is a verified pro service provider Certificate of Excellence 2019 location Dimistifying & Simplifying Behaviour Modification In ONE SESSION £50 + £25 Call Out Fee 07859890177 , Covering a 30 Mile Radius. A Language Course For You & Your Dog

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Dramatic results in1 session £50 + £25 call out fee.

Elite One Session Training Services
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Using Your Voice As The Remote Control For Your Dog by Removing Ambiguity in Their Understanding of What We Want From Them!

Its a unique communication method.
This is unique as it is a language course for you and you dog.
Its a training session like no other!!
My clients are amazed at the RESULTS THAT ARE ACHIEVED IN ONLY ONE SESSION!- (see genuine verifiable reviews from clients)
When comparing trainers please check number of reviews they have on but also the number of hires on .

I specialise in elite and ground breaking fast moving 1:1 training and behaviour modification sessions. I guarantee results in your first session.
If you are not totally impressed you can have your session free!

If you are looking for the best results driven training in the fastest time then please let me know.

I teach you how to talk to your dog so that your dog understands you, and how to understand how your dog thinks -it truly works!
This method provides your dog with the opportunity to exert self control and appropriate behaviour in an human environment.
If your dog has been crate trained I will show you how to stop using it altogether!
The difference in your dog"s behaviour once the locked crate has been removed will change the whole way you relate to your dog.

Sessions are £50 only!!
This is much cheaper than my competitors. If you can find a trainer that will achieve results I one session let me know and I will price match and give you an extra 10 %
A £25 call out fee for all journeys over 1.5 miles will be required.

You usually will only need one session no matter how extreme the behaviour. No separate consultations and courses made up of many sessions that drain your finances.
One competitor charges £2600 for agression training and their basic training course is £500
My sessions are even cheaper than a course of puppy classes.

My training and behaviour modification is loads of fun, full of compassion, packed with empathy and loaded with insight into how a dog thinks with no treats!!

If you are considering making an enquiry please only ask me to contact you if you really are committed to going ahead with training for you and your dog.

My methods are so effective all ages and every type of negative behaviour can be modified. As an example of my method I even demonstrate that dogs and cats can not only behave well together but follow instructions together with no treats.
Please see video below "Cats and dogs know their names".

Just look at client"s reviews if you are in any doubt.

Please note clients are requested to ensure ample time is allocated on the day of their session to emerse themselves in what they are about to learn.

This training session is results driven not time driven but there is always a usual progression to a natural end point which is come to by all, including your dog.

It is a one session program so differs to a normal approach to training which is always a course of sessions and therefore always much more expensive as well as time consuming.

Look forward to meeting you

Best regards
Dog Walkers N8☺

My services and areas I cover

Dog Walking in Alexandra Palace, Highgate Wood, Priory Park, Queens Wood & Hampstead Heath
Dog Boarding- North London
Dog Day Care- North London
Dog Behaviour Modification -I cover London and in and around M25
Residential Behaviour Modification- Nationwide
Cat Behavioural modification -We cover London and in and around M25
Cat Sitting - N4, N8, N10, N5, N22, N15
Pick Up & Drop Off Service- N4, N8, N10, N5, N22, N15

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Review of by Siu
5 15/02/2019 Siu

We’ve struggled with many aspects of our Golden Retriever’s behaviour and have seen many different trainers. Paula was great, and gave us the building blocks and confidence to continue training Wilson ourselves. Her methods are clear and easy to follow and we’ve noticed great improvements in Wilson’s behaviour!!

Review of by nathan jones
5 14/02/2019 nathan jones

We had a great experience with Paula. The approach she adapts when teaching worked as within a matter of minutes our dogs were listening to her commands. She changed our approach to how we need to act around our dogs and since the session they have become better behavied. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Review of by Joanne Beecham
5 05/02/2019 Joanne Beecham

Very good! Goes through issues and objectives at the beginning of session making it a lot easer. As well as clear and easy instructions making the process not stressful. Would highly recommend!

