reading all the negativity about Alpha cars especially concerning this alleged incident. Whilst I’m not saying it did not happen no one else was there and even if it did it’s down to a driver not the whole company OR is this a rival company trying to gain business Anyway, I’ve continued to use Alpha as I’ve always received good service from them with this morning being one of them.



22 July 2018

Been using alpha for over 10 years—- great company- always on time and cheapest in crawley



18 July 2018

Always very prompt, let you know via text which cars coming for safety


Sue Court

17 March 2018

I was quite shocked when I read some of the negative reviews. Have used Alpha several times and never had a problem. Always prompt and charged the quoted fare and the app is fab!



27 February 2018

excellent service well recomended



11 December 2017

Used Alpha Cars App, very easy and quick,Used Alpha Cars App, very easy and quick, able to track vehicle.



11 December 2017

Used Alpha Cars on return from my holidays, Prompt Service Gatwick Airport


Shannon Francesca

31 May 2017

Thankyou Alpha Cars for saving the day! We were in Crawley for the day to attend a wedding and after my huband leading us in the WRONG direction for 25 minutes I was a little flustered. The male operator I spoke to was polite and efficient, and assured me the taxi would be with us within 5 minutes. Our driver was friendly, the car clean and his driving exemplary. We arrived at the service in time thanks to you, we will definitely use you again the next time we're that way! More...



10 April 2017

arrives always just within few minutes


Natali Hurley

28 March 2017

Fast, reliable, friendly service. Horsham needs a taxi company like this!



24 October 2016

Always (almost) been prompt, courteous and excellent price - no other company in the area competes on all counts. Been using them for six months with at least one journey a week - only one awful driver but firm took my complaint seriously and no repeats. Sad that only unhappy customers have reviewed as I am sure there must be hundreds of happy ones who have not thought about it and most likely some trolls (including the competition). Really only four stars but need to balance the trolls with five. More...



28 August 2016

I see that reviews for alpha have not all been positive, but all I can say is we used them from NCP carpark in Crawley to Gatwick airport, and for the return journey 10 days later. I pre booked them for the trip to the airport at 4am and they were there exactly when they said they would be. The dispatch office said it would be easy to call them when we landed back, so on our return, I phoned from the passport security queue and the taxi for 5 of us was waiting for us 10 minutes later. Drivers friendly. Cabs clean. A good service in our experience! More...



3 January 2016

Although it was only a short journey, it was a comfortable and enjoyable one. My boyfriend and I had a disaster and a meet and greet company at gatwick airport had taken our car and not returned it as they were uninsured. We used alpha taxis to take us to the location where we met police. We struggled to find the location so said to just drop us off. It was a dark industrial estate and although it was dodgey, we had no money to get back to the airport and decided to go looking for the police. However, our wonderful driver stated it was dangerous and that he was reluctant to drop us off there. He didn't rush us out of the car but patiently waited until we spoke to the police to find out more info. He then followed the police car and dropped us off with them to make sure we were safe. I didn't get his name but he was thoughtful and sympathetic and it's hard to find that from taxi drivers these days. More...


Asif Khan

2 January 2016

great taxi service at gatwick airport call on 01293400600



16 June 2014

We received great service from Alpha Cars on a recent airport transfer. The office was very obliging with our last minute and late night booking, the driver was very friendly and courteous, and the price reasonable (much better option than some rip-off airport taxi services).Our experience couldn't have even more different from some other bad reviews. We will no doubt use Alpha again for Gatwick transfers. More...