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East Sussex

SDM is a complete Digital Marketing solution for businesses of any size. We offer bespoke website designs as well as complete social media and email marketing with in depth analytic reporting and ongoing support. WEB DESIGN ​ All businesses can benefit from a website but nothing will turn customers away quicker than a dated site with poor functionality. Customers want to know about your services and what you offer, and the truth is your most successful competitors are already there, and we don't want you to be left behind. ​At SDM we work tirelessly to make sure your vision is made into a reality when it comes to your website and social presence we build everything from a simple site for updating customers with upcoming events and offers to complete interactive online stores, videos, animations and content, booking and mapping systems. The most valuable thing to SDM is being able to help your business reach its goals. ​ SEO - (Search Engine Optimisation) ​ We are masters in the SEO field, you need your business on google page one and so do we. From key words to topic cluster creation with continued growth and engagement we will ensure that your site and social presence you will climb the search engine ranking and be found by your customers quickly to ensure the highest return on your investment . SOCIAL MEDIA ​ ​ We live in a society where everything its instantly accessible , the example I always give for this is whenever there is a tube delay or an issue with a delivery i'm expecting, I don't go on to their app or website and log in then find my order number, then fill out a form or sit on hold waiting for someone to answer. I go on twitter, I send a message and someone gets back to me straight away. If I want to see what a bar or restaurant is like before I visit, I go on Instagram and have a look at the images, I read the comments to see if the food is good, what is the atmosphere like etc. ​If I make a review of a great service I have received, we write a review on Facebook, the same as if we want to know opening times or get a feel for a business. ​The point is that we use social media in the same way that we use a search engine, business need to accessible, engaged and commutative with their customers to fully guarantee business growth. SDM live and breathe Social Marketing, its where we started after all, we understand how important it is to engaging the right audience, on the right platform, at the right time. EMAIL MARKETING​ ​SDM provide full email marketing solutions to enable you to effectively engage with your customers. We are fully GDPR compliant and provide templates and design layouts to suit your needs and make sure you're getting the most from your email campaigns, creating a maximum return on your investment and communication where it matters for your customers. ANALYTICS & SUPPORT ​SDM don't just give you your digital package and walk away, we believe that continued support services and ongoing relationships are imperative to help your business grow. We excel in analytical review and actioning and will continue to work with you and offer insight into your customer base, where it is performing and where it may benefit from some extra care and attention. ​ We will set up all the necessary Analytical tools to suit your needs such as Google Analytics, Facebook and Instagram Blueprint and Google Adwords, and will be here to teach you how to use these tools and get the most out of your digital presence. Of course if you would prefer we manage your digital presence, site and social we offer this too as an ongoing relationship, ensuring your business is always performing to its full potential.

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What makes a great website?

For us a great website need to be engaging from the first click, it needs to speak to your customers quickly and effectively and demonstrate that you are a leader in your given field.

What questions might you ask a client when starting a new project?

What are your needs?

How did you reach where you are as a business, whats your backstory?

Where do you want your business to be in 2 years time, how, do you plan to get there?

What do you love most about your job?

Helping small businesses, I have worked as a salaried member of staff for a few fortune 500 companies and I got tired of helping shareholders fill their pockets without really caring about the business.

I started SDM to help people buy houses, take their children on holidays and make lasting memories with their own business.

What inspired you to start your own business?

Skateboarding in the nineties - Allow me to elaborate.

As a spritely 16 year old, I was a semi successful skateboarder. I had a few sponsors and was paving my way in competitions and doing okay. The routine was school during the day, and the evenings and weekends were consumed with skateboarding. Rain, shine, snow or hurricane I found a way to skate, be it in a underpass or garage I practiced and practiced because I was in love with everything about it.

You may be asking yourself what this has to do with small business? Well, at that time you didn't see skateboarding on the TV, you didn't have gameshows dedicated to it and it certainly wasn't being considered for the Olympics. If you wanted to skate you did it on the street, there wasn't skateparks everywhere and you had to make do with what you had. The same story was being narrated by the companies that were producing skateboarding products.

99% of companies involved with skateboarding were owned by SKATEBOARDERS. They were so passionate about the scene that they got involved in making their passion their business and the result at the time was incredible. The quality of the products and the attention to detail was impeccable as skateboards were being made to unbelievable standards in peoples workshops by teams of 10, and the industry grew from strength to strength because of it. Skateparks started to open but they were also owned by skateboarders and they had a charm that you will not find these days. They were rugged, they were raw and the owners were involved and cared about the scene. They nurtured it and helped it grow.