Review of by Ornella
5 05/02/2019 Ornella

Such a great session , I saw instant results. I would definitely recommend her to other dog owners! It was a session for both me and my dog!

Used this pro
Review of by Gaynor Diprose
4 03/02/2019 Gaynor Diprose

Very simple and effective training.

Review of by Jay
5 01/02/2019 Jay

Very good trainer I will deffo use their services again

Review of by Jake Outhwaite
5 29/01/2019 Jake Outhwaite

I had a great experience training my dogs with Paula. She’s was very nice and taught me a lot. We addressed all issues in just a few hours. Fantastic

Review of by Linda Morgan
5 21/01/2019 Linda Morgan

I was not expecting much from Paula's training in fact I was quite sceptical. But that view changed within 10 minutes of her visit - she is a lovely lady and has a huge amount of knowledge and experience in dealing with difficult dogs. She showed my how to deal with some of my dogs issues and before she left there was a remarkable change. The next day my dog was behaving much better and I shall continue with her training which Paula explained. Her help has been brilliant and I feel less stressed about my dogs behaviour. I would highly recommend Paula to anyone with dog issues, its nice to find training that actually works!

Review of by Cristina
5 15/01/2019 Cristina

Paula came and it was a delightful experience. Connected with Mason from second 1. Very professional, made a list of what we want to achieve with Mason and she stayed for more than 2 hours and covered everything. Really happy for choosing her and highly recommend. Thank you Paula!

Review of by Michelle hayden
5 13/01/2019 Michelle hayden

Absolutely brilliant, Paula new what she was doing, brilliant with the dogs ,explained everything clearly and the reason why was made very clear asked what we wanted from the session ,and at the end of the session we were more confident with our pups and saw a great improvement in their behaviour would highly recommend Paula and if needed again I will be back in contact

Review of by Carla Lyons
5 13/01/2019 Carla Lyons

Paula is such a lovely lady, she gave me the confidence and fools that I desperately needed to start my fur baby with his toilet training, I even now mimic her voice when saying outside! Nothing is to much trouble and I 100% believe she’d always be at the end of the phone if I had any questions or wanted advice. I highly recommend Paula to anyone who needs some help.

Review of by Sheena
5 13/01/2019 Sheena

Paula is very professional and her training session was excellent. We weren’t sure of a few things and she directed us and now our puppy is nearly potty trained and sleeping in his basket as a pose to on our bed.
She also regularly stays in touch in case we had any questions.
Highly recommend Paula.

Review of by Karen
5 13/01/2019 Karen

Paula is a very experienced lady when working with dogs. My German shepherd was very anxious after being hit by a car. We were able to go outside and put techniques in place to make the dog feel safe and less anxious. Training is explained from start to finish and why it is so important for you and the dog.

Review of by Steve Ditcher
5 08/01/2019 Steve Ditcher

Had a really great session with Paula. We had a lot of issues with our dog esme.
We now feel confident and capable to continue the training.

By the time Paula left ,it was like esme was a different dog, really calm, and listening to commands.

Thanks so much

Used this pro
Review of by Yoela
5 06/01/2019 Yoela

Paula gave me very clear instruction and made me feel at ease practicing dog training with my puppy.
I am very pleased with the session I have with her and would recommend her services.

Review of by Karla
5 06/01/2019 Karla

Really successful session! Thank you.

Review of by Ramona
5 28/12/2018 Ramona

I can’t say enough good things about Paula. She is a true professional. She put us completely at ease and was able to break down the training into very simple terms. She made everything seem like common sense. She has wonderful tactics, great techniques and is a natural with dogs. Paula assessed our situation and was able to adapt the training in accordance with our needs. Looking back, Paula didn’t train our dog... She actually trained us! We are very grateful.

Used this pro
Review of by Martyna
5 15/12/2018 Martyna

Paula is a perfect dog trainer. I'm very happy with her method and I know what I have to do now. Thanks

Review of by Kiran
5 09/12/2018 Kiran

gave really good techniques to help train my puppy, she gave real life personalised scenarios with the training sessions.
Was very patient and stayed as long as it took in order to go through and teach us what we needed to know for all of our worries and concerns.

