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A-Team Fitness Personal Training

Loughton, Essex


A-Team Fitness Personal Training

Loughton, Essex


At A-Team Fitness, we believe in providing first class training and facilities for all our clients, whatever your goals or level of fitness. We aim to be the best and continually develop our trainers, facilities and services. Founded by degree educated Human Factors graduate with over ten years experience in sports coaching and fitness coaching, our belief is to help clients facilitate their improvement by education as well as instruction.



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I would say diet is 80% of a succesful fitness program. We are qualified to provide meal plans and nutrition guidelines alongside your training program.

Practical guidance and education, instructing, coaching, mentoring, continual support. I aim to build enjoyable and interactive programs around your lifestyle that can include yourself, your family and your friends.

Eating well, discipline and most of all enjoy the process. Without enjoyment there's little incentive to be disciplined, so we believe this comes first.

Helping people achieve their goals. In personal training, the majority of clients have very instrinsic goals - so when they see their progress towards and achieving them the meaning and reward is magnified. I find this incredibly satisfying to see and it makes me happy knowing I've helped play a part.

Not being constrained by a companies limitations. As your own boss you are your only limitation. I aim to continually improve on every aspect of myself and my business, so I know there is no limit to what I can offer people and what I can achieve.

I am degree educated and able to draw on over 11 years work in coaching and fitness plus business experience across a few industries. My background shows my commitment to continual improvement and extraordinarily high levels of attention and quality of service to clients.

All my coaching, mentorship and advice is based on practical application. This ensures results are achieved in the real world, not just on paper, with true meaning to the client.


1 to 1 PT is a great way to ensure you are exercising with correct technique and intensity under our expert instruction; ensuring you maximise your results. Our trainers have a proven track record in helping you achieve your goals. We are so confident in our services that we promise you your money back if you don’t see results in 3 months. All PT sessions are 60 minutes and take place at studios in Loughton & Chigwell, Essex.

Health and wellness helps our clients facilitate leading a healthier, more active lifestyle. Achieved by education and practical guidance to form life-long behavioural change that will improve health and wellbeing both short and long term.