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Inspiring architectural interior design photography and corporate photography for events, people, products, industry and food. In studio or on location. Also producing creative commercial video.

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22 October 2008

very talented, fantastic pictures, faultless!

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Great photography starts with a vision. Knowing how to create that vision and turn it into real image that will sell the product or service through photography is a challenge I never get tired of rising to.

My father had his own business and I always knew that I would too. The relative freedom of working and being in control of your destiny is a scenario I cherish.

I have the experience to get the job done. I have photographed most things in my career, yet still retain a desire to do things differently where possible. I'm pretty easy to get on with too!



I'm going to stick my neck out here. I believe you have just found one of the best interior design photographers available to you in the North West of the UK. Why do I say that? I have a body of work and client base which spans many genres. My experience, expertise and attention to detail is second to none. I'm at home on a five day indoor architectural photography shoot, at a seven million pound residence, or equally working for the owners of a single holiday cottage.

Creating eye-catching images from mundane areas of commerce and industry is a great pleasure for me. 'Seeing' a potential shot within a floor of industrial machinery, or knowing where to place the company director for the annual report cover, is both challenging and rewarding. As an experienced commercial photographer who has produced imagery for names such as EDF, Seddon, Balfour Beattie and G.E. I am fully aware of working environments, health & safety issues, and also like to think that I have an ability to communicate with people at all levels to achieve the required result.

​Great people shots are rarely the result of good fortune on the part of the photographer. Background, lighting, and props are all considerations, but the life and soul has to come from the person, not always an easy ask. A positive and upbeat photographer can put the subject at their ease and help deliver the intended result. I am that photographer!

​Whether your product is a containerised lorry or a simple piece of classic jewellery, you can rest assured that you will find the knowledge, experience and ability here, together with a reasonable helping of good humour to make the process all that more enjoyable. Product photography available at your location with a portable studio system across the UK.

Joining up with my highly qualified good friend and fellow photographer, we come as a package of 'teamimage.tv' to produce you beautiful well thought out imagery within every video.