Review of by Jolita
5 08/12/2018 Jolita

Amazing, amazing, amazing service! Could not believe such simple steps could help us to manage our dog. Now we know what and most importantly how to do.
Would definitely highely recommend to any dog keeper!

Used this pro
Review of by Orima
5 05/12/2018 Orima

Paula came to our home in South London for a face to face session with our 12 week old puppy. She gave us such good teaching on how to communicate with and train our puppy effectively and worked on all the specific issues we have. She clearly has a lot of skill and expertise working with lots of different dogs of all ages and she gave us a lot of confidence that we will be able to train our dog fully and swiftly moving forward. She managed to get our puppy to even patiently (and happily!) leave a treat uneaten by the end of the session which would have been unheard of prior to meeting her! The words "dog whisperer" come to mind... We highly recommend her service, excellent value too.

Review of by Joanna
5 02/12/2018 Joanna

Amazing session with Paula. Has given me confidence that my puppy will grow up obedient and happy. Would highly recommend, Paula's techniques are simple and effective and a great price!

Review of by Ayala
5 01/12/2018 Ayala

Paula was very helpful & explained the theory behind her way of working. There was a difference in the behaviour of our dog immediately & she seems more relaxed every day. We are keeping up the practice & have had valuable support from Paula.

Review of by Mahi
5 30/11/2018 Mahi

Amazing! Really practical tips to adopt with immediate results and a good set of rules to work with thereafter. Paula was just fantastic and the whole service was really convient. Can’t recommend her highly enough.

Review of by Kenzie
4 29/11/2018 Kenzie

Paula came on the 25/11/18
Wow Our shadow the German Shepard chaged that day. He did go back to his habits the next day however he is progressing loads with the tips given and rules put in place.

Review of by Nathalie
5 27/11/2018 Nathalie

Paula taught both myself and dog how to work together for him to be a happier dog. She comprehensively went through my list of behavioural concerns and demistified issues which troubled us for years. He is a happier dog now and behaves much better than he did previously.
Paula also has a boarding service which was very useful when we travelled. His stay reinforced what he learned in class.
We are very happy customers!

Review of by francesca
5 19/11/2018 francesca

Paula was great, she gave us very effective, easy and actionable tips to start training our puppy. We could see results after the first session, but the key to success is to keep implementing her advice everyday. Paula is also very helpful on the phone if you have any questions after the session, she is there to support. highly recommended

Review of by Carolina Martinoli
5 18/11/2018 Carolina Martinoli

Paula was absolutely fantastic. Her approach helped us to understand how dogs react to our behaviour. It was really useful and educational. I highly recommend her services.

Review of by Soo Venour
5 11/11/2018 Soo Venour

Oscar is a Romanian rescue with many issues, in one session Paula managed to address many of them and trained us in how to be able to communicate with him the way she did. He's already much calmer and we're more aware of what he's trying to tell us. For example Oz barks every time someone knocks and continues to bark when people come in, we now know how to stop this, and feel sure we'll be able to carry on with these methods permanently. Paula also helped us teach Luna, a seven month old, very excitable lab puppy how to stay quiet and in her bed, in minutes. Paula also made a point of telling us to contact her as and when necessary. Would thoroughly recommend her.

Review of by Chris Duffy
5 30/10/2018 Chris Duffy

Paula was fantastic. The Difference in our dogs (2 german shepherds) from the fist moment she entered our house to the moment she left was astounding. The results were incredible. In an hour and a half it's like having spent weeks (and a fortune) on trsining courses. Couldn't recommend highly enough

Review of by Jackie Lenders
5 30/10/2018 Jackie Lenders

I had a really useful & successful session with Paula and now feel much more confident with how to train my puppy moving forward. She was professional and explained the rationale behind her methods which helped to embed the training into my mind. Really effective and impressive and very pleased with the outcome!

Review of by Shanice
5 23/10/2018 Shanice

Great training, from just one session I feel my pup understands and listens to me now . As a new dog owner its easy to feel overwhelmed and frustrated when your pup is naughty, but now I feel completely in control and better connected to my sweet pup thanks to Paula. I highly recommend her services.

