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How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Mobile App Developer 2023

Average Price

How much does Mobile Software Development cost?

Need to bring your business into the twenty-first century with a mobile software developer, but not sure of the cost? Read on to find out how much you’ll pay for mobile software development, from basic apps to complex functionalities, and more!

What is Mobile App Development?

With people spending more time on their mobile devices than ever before, it’s no surprise that mobile applications (also knows as apps) are dominating the online world. If you’re a business, it pays to connect with your customers through a mobile application. Whether it’s increasing accessibility, building brand awareness, or improving customer loyalty, the benefits are endless. Find a Mobile App Developer near me.

If you’re thinking about putting together a mobile application overnight, then think again. Being able to build an effective mobile app requires years of experience and training. If you’re serious about creating an effective app for your business or personal use, then you’ll need to bring a software development expert in. 

Different from a website developer, who creates applications for the internet, a mobile software developer creates more complex applications for use on computers and mobile devices. 

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Mobile App Developer? 

Hiring a mobile software developer can be pricey, not least because of the time and expertise required to create an app from scratch. The cost really depends on the complexity of the project, so the price can vary dramatically. As a rough estimate, here’s a breakdown of the average cost of a mobile software developer per project, based on local US professionals:

Average cost (in total)$5,000
Minimum cost (in total)$4,000
Maximum cost (in total) $9,000

What changes the cost of Mobile Software Development? 

The cost of mobile app development changes depending on different factors, including:  

  • Location

  • Project complexity

  • Professional’s experience 

  • Apple iOS vs. Android


One factor affecting cost is the location of the professional. If you hire someone based in New York or San Francisco, for example, they’ll probably charge more to cover the higher costs of living. Mobile app development is a remote service, which means you can search for professionals further afield, even in another country to you. Although, the benefit of hiring locally is that you can discuss the project in person if you ever need to.

App project complexity 

This is by far the biggest cost factor with mobile app development. Put simply, the number and complexity of features you require will directly influence the final price. An example of average costs based on the size of the website and the complexity of the project is given below:

Project type Average cost (in total)
Developing a small, simple, new app$2,000
Overhauling a large, well-established app $20,000

Here are some app features you may want to include which typically increase costs: 

  • In-app purchases - In app-purchases provide a function where customers can make purchases within the app. This increases the price as it takes time to integrate them with a third party.  

  • User engagement features - User engagement features, such as functionalities for clicks, likes, comments, and shares, can be quite simple or extremely complex. The more interactive and sophisticated, the higher the cost.  

  • Location services - Location-based marketing tools like Geofencing are complicated and time-consuming to install - and time is money!  

The developers experience 

The experience of your App Developer will also influence costs. An industry newbie will charge much less than someone with years of experience and an impressive portfolio. Here’s a rough estimate of differences in hourly rates depending on experience: 

App Developer experienceHourly rate
Junior $30 - $50
Experienced $100 - $150

Apple iOS vs. Android (Native Vs. Hybrid )

The type of platform (or how many) you choose also has a part to play in the final cost. If you want your app to be compatible with both iOS and Android, expect to pay more, as both platforms use different languages for programming, which is more time-consuming for the developer. Android and iOS apps each have their own benefits and disadvantages, so remember to do your research into which platform is better suited for your project and business aims - or ask your software developer for advice. 

How to keep costs to a minimum with your Mobile Software Development project: 

Mobile app development is a highly specialized and complex profession, so it’s no surprise that it comes with big prices. If you’re wondering how to keep costs down, we’ve put together our top tips and tricks:

  • Choose one platform - An easy way to keep costs down is choosing between iOS or Android for your application platform. Choosing both platforms will double the amount of time (and money) it takes to complete your project. 

  • Know your end goal - Before hiring a mobile software developer, spend some time thinking about what you want to achieve with your application. The clearer the brief, the easier and quicker it will be for the professional to implement. This will reduce the overall cost as projects are priced according to time. 

  • Keep it simple - When it comes to mobile app development, less is more. Don’t distract the user with irrelevant (and costly) unnecessary features. 

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