You could hangout all day at a local skate shop or park and chat to the OWNER. They would help you with their knowledge, they would point you in the direction of spots if you were visiting or new to the area and if you needed help with products they knew everything inside out, because they were as passionate about it as you were.

Fast forward to the early 2000's and big businesses started to notice the passion within the scene and they jumped on the bandwagon. Nike and Adidas got involved, supermarkets started selling skateboard products, meeting rooms rallied together with shareholders discussing the profit margins to be made on opening a chain of skate shops and huge factories in China started churning out skateboards in the millions.

The passion and soul of skateboarding is still there but its not for the love as much as the potential paycheque from Nike, or a board sponsorship form some "World Industries" subsidiary.

My point here is that things were better before shareholders had a say, and choices were made by a board of people that have never held a skateboard. And that rule works the same for any business or industry.

Small businesses are vital in modern society. If you would rather drink coffee in a Starbucks than a small batch coffee shop owned by a local you're crazy. Not only will the coffee be infinitely better but the owner will almost certainly be there; they will able to speak to you about the beans, and the farmer in country that they came from who they almost certainly went to meet before they bought the coffee. Not only will their passion come through in their shop but you will help support the local business in the coffee plantation, who will be paid a fair price for the coffee you're drinking, as opposed to being completely exploited by the corporation coffee shops that are lining a shareholders pockets making millions from well documented exploitation of coffee farmers.

The same can be said for pubs & restaurants; would you rather sit next a warmly lit fireplace with a great beer in your hand in a locally owned pub? Or would you prefer the sticky floors, bright lights and cheap warm beer at Wetherspoons?

This is why small businesses are so important to us at SDM. We have the same passion about your business as I had as that 16 year old in that undercroft in the rain, we understand the effort you put into your business and we are absolutely committed to make sure your digital presence is as passionately created and as beautiful as the worlds small enterprises.

Why should our clients choose you?

We genuinely care about your business, we exist to help your business grow and we are proud to be part of that journey.

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Web Design FAQs

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How much does web design cost? This is something that can be incredibly difficult to put a figure on due to the nature of the service. There are also differences based on whether you are looking to work with a freelancer or a web design agency, and also whether you need a large, complicated site or something more simple.

We can help you to connect with the right designer to suit your needs. A clear idea of what you need, and how many pages and features are required, will be influential when it comes to pricing. This will help you to get an accurate quote for web design.

These two terms may seem like they are used interchangeably but they are two different things. A designer will be focused on the visual and creating a UI to suit the user, whereas a web developer is usually focused on the actual core of the website, making it function and using coding to enable it to do what it is supposed to.

When working with a web designer, if you want the whole package of a fully finished and functioning website, check that this is something they can offer before you employ their services. Make sure you have understood if they are offering web design or development, or both.

  • Responsive - A responsive web page design means that the site is viewable on a number of devices. The design automatically sizes to the screen and the designer doesn’t need to make formats for different devices and desktops.

  • Liquid or Fluid - This is a style of design that will shrink or stretch to the shape of the browser, and the page will look enlarged or shrunk, rather than items being rearranged. The size of the items in the design alter in relation to one another depending on the browser being used.

  • Fixed design - Fixed pages do not alter according to the browser automatically. On some devices such as tablets this can make it harder to see the content as you need to scroll around the page or pinch the screen in order to zoom in on sections. Though it is sometimes essential, fixed design is becoming less common.

Whether you are working with a freelancer or a big agency, they will have a portfolio for you to view. This allows you to see other, similar projects they have worked on and decide if they have the skills you need.

There are a number of web design certifications and they may be happy to share any they have attained, but there isn’t one standardized industry body.

If you are worried about a designer’s credentials you can also check their feedback from other clients, which you can view on their Bark profile.

Should you work with a freelancer or an agency? This is one of the decisions you need to make when looking to plan a web design project.

Working with a freelance Web Designer
This may be an option that can save you money. Freelancers are often able to charge less as they don’t have the same overheads as an agency.

Working with a Web Design agency
Web design agencies may have a bigger set of skills to draw upon than a freelancer as they will usually have a number of staff and designers working for them. They may also be able to show you a bigger portfolio, but you can expect to pay more when using an agency.

Definitely! One of the advantages of hiring a web designer is that they are able to provide services to their clients from any location. However, if your website is for a local audience, then you might want to hire someone nearby rather than further afield, so that they better understand your target market.



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