Review of by Srini
5 21/10/2018 Srini

Excellent training! We all enjoyed it very much and it was very interactive. Really made a difference as to how we can communicate with our dog! Would recommend to everyone who has a pet!

Review of by Silvia
5 20/10/2018 Silvia

Greate job for me and my Dog, choosing Paola we done the right decision she gives us a starting point where we need to put more accent and how to communicate with my little baby to make him understand that he needs his time and I need mine without any tears xx

Review of by Thiago
5 16/10/2018 Thiago

Paula is a magician. We thought our dogs were going to be impossible/difficult to train, and she proved us wrong in only 2 hours! Although the session was intense at times, I felt Paula has my dogs best interest at heart which put me at ease. She was brutally honest too which is what we needed. Paula trained both the dogs and us! She showed us areas we could improve upon and told us why our dogs needed certain things, and taught us how it all helps towards making them happier in general. I am beyond happy with Paula's work and will not be using anyone else when it comes to training my pets! Thank you Paula, you really don't know how much this means to me!

Review of by David
5 14/10/2018 David

Paula has really helped educate us on how to handle our puppy from feeding to general obedience and manners. Paula is clearly an expert in her field and certainly knows her stuff. Our 12 week old puppy (German Shepard) is a well behaved pub anyway but having Paula today has opened our eyes on how to make sure he stays a good boy! Certainly worth contacting Paula even if you don’t feel like you need assistance. Results were evident after just one session.

Review of by Su Morris
5 13/10/2018 Su Morris

It was easy work for me and my two dogs, with unbelievable results
My two jack Russell Terriers are different dogs now with all three of us having respect for each other
Absolutely amazed at how the simple techniques are easy to implement and have such massive success
I can’t thank Paula enough for keeping my family together and making my home a happy, calm and safe place to be
I would recommend Dog Walkers N8 to anyone

Review of by Yasmin S
5 08/10/2018 Yasmin S

Paula was amazing with our puppy, she is so calm and has such a way with animals! our cat and dog relationship is 100% better in only one session and before we could never have imagined them being in the same room! I have never seen anything like it and our little princess pup is now listening to us. I would highly recommend Paula, book her you won’t regret it!!!

Review of by Yasmine
5 08/10/2018 Yasmine

Paula was great, my dogs listened to everything she said and I’ve never seen them so well behaved.

Review of by Chelsey
5 08/10/2018 Chelsey

Paula was amazing only stayed with us for a couple of hours but there is now such a difference with our dog 😍 for £50 she works wonders

Review of by Andreea
5 07/10/2018 Andreea

Awsome results ...we have a very stuborn shar pei and Paula did an amazing job with him.After a session with Paula he is more obidient .Thank you so much!!!

Review of by Kemi & ciaran
5 05/10/2018 Kemi & ciaran

Paula has taught us very effective and direct methods for training our 10 month old lab. She has a natural ability with dogs and people! I would highly recommend her!

Review of by Julie-anne
5 02/10/2018 Julie-anne

Very happy with the results even after 2 days there has been a huge difference in are dog.

Review of by Kim With
5 16/09/2018 Kim With

Paula taught us how to deal with our dogs aggressive behaviour in our home towards my daughters dog. Also his aggression
Towards people coming in the house. In one session she was able to make a huge difference. She has a truly unique way of training. I would definitely recommend her.

Review of by Sham
5 10/09/2018 Sham

Paula was really good and gave us quite a few handy tips to train our dog. She has a great way with dogs and just in 1 session we could actually see our dog listening to couple of commands. I'd definitely recommend her and I am looking forward to having another session with her in a few months time for some advance training for our dog.

Review of by Viviana
5 08/09/2018 Viviana

Paula is a good dog trainer and has showed us a lot of tricks on how to train our puppy to listen to us. She has a very good technique and I recommend her to everyone who is getting a new puppy. Our Beagle has learned a lot just from one session and is no longer doing whatever she wants.

