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A L Fitness Services

Wolverhampton, West Midlands

6 hires on Bark
‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019
A L Fitness Services logo

A L Fitness Services

Wolverhampton, West Midlands

6 hires on Bark
‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


I provide 1 to 1 Personal Training as well as group sessions. I am also a qualified Calisthenics Coach (body weight training similar to gymnastics) and provide 1 to 1 and group sessions in this discipline too. I am a freelance Trainer based at JD Wolverhampton!


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Sarah Kruczek

28 February 2019

A personal trainer is a great way to invest in yourself. Aaron is great at keeping exercise fresh. He is super knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition, as well as being a great encourager. I would definitely recommend him if you are wanting to start feeling better from the inside out. You’ll also find yourself being able to do things you didn’t think you could, that’s my favourite bit ….. it’s like you have your own personal cheerleader while you are working out – who doesn’t want that?!? More...


Jaimie Brown

20 February 2019

After putting weight back on I knew what to do but didn’t know how to do it. I have been with Aaron Lauder Fitness since last year and haven’t looked back. Aaron’s helped build my confidence as well as helping to change my mind set so that I actually enjoy working out. He has helped me see what I am able to achieve if I push myself. I couldn’t recommend enough More...


Katie Collins

15 February 2019

starting at a new gym can be daunting especially in the weights area however aaron has helped me settle in and has been amazing . aaron is such a lovely guy always willing to help others, has a vast amount of knowledge and incorporates a variety of training methods for his clients. highly recommend! More...


Alisha Chin

15 February 2019

I’ve trained with Aaron now on and off for the past 3 years, however consistently now for the last 9 months having 2-3 session a week! Not only do I feel healthier within myself, I can also see massive changes within my body, loss in body fat and dropping dress sizes from a 14/16 to a 10/12 I couldn’t of done this without the support and help from Aaron in and outside of the gym! Aaron has given me the confidence and knowledge to be able to feel comfortable to train in the gym by myself! More...


Nahid Banares

13 February 2019

Have been having PT sessions with Aaron for over 18 months and can honestly say he has made me enjoy exercising again.Aaron has been very encouraging and supportive, I have lost weight and my body has changed I have got a way to go but I know with Aaron’s encouragement I will reach my goals.


Laura Francesca Iacono

9 February 2019

Aaron really reignited my desire to train again. He designs a plan that works for ‘you’ and what worked for me is how he educated me on the science behind my training.



4 March 2018

Very good and extremely supportive



25 February 2018

Very professional - great service!


Sonia Kanda

6 February 2018

I started training with Aaron to mainly focus on losing fat around my stomach and generally tone up in time for my wedding. I was sceptical that this would even work as my wedding was only 3 months away, but I was still willing to try. Aaron made me believe that this was possible if I kept committed, worked hard and I was determined to meet my goal.

Aaron was great to work with, always motivating, supportive and encouraging. He never once made me feel uncomfortable. He listened when there were certain exercises I wasn’t able to do and would find an alternative to achieve the same results. Each session was fun, and he would distract me by talking to me throughout the training that I wouldn’t even realise how long I had been training for and how much I was achieving. With every session I was able to do more than the previous session proving I was getting fitter and stronger. It was amazing, week by week I could see the difference which made me more determined to carry on.

Aaron filled me with confidence that I was able to perform exercises and use machine I wouldn’t ever dream of doing before having a personal trainer. All in the space of 3 months I lost weight around my middle section just like I wanted, and I was toned more than I thought was possible. My arms have never been strong, but I was able to lift more weight by the end of the 3 months than I could have imagined. I was in perfect shape for my wedding. I was so happy with the results and what I had achieved in such little time which wouldn’t have been possible without Aaron. I am very grateful that Aaron had helped me, and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is serious about achieving results.


Alison Edwards

30 January 2018

The training programme and sessions delivered by Aaron are specifically tailored to my needs in developing my fitness and strength post knee surgery. Each session is varied with a range of methods used - no one session is the same which is great. Aaron's approach is professional with all sessions really enjoyable, fun and hard work at the same time. I would highly recommend Aaron to anyone looking for a personal trainer. More...

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A healthy diet can be the difference between achieving your overall results and not achieving. A healthy diet also has a massive effect on an individual's mindset and Wellbeing as effectively we are what we eat. Also our food sources provide us with the energy and nutrients our bodies need and if we don't feed our bodies correctly or appropriately then they won't produce what we need/desire and ultimately want.

I focus on my clients needs and relate that to their training, exercise and support they receive. As ultimately that’s the focus, you and your goals. The sessions I provide are creative and challenging, however I am realistic and treat everyone as an individual, so I will only ever get you to do what’s relevant for your body type. Alongside this, setting and discussing realistic goals for us to achieve and the progression required to keep the achievements.

Having been in the industry 10 years I know just how important communication is between client and trainer and I pride myself on a professional approach and service. I also take great pride in delivering sessions with a smile, whilst educating and explaining why and how, what we are doing will work and make the difference needed.

Alongside the physical stuff, I also provide Nutrition plans and programs to supplement your sessions. As well as if it’s required Mindset and goal setting training!

A combination of hardwork, dedication, sensible balanced diet with a good level of relevant exercise. Everyone is an individual but in principle doing what’s listed above in the right way will help you on your way. Also our lifestyles too will play a key role, for instance getting enough sleep and having a decent work/personal life balance will play a role too.

Helping people first and foremost and being an effective support tool for clients. Then it’s about seeing people progress and become confident and seeing the changes in their body as well as their personality and lifestyle too. I take great pride in that! Why would you not want to help and inspire someone to be better or healthier and happy if they want to be!!

I wanted to be able to help more people and different types of people. I also felt I would have the opportunity to be more creative, able to show more compassion and care then I could before. I want to support and look after all my clients as much as possible and I now have the scope to do so.

I care and I am and have always been passionate about what I do. I provide many different types of services to support any and everyone as well as a combination of everything if it’s relevant to the individual. And as I just mentioned the word individual, I treat everyone as an individual and make sure they are given what they need to succeed!!!


1 to 1 Personal Training focusing on your body type and results required. I often have a Function approach to this with a lot of core work although I am able to adapt to the clients needs and use weights etc where required. Nutrition and Program also available to support our session. Group Training of up to 4 people available.

Street Sports Association Ultimate Bodyweight Training experience, with a grading system in place for those who want results and progression. This can be done on a 1 to 1 basis within a program package or as part of a group of 5-8 people max. Personal Training studio available for use.

A service that’s in place in a few business currently where we asses you as an individual in terms of several relevant categories within your lifestyle and look to support or advise you on any changes that may improve things or help you achieve you goals. Nutrition is part of this service as is Mindset and goal setting too.

As I’m qualified to Level 5 standard in Nutrition Therapy I can support you with your diet and help link it into your exercise routine to have a more effective chance of achieving and then maintaining those results.

I have helped many people with rehabilitation and recovery from injuries over my 10 years. With this service I offer a 1 to 1 Postural Assessment and Movement session and from there I work on Functionality methods to aid or improve your injuries. I also use effective Mobility exercises using the bodies natural movements again to aid recovery and further improve joint and muscle motions.