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Timeless Solutions


Timeless Solutions are a creative design agency, specifically here with you in mind. Here to help small-medium businesses with all of their marketing needs and requirements. We believe that everyone deserves the chance to get their business online in an affordable way without compromising on quality, design, or reliability. We pride ourselves on listening to your individual needs, working with you to fulfill your vision and goals. We understand when trying to build your business that cash flow is often one of the biggest challenges that small-medium businesses face . We offer ongoing support and advice when you need us. We are here to help! We believe that by building strong relationships with you and understanding the exact needs of your business is key to helping you achieve the best results possible. We create our services using the latest industry standards, and pride ourselves on continuously improving our services, we strive to be the best at what we do. Did you know that we have flexible payment plans available? Did you know about our Leasing Plans? A one off payment is required to get the project started – followed by affordable monthly payments. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any further questions.

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What makes a great website?

1. Responsive Design

The concept of using responsive design is not new to 2016. Since the Google update known as “Mobilegeddon” back in April of 2015, everyone has been hustling to upgrade their websites so that they are easily viewable and usable regardless of the device it is being viewed on (mobile, tablet, desktop).

This will continue to be a basic requirement of a great website in 2016. With new and improved mobile devices coming to the market on a regular basis, having a responsive website design is a must.
2. Minimalism

Many businesses are taking web design back to the basics with minimalistic designs and layouts. Websites are featuring fewer pages, with simpler designs and more blank space.

Some websites are also implementing what’s referred to as “Flat Design”. Flat web design uses two-dimensional/flat images which are aesthetically pleasing to look at, in combination with lots of open space, and bright colors. Flat design also meets the requirements of a responsive web design, which makes it a great trend to follow in 2016.
3. User-Friendly

Usability has always been of key importance in a successful website. Websites with an intuitive design, and with images and aspects that are pleasing to the eye are going to attract more customers than those without these features.

A simple, intuitive, and functional navigation is another important feature to focus on for 2016. If customers can’t easily make their way around your site, they aren’t likely to stay long.

The speed at which your pages load also have a strong impact on users in the coming year. Quickly loading pages and simple ways to get to specific information will be critical in setting your website apart from the competition.
4. Personalized User Experience

In 2016, personalized user experience web design may become the norm. Rather than everyone receiving the same experience when visiting a particular website, a personalized user experience design allows for the content and experience to be designed specifically for a particular user.

According to a study done by Janrain & Harris Interactive, over 70% of online consumers get frustrated with websites when they are presented with promotional content that doesn’t resonate with their interests. The best part about websites that offer a personalized user experience, is that they are typically able to adapt to the user’s interests and needs without the user having to do much at all.
5. Extraordinary Content

Content marketing is likely to expand in 2016, with more focus being placed on high quality content. Websites that provide users with useful information in a variety of formats, including video and images vs. text when possible, will have greater success than those that don’t meet the needs of today’s website viewers.

Marketing automation will also continue to evolve, and many websites will incorporate customized landing pages, banner ads, and other promotions to supplement email campaigns. The traditional newsletter or simple email marketing campaign will likely not be enough to capture new customers in 2016.
6. Bold Colors

In the past, bright and bold colors on websites was sometimes perceived as childish or unprofessional, depending of course upon the industry of the business. However, websites with vibrant colors have become more popular and more acceptable in recent years.

When viewed in high definition, bold colors can have a powerful impact on the user. And, in the case of a flat design website, bright colors can make all the difference.
7. Fullscreen Videos as Backgrounds

Websites with fullscreen background videos that play upon opening the URL are becoming more and more popular due to increased Internet speed and advanced browser technology. Plus, they are mesmerizing, and meant to attract and retain the attention of the user.
8. Card-Based Design

You’ll see a lot more websites using card-based design. A benefit of this type of design is that the card design is ideal for users with mobile devices and varying screen sizes, because they can be easily adjusted to each screen.