Review of by Kerrie Williams
5 06/09/2018 Kerrie Williams

Paula is lovely and has really good advise, monty really did change in one session with what she teaches you and I have had dogs for years! Well worth the money!🐶

Review of by Bobby
5 05/09/2018 Bobby

Paula has been looking after our French Bulldog Terry for a while now and she has been absolutely amazing. She is very accommodating and treats Terry like one of her own.

He runs down the road with excitement when we are on the way to see her and he is always tired when he comes home in the evening.

Review of by Vikki
5 04/09/2018 Vikki

Very impressed, Paula came today and all I can say is WOW brilliant.
She has taught me how to work with my dogs, my dogs listened, and the results are there.
Can’t recommend her enough, ten stars
Thank you Paula

Review of by Tim
5 02/09/2018 Tim

Paula is an amazing trainer! I would like to give her more than five stars if I can.

My young puppy is 10 weeks old and he is very energetic. Paula made him clam down almost immediately. Most important, she knowledged us how to train him and made the training so efficient as well as fun.

I would recommend Paula to any dog owners who wants quick impact on training.

Used this pro
Review of by Magda
5 31/08/2018 Magda

Paula she’s an amazing trainer, my dog it’s full of energy , he is just jumping so much and he is very powerful. She made him calm down and also to listen to our orders.
I’m shocked.
I would like to give Paula more then five stars if I could and I recommend her to everyone.

Review of by Steve Weisner
5 28/08/2018 Steve Weisner

Paula was exactly what we hoped for and so.much more. She instantly got our dogs attention and quickly got his respect. Her methods are clear and concise and her manner was friendly and welcoming. I'd recommend Paula to anyone who wants the best for their dog.

Review of by James & Inger
5 28/08/2018 James & Inger

We've been sending our greyhound to Paula for a few weeks now for daycare.
He's a bit unpredictable when it comes to meeting new dogs but with Paula's help he's settling in very nicely

Review of by Tanya
5 27/08/2018 Tanya

Paula was very helpful. :-) She gave us plenty of vital tips to adapt to our everyday lives and make sure we have a happy dog! They are easy to follow and with dogs learning so fast we had a turnaround in 24-48hours of using the techniques. happy dog happy family. And for the price we couldn’t have asked for more. Thank you!

Review of by Chris Burton
5 26/08/2018 Chris Burton

Paula regularly looks after my 4 year old dog. An experienced trainer, she is professional, reliable & very knowledgable. She loves her job and the animals she works with.

Review of by Sophia
5 22/08/2018 Sophia

Paula was amazing. She has just left me now and the first thing I wanted to do was make sure she got a good review. She helped with my miniature dachshund who is very wilful and barks all the time and I’ve struggled for years. I’ve had a bad experience with trainer recently and was cautious about spending more money and being let down. She not only was very knowledgeable and explained reasons for behaviour, she also was very patient and authoritative. She stayed until she felt the right outcome was achieved, by the end of the session my dog was calm and far more obidient. Paula has given me the tools to apply and it’s all up to me now. Highly recommended!

Used this pro
Review of by Sam essex
5 21/08/2018 Sam essex

Paula was very good the results from her training on my timber wolf have been excellent I would recommend her. I will com to use her if I need to cost is very good.

Review of by M Swaine
5 21/08/2018 M Swaine

We were very happy with our training session with Paula. We came away with a lot more knowledge and understanding after just one session and have continued what she has taught us. Paula is available all the time over the phone if you need some extra help which is very reassuring. Looking forward to more sessions!

Review of by Kevin McLaren
5 18/08/2018 Kevin McLaren

Had a training session this evening for my dog .I Was skeptical in the beginning but honestly that was my own problem and no one one else's . The woman that came(I forgot her name) Was professional, understanding and very educated about animals. just in one and a half hour's and the dog was already showing improvements in his temper and behaviour. She gave us good techniques and training to carry on with our dog at home.

Would Deffo recommend .

Review of by Isabella Toomer
5 15/08/2018 Isabella Toomer

Very lovely lady. In just the one session she helped to not only teach my dog, but she taught me and gave me advice and training tips to continue what we had learnt that day.

