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James Taylor Hypnotherapy Ltd

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I offer a very bespoke, personalised and professional Hypnotherapy, Counselling and Life Coaching Service to clients who are looking at their present results and wanting to change them but do not know how to.

Using the latest and traditional techniques I work in collaboration with the clients to achieve this change.

The results can be literally, life-changing.

I charge £250 an hour for Hypnotherapy (but offer a £75 discount to Bark Customers)
I charge £100 an hour for Counselling sessions, and
I charge £50 an hour for Life Coaching sessions.

I charge different prices depending on what tools I am using with the client.

With Hypnotherapy, I am working with your subconscious/unconscious part of your mind. This is the genius part of you that can help move you from one place to another with amazing speed. Think of a habit that is so ingrained, its just a part of who you are (or is it?)

The programme that is running that habit is within your subconscious and together, we access it and see if that programme is still valid or not.

Does it need a tweak or a complete removal? Instead of leaving a gap or void, we replace it with a much more powerful programme to serve you much more effectively.

You have actually been Hypnotised already. That is why the programme is there. What we are actually doing is 'de-hypnotising you' and moving forward in a much more positive way.

With Counselling, we are only using the conscious part of your mind. This is what you 'know' and 'know that you know'.

If it is an emotional issue we are addressing, for example, we do not move within the area of your subconscious but instead, work with what you are really feeling and processing on a conscious level. We look to find an answer within this conscious part, that is also compatible with you.

With Life Coaching, this is neither Counselling or Hypnotherapy but something else entirely.

Instead, it is us working together in a more practical way, to make significant improvements in your life. Do you want a better job? More money? Better relationships? Want to be happier or more fulfilled? What is holding you back?

Please note, with all of the above, you will be required to work on 'you', in between our sessions.

This will not only empower you with your successes but also reduce the time we will need to spend on therapy, whichever style of therapy you choose.

Hopefully, you can see that there can easily be a crossover, depending on what you are looking for help for. That can create more confusion when deciding (which I want to avoid at all costs).

To assist with this and hopefully reduce any added stress, I do offer a FREE 30-minute phone consultation. I find this really does help the potential client talk the matter through, and make an informed and educated decision as to which style or type of therapy they would prefer.

It also gives the client the opportunity to ask any questions and there are no 'foolish questions' here.

I want to help you and for you to make the right decision for YOU. It is your agenda that we are working with, not mine.

I want to be a part of the solution, not part of the problem.

When the decision is made, we book a date in the diary and commence our work together.

What I would say is, you are here right now looking for an answer. I am guessing that whatever the issue is, you have had enough of 'it' and either want to start something, or stop something.

Give yourself a chance (and a break). The decision you make here could literally be a life changer, and you are truly worth that.

My contact details are :

Website - jamestaylortherapist.com
Email - jamestaylortherapist@gmail.com and
Phone number - 07511915580

Until we speak, I hope this has been of use.

My very best wishes,

James Taylor.

  • 4 hires on Bark.com
  • 3 hours average response time
James Taylor Hypnotherapy Ltd Reviews


Review of James Taylor Hypnotherapy Ltd by Lewis Blair
5 06/12/2017 Lewis Blair

I went to James Taylor for help to stop biting my nails. The effectiveness of hypnotherapy has been amazing. It only took 1 session of therapy and the following day, and for every day since, I haven't found myself biting my nails once. I went for a second follow up session on my own accord for a separate matter, and that was also 100% effective. A++++++++ Highly recommend.

Review of James Taylor Hypnotherapy Ltd by Simon
5 25/10/2017 Simon

This was the first time I had tried hypnotherapy. James was really knowledgeable and helped me a lot. I would encourage others to give it a try without dismissing it

Review of James Taylor Hypnotherapy Ltd by Elaine
5 25/10/2017 Elaine

Before I couldn’t swim in the sea or any water actually that wasn’t a swimming pool. The fish used to freak me out. James was brilliant, put me at ease and made me feel comfortable.
He helped me rationalise my fear and learn how to cope when it may get a bit much. I have ventured into the water since and before I would have been constantly looking for fish without even dipping my toe in, this time I actually paddled and never gave the fish a thought.

Review of James Taylor Hypnotherapy Ltd by Name withheld
5 25/10/2017 Name withheld

He’s a gem, a solid guy and so lovely. Amazing. I was so impressed. James took the pieces I’d shared and wove such goodness and energy into me. I was blown away. I went home and wrote 900+ words in 2.5 hours. It was the first bit of work I had done.
(Name withheld) An author with a writing block and an impending deadline

Review of James Taylor Hypnotherapy Ltd by Lesley
5 25/10/2017 Lesley

James’s approach to my therapy was great. He was very easy going and had a soothing voice which made me feel comfortable when under hypnosis. Thanks James

Review of James Taylor Hypnotherapy Ltd by Jo
5 25/10/2017 Jo

James is a true professional and a wonderful man to sit and talk to. He’s very caring and understanding

Review of James Taylor Hypnotherapy Ltd by Tim
5 25/10/2017 Tim

Before I couldn’t rationalise my thoughts around food, anxiety and anger management. Now I understand my negative thoughts around food. I can deal with a lot more of my anxious behaviour

Review of James Taylor Hypnotherapy Ltd by Anne Bayati
5 Anne Bayati

James is an excellent hypnotherapist. He has a very relaxed manner and is very capable of getting to the core of an issue and resolving it. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking hypnotherapy

Review of James Taylor Hypnotherapy Ltd by Lisa Michelle
5 Lisa Michelle

James is very welcoming, empathetic and helped me a great deal after a few sessions. He put me at ease and I would highly recommend him to anyone considering hypnotherapy! Thanks Jim :)

James Taylor Hypnotherapy Ltd

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James Taylor Hypnotherapy Ltd Q&A

Company Q&A

What do you love most about your job?

What I love most is the transformation within the client. This can either be immediate or within a short space of time.
To see a client grow into a better version of themselves is incredibly rewarding.

What inspired you to start your own business?

I was inspired to start my own business as there is a huge part of me that feels like 'the rescuer'. I wanted to spend my life (and still do) helping people to not only face their present problems and issues but to become so mentally strong, that they burn down future obstacles with such determination and become virtually unstoppable.
I first obtained my Diploma in Counselling, then Hypnotherapy and then Life Coaching. These three therapies are so closely woven and linked together, it made perfect sense to incorporate my own skills and knowledge into them when working with clients.
It is my passion and I love it.
I am also part way through a further Diploma in Psychology.

Why should our clients choose you?

I think you should choose me because I have spent over 20 years helping people just like you.
My commitment to you is, I will use all my skills, my knowledge and my passion to help you with your issues.
My only request is that you have the same level of commitment to addressing whatever it may be.
If you do have this commitment, we can achieve great things together.
My hope is that by the time we have finished working together, you will be so far ahead you will need a telescope to see where you started from.
My advice would be, you know you want to change something. That is why you are here right now, to look for options, answers, solutions.
A Chinese proverb I love is, ’The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The 2nd best time is NOW’, and it truly is.
Don’t let your past results stop you from doing this. You are on the very brink of changing direction.
Make that decision now and make that call so we can start our journey together.
My very best wishes,
To your success,
James Taylor
Dip.PHH, GHR (Reg), GQHP, MAPA, Dip.Couns

  • 4 hires on Bark.com
  • 3 hours average response time

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