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Adventures with Angie offers ;
Group walks £9, an hour long adventure with upto 6 dogs at a time, loads of fun for your pooch.
Solo walks £12, an hour long adventure for those who prefer quieter walks.
15 minute pop in £7, quick pop in visit for your older dog/puppy/cats.


Reviews (12)

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Kieran McVeigh

28 August 2019

Angie is a very professional and very enthusiastic dog walker/sitter. Each time I've left my puppy in the hands of Angie I've been over the moon with the work she has done, I couldn't recommend someone more! If anyone has any dog caring needs then definitely drop Angie a message! More...


Jennifer Peace

25 August 2019

As a fellow professional dog walker, it's always a worry when I go off on holiday and need to organise cover for my clients. I recently got in touch with Angie to help with one of my long term clients and I cannot recommend her enough. Not only was I put at ease through our meet and greet but with updates whilst I was off too. My client was also very happy with the service provided, so we couldn't be happier. Wouldn't hesitate in contacting Angie again, she is fab!! Thanks a bunch from Camp Canine and Meggy Moo ❤️ More...


Eve Lambourne

28 July 2019

Angie is absolutely brilliant with all my animals! Angie has shown incredible patience in gaining the trust of my Bulgarian rescue to the point where Echo doesn't even give me a second glance when she sees Angie. Angie is able to accommodate taking my dogs out or popping in on my cats whenever I've needed it and it's clear she is a woman that truly loves her job! Trust her wholeheartedly with my animals and couldn't recommend anyone better! More...


Donna Christie

23 July 2019

was dreading my boys going out with anybody else as they can be a bit 'tempremental' however Angie has made all my worries go away. my boys love her and the are more happier. highly recommended More...


Grace Lagan

16 July 2019

Angie is definitely a dog/animal lover, very professional in what she does I also feel very relaxed when she takes sandy, as I know he's in good hands


Ellie Dunn

28 June 2019

Angie is fantastic, I have two very different dogs with different needs and Angie can't do enough for them and they adore her. as one of those overprotective dog mums I thought I'd never feel relaxed with anyone else caring for my dogs but Angie is a lifesaver and I feel so comfortable knowing my dogs are in safe and experienced hands. fantastic with big hard work breeds and little elderly pups with medical problems. she is a star couldn't reccomend her more More...


Lewis Winter Black

21 June 2019

Angie is very skilled and kind towards the dogs she walks and will always put them first, plenty photos to show that your pets are enjoying their walks and great for socialising them shes great at what she does


Les Mclean

17 June 2019

I would highly recommend Angela, she has a natural connection with the dogs she is in touch with. They seem to have a mutual trust, with Angela being in control at all times


Charleigh Thompson

8 May 2019

Angie is nothing but professional and loves the work she does! My own two completely dote upon her! Maybe something to do with all the love and treats she showers them with ❤️❤️


Pauline Waddell

7 May 2019

Angiee walks my wee. Mad mental crocker spaniel who adores her! Ishe is great with animals and so reliable and trustworthy, thanks Angiee


Pauline Bryceland

7 May 2019

Angie walks my furry baby Luna and looks after her when I’m at work , Angie is very professional and has a lovely way with animals and I know my dog is always very well looked after , can not recommend enough.


Robyn Wilson

7 May 2019

Angie walks my big strong furbaby and has done since she was a puppy. Angie has the skill of bonding with any and every animal! Angie also pops in when I'm at work to let my girl out for me! AND she also feeds/waters and has play time with my bunnies. She is so gentle with them and knows how to handle them perfectly. Angie is very reliable and trustworthy. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my animals other than Angie!!!! Thank you from the Wilson fur family ♥️♥️xxxx More...


I love the interaction with each animals, getting to know each one and all their little quirks and personalities. It makes even the rainy days that much better when you're around animals that have grown to trust you and get excited to see you! Best job in the world.

Working with animals has been something I've always wanted to do ever since I was little, I just never knew how to go about it or what opportunities where there for me. My background is retail and homecare where I climbed the ladder in my career. An opportunity came up with an established dog walking company in West Lothian and I jumped at the chance even though it was out the way I was grateful to be given the opportunity. I gained alot of experience taking groups of 6 dogs out at a time and dealing with reactive/fearful dogs also. I also got experience doing cat visits and other small pets. Now I've decided take the step and set up on my own back in my hometown of Falkirk.

Clients should chose me as I am trustworthy, reliable, my job is my passion and I look after each and every pet in my care as if they were my own. I have a wide knowledge of walks and try to mix it up and take the dogs different places each time to further their enrichment with lots of new smells to explore.