Used this pro
Review of by Tony
5 08/08/2018 Tony

Found dog walkers on internet search. Have a dog 6 months old never had any training. After 1 session have been given the necessary tools to move forward (for us and our dog) she was described as "strong willed" we thought she was just stubborn. She now sits on command stays on command and we are very near to getting peace at night. Couldn't recommend highly enough worth every penny thank you dog walkers n8

Review of by Kelsey Joyce
5 07/08/2018 Kelsey Joyce

Great session and VERY effective. Paula explained all very well and had a very simple approach in training. She was able to cover all my dogs' issues in only one session, which is amazing! Highly recommend her.

Review of by Michel  akintayo
5 04/08/2018 Michel akintayo

It was a great experience. I learnt a lot .
The dogs are so much better

Review of by Karen
5 02/08/2018 Karen

Absolutely lovely lady, knows exactly what to do. Has worked wonders on my dogs. Would recommend her to anyone, genius work.

Review of by Hannah Slater
5 21/01/2018 Hannah Slater

Review of by Robyn Powers
5 18/01/2018 Robyn Powers

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What do you love most about your job?

I love dogs and have always been able to understand them and communicate with them. I understand why dogs and cats behave the way they do and can help with any behavioural problem. When I was 4 yrs old I went missing in a camp site in Spain. My parents were frantic and called the police who organised a search. They found me away from the campsite surrounded by a pack of wild dogs. I have devised a method of training that is like no other and improves behaviour by improving the communication and bond between you and your dog

What inspired you to start your own business?

I have always taken in dogs and cats and rehabilitated them after they had been through bad experiences. I thought that I should do it as a job and had decided to do it full time.

Why should our clients choose you?

Teaching you to think like a dog
My innovative training methods are effective and fast. By learning how to think like a dog you will find the communication between you and your dog greatly improves. Through my structured games you and your dog wil have fun while learning how to understand one another . Basic commands will be easy to achieve and if you are not completely impressed you can have your session free !

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Dog Walking in Alexandra Palace, Highgate Wood, Priory Park, Queens Wood & Hampstead Heath
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Our methods
Dog Walkers N8 incorporates Exercise, Fun, Love, Routine, Communication and Boundaries
What we offer
Dog Walkers N8 are situated next to Alexandra Palace and provide dog walking, training and behaviour support .
Vet and dog grooming pick up and collection .
Dog Day Care and Dog Boarding
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Dog Walkers N8 provide daily walks in Alexandra Palace, Highgate Wood, Queens Wood Priory Park, Hampstead Heath
Park routes vary each day
Areas We Cover at Dog Walkers N8
Dog walking N4, N8, N10, N15, N22
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At Dog Walkers N8 we offer a choice of training options to suit your timescales, commitments and budget.
Group Training Package
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Dog Walkers N8- Dog Training North London
Are you finding it difficult to train your dog?
Do you feel that your dog is demonstrating certain negative behaviours?
We offer one to one dog training sessions; residential dog training, group dog training classes and behavioural support in your home.
Young or old any dog can improve their behaviour surprisingly quickly.
Issues such as aggression, poor recall, obsessive behaviour, anxiety, house training; as well as teaching basic commands can all be helped.
With our group sessions it can take several lessons to achieve the best results. However they are extremely good for owners who can learn on the job in how to train their dog as well as experiencing a shared activity which strengthens bonds.
Our one to one sessions can have dramatic results in only one or two sessions.
For dogs that have extreme issues our residential training programmes are highly effective and can provide the best long term results. However this must be in conjunction with a followed through approach with you when your dog comes home. Certificates


Level 4 - Advanced Diploma In Dog Training (With Distinction)

Janets The CPD Accreditation Group

January 2019.

From the management of common behavioural issues to show training, the Advanced Diploma in Dog Training covers all aspects of working as a professional dog trainer. how to train puppies and adult dogs, instilling obedience, identifying the reasons for problem barking and how to solve them, and dog nutrition. on Twitter

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