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Let us know about the type of website you’d like to create. Are you looking to redesign an existing site, or create a new one? Do you have a preference on style? We’ll reach out to the best web designers that fit your needs.


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We aim to find you the perfect designer for your website. Use our seller profiles to understand more about your options. You can also read reviews and contact the designers directly. All that’s left to do is to start your project.

Finding the best website designer for you

Matched to you

Websites come in different shapes and sizes, from brochure websites to bespoke e-commerce. There are also lots of options available, from Wix and Squarespace all the way to high-end website agencies. Bark makes the process of selecting a web designer really smooth. Armed with details about your web project, we get you quotes from freelancers or agencies that match. You’ll only receive quotes from those that have an interest in working with you.

A question of style

We all have our own styles and preferences. You might be a business in a particular industry, with its own unique way of working. It therefore follows that your website should have a bespoke style and design to match. When you’re looking to hire a web designer, you should look at their portfolio. Do they have a set style or are they flexible in their design approach? You may be looking to build a website on Squarespace, or want a designer to create the designs on the Adobe suite first. Whatever your goals are, our profiles will help you make the best choice.

Freelance or agency?

Almost every business needs a website, but not everyone is a website expert! Should you use a freelancer? What are the benefits of using an agency? Traditionally freelancers are better suited to smaller sites. An agency will have a larger team so are able to work on bigger, more complex websites. It’s not a hard and fast rule though. Making sure your freelancer or agency understand what you’re trying to achieve with your new digital presence is really important. They can then advise on whether they’re suited to your needs. You’ll receive quotes from interested sellers, so it will be clear whether you’re more suited to freelancers or agencies.
Conoco Web Design  profile image

Conoco Web Design

We needed a website and branding for a new business but had no idea where to start! Conoco Web Design were fantastic. They really guided us throughout the project and delivered a website that we absolutely love.

Hear from
a professional

What inspired you to be a web designer?

It’s been my career path from a pretty young age! I loved art at school and was in a great position to see how design on the internet changed every year. It was a pretty natural progression to study design at university and become a designer. I don’t think any one thing inspired me, I just find it really interesting.

What type of websites do you design?

We’re specialists in tech startups. All three of us in the team have worked for high growth startups, so we wanted to make sure that we used our expertise in this sector. The great thing is that they are usually more receptive to new ideas or design styles compared with ‘older’ industries I suppose. It means that the majority of websites we create are designed on mobile first and then expanded for desktop browsers. We also get to include really cool illustrations, imagery or video content on the sites.

Do you have any advice on choosing a designer?

Yes! Ask for ideas. You might not get a full homepage concept for free, but most designers can give you an understanding of their ideas. You can do so much with websites nowadays – they might even completely change your mind with the direction of your site!

Why should someone choose you?

We’re specialists so we really understand our industry. We’re actually very proud that we can influence items that aren’t specifically website design. We often talk to our clients about brand messaging or product design. The websites we design and build are there for a purpose. They help convey the brand message and boost your digital marketing as a whole.

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Example requests

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Which of these best describes your website requirements?

Minor changes to my website

What type of website is it?

E-commerce / online store

What are the objectives of your website?

Sell my product or service and take payments online

What is the estimated budget for this project?

£2000 - £3000

How soon would you like the project to begin?


Will the website need any special features?

We want people to be able to share products through social channels

Any other important information?

Some of our products are very limited stock so we would need a stock management system on the site

Which of these best describes your website requirements?

Full website redesign

What type of website is it?

Business website

What are the objectives of your website?

Help customers find my business online

What is the estimated budget for this project?

More than £5000

How soon would you like the project to begin?

In the next few weeks

Will the website need any special features?

We would like to integrate a chat bot

Any other important information?

Our website is very outdated and is built on Wordpress. We’d like to stick with Wordpress but need it to be fully responsive

Which of these best describes your website requirements?

Create a new website

What type of website is it?

Personal website

What are the objectives of your website?

Provide information to the public

What is the estimated budget for this project?

Under £500

How soon would you like the project to begin?

In the next 2-3 months

Will the website need any special features?


Any other important information?

I would like the website to include a lot of image/video content

The average price of a Web Designer is C$1,300

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