Couple looking for ‘doggyguard’ to protect beloved pet from thieves

We’ve had an unusual request come through to the site, and we’re hoping to find a professional with the right mix of skills who can help this desperate couple. 

The couple is on the hunt for a ‘doggyguard’ to protect their expensive and rare breed of Pomeranian, whilst taking him on walks. Aside from being a beloved pet, the dog in question, Figaro, is worth £4,000 due to his rare colouring and outstanding bloodline.

In the request, the couple explains that they were left traumatised and frightened after the attempted kidnap of Figaro earlier this year. 

So what will be required from the ‘doggyguard’? 

Applicants must be trained to preferably black belt level in at least one form of martial arts, be an animal lover, and ideally come from a security and/or bodybuilding background. 

The full request states:

“Good evening, we’re emailing as we added a job to your site recently, and we’re in desperate need of assistance. This year our dog, Figaro, was almost kidnapped. It has left us in such a bad place of anxiety and stress. So we’re looking for a dog walker that can also protect him properly in case it happens again.

Our Figaro is basically like our child, he’s a rare Pom who we have studded often, with an outstanding bloodline, so a likely target for thieves.

We know it seems a little extreme but the fact that someone has already attempted to snatch him once is enough to shake us up and take drastic actions! To us it just seems logical to hire someone to relieve this stress from our lives. They must be trained in martial arts or combat, preferably black belt and have experience in security or similar, bodybuilding too, this person must look the part. 

The hired bodyguard will ensure he is always safe, they will also bond over their walks and the bodyguard will be our way of knowing that Figaro is protected. We want them to walk him twice a day, Monday to Friday, as well as spend time with him so he doesn’t get lonely. 

Friends and family have called us crazy but we don’t care. The police said there was nothing they could do last time, his safety is the most important things to us. As you have both security professionals and dog walkers on site we were hoping you could help us. For the right person we’re willing to pay up to £20,000 a year.”

The hired professional must also follow strict privacy rules set by the couple, as well as sign an NDA.

If you think you can help this couple out, register your services and apply here.

We looked into the case of dog theft and discovered that data reported it had risen by a staggering 27% between 2014 and 2018**, however the number of arrests made in connection to dog theft fell by 10%. On average there were more than five reported dog thefts every day in the UK last year. 

Under the Theft Act 1968*, pets are legally regarded as ‘inanimate’ objects when they are stolen, therefore considered low-risk in the eyes of the law. Dog theft comes under the same offences as burglary or theft from a person, unlike stealing a bicycle, which is recognised as its own offence. co-founder, Kai Feller said,

“As a fellow dog owner, I can empathise with this couple. With the rise of dog-nappers in the UK, and the way the law views dogs that have been stolen, it’s clear why dog owners feel anxious. A bodyguard for the couple’s dog seems like the next step, especially if it is causing unnecessary stress. It may seem over the top to some, but they clearly love Figaro a lot and want to introduce a new person for him to bond with while also protecting him. 

“At Bark, we pride ourselves on being able to help people, and connect customers with the perfect professionals, and we hope to do the same in this case.”




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