Card-based design also goes along with the theme of simplicity and minimalism we discussed above. By providing viewers with short and simple bursts of information that can easily be digested, cards provide an easy way to promote user action, which is usually to click through to a landing page or more in-depth information on a particular topic.
9. Wall-to-Wall Site Strips

Wall-to-wall site strips provide a better user experience by dividing website layouts into several rectangular sections. These full-width image strips can be different lengths, and serve to break the site into clear sections of content. Not only are they pleasing to look at, but they also function as a simple and functional design aspect that breaks up content into more digestible bites.
10. Unusual/Lack of Navigation

Traditional navigation menus are located at the top or side of a website page. Recently, however, more and more websites have been experimenting with unique navigation menus, and in some cases there is no navigation “menu”, but rather a different way of directing or “navigating” the user towards the information they’re looking for.

Another emerging and increasing popular web design trend is the use of ghost buttons. They are transparent buttons that blend in with the background, for a cleaner look. Again, this design trend goes well with the flat and minimalistic designs that seem to be gaining popularity.
To stay relevant in today’s world of web design, it’s worth investing in the latest website technology and functionality. You don’t have to do it all, but implementing at least a few of the above trends will have you well on your way to presenting a great website in 2016.

What questions might you ask a client when starting a new project?

1. “Can you describe your business in a few sentences?”
2. “Who are your main competitors?”
3. “What sets your business apart from your competitors?”
4“Can you describe your target customer?”
5. “What is your deadline for completing the site?”
6. “What are some other sites on the Web that you like and why?”
7. “What specific functionalities would you like included on your site?”
8. “Who is going to be responsible for the website’s content?”

What do you love most about your job?

I love getting a new project to start - great speaking to different clients about different businesses and gaining a real insight into them. Great sense of pride and reward when the projects are finished and the client is extremely happy and excited about their new build.

What inspired you to start your own business?

From a young age I was always loved anything tech, and was always being asked to solve problems for family and friends on computers or email or software. I just had a flair for this sort of thing, and would spend hours in front of my pc, always messing about designing mods for my favourite online games and designing new ways to change my pc apperance. Life just got in the way and I never took it any further, I met the love of my life, Sarah, got married and had two children Jack and Macey (my world), the most important thing was to provide for my family, this took me to London for about 6 years where I was earning a good wage. My wife decided one day to become a wedding planner and started her training, and she has since built a sucessful event company. She was my inspiration............

I had already been designing websites for friends and family but decided I wanted to learn more, I started my training and started course after course after course (well you get the picture!) then I decided that I wanted to take this to the next level, and Timeless Solutions was born and I have never looked back, and now I find that I still have to do course after course after course, just to keep up with this fast changing industry but I love it.................

Why should our clients choose you?

To me you are not just a client but someone I want to build a long lasting relationship with, because I believe this is the key to any business being sucessful, you could pick lots of different developers and i'm sure there are lots of fantastic designers out there, but what I bring to the table is honesty, I know this sounds a bit corny, but I pride myself on this exact quality. It is the best way to be and creates trust, the second most important thing that you need to have. I strongly believe that every business should be able to have their business online to showcase their services in an affordable way without compromising on quality which is why I started Timeless Solutions. We offer that by flexible payment plans and website leasing options.

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What type of website is it?


Which of these best describes your Web Design requirement?

Create a new website

What are the objectives of your website?

Sell my product or service and take payments online

How soon would you like the project to begin?


What is the deadline for this project?

Less than 1 month

Do you have any additional details

Online/hybrid estate agency website. Simple, easy to navigate, bright, loud

What type of website is it?


Which of these best describes your Web Design requirement?

Create a new website

What are the objectives of your website?

Help customers find my business online

How soon would you like the project to begin?

In the next 2-3 months

What is the deadline for this project?

Less than 1 month

Do you have any additional details

I need a website to promote my new dog training school and dog walking. I’d like a website where people can book on line

What type of website is it for?

I'm not sure

Which of these best describes your web design requirement?

Create a new website

What are the objectives of your website?

Sell my product or service and take payments online

What is your estimated budget for this project?

£3,000 - £5,000

How soon would you like the project to begin?


Do you have any additional details

Membership organisation. online shop. links to social media.

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