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Getting to the bottom of it all

It’s not all cloak and dagger

The work of a private investigator has many connotations. It may be that you’re only aware of their work through crime dramas, but the reality is that many situations in a person’s life can be helped by a private investigator.

Do you want to carry out a background check on a potential new employee? Have you begun to form a relationship with someone online, and are concerned they may not be who they say they are? Private investigators search tirelessly for the truth. Their goal is to give you that much-needed peace of mind.

Keeping it under wraps

Confidentiality and discretion are fundamental to being a private investigator. Not only are you hiring someone to carry out a service, but you’re also trusting them with a sensitive situation. Therefore, you’ll want to be thorough in verifying their background and credentials.

Many private investigators have experience in the police or the armed forces. This means they're often experts in surveillance and forensics, but also know how to handle people. Your private investigator should belong to an approved industry association. This could be the Association of British Investigators, or the Security Industry Authority.

Putting the pieces together

Private investigators specialise in locating people. This doesn’t just mean people who’ve suddenly ‘disappeared’. You may want to reach out to an ex-partner or family member you’ve lost touch with. Someone may owe you a debt, but you find yourself unable to reach them.

We live in a day and age when people constantly create new information about themselves. A lot of this is publicly available, such as voting records or social media profiles. CCTV is also now a routine part of modern life. A private investigator will put the pieces together to form credible lines of inquiry.
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Salazar Investigations

‘21 Certificate of Excellence

Our team at Salazar Investigations serves our clients with the highest quality private investigations services available. We make it our goal to provide you with the most efficient solutions to your investigative needs, our service is aimed at helping you make the informed decisions you need for your unique case. Our investigators will provide you with all the pertinent information after your investigation is concluded, this includes all reports, photographs, video tapes, voice recordings and statements gathered during the investigation. We equip all of our investigators with state-of-the-art technology and training to aid in accomplishing your investigative goals.

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a professional

What do you love most about your job?

Helping others achieve their desired results, even if unfavourable. My goal is to find peace of mind or closure.

What inspired you to start your own business?

I conducted my own investigation on a personal and private matter. After a 6 month long waiting game (building a 4” Binder) for my own case, I figured out that this is what I wanted to pursue. Not only did I help myself, I know I wanted to help others solve their cases.

Why should our clients choose you?

We are local, licensed, and insured. We produce... Bottom-line!

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Private Investigators FAQs

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Prices can vary depending on your professional’s experience and the location of the investigation.

Your professional private investigator will be able to advise you on the full range of options, including what is most suitable for you. Use Bark to receive free quotes and get in touch with local private investigators today.

Some of the common services your private investigator can help with include:

  • Surveillance and counter-surveillance

  • Taking pictures and compiling evidence

  • Interviewing witnesses and conducting research

  • Conducting background checks and running credit reports

  • Process serving

  • Performing due diligence and debt recovery

There are several factors worth considering when choosing your private investigator. These include:

  • Referrals - You will likely be sharing personal information with this person, so it is important to find someone reliable. Do as much research on the private investigator as possible. Ask trusted friends for recommendations and always check reviews.

  • Office-based - Make sure they have an office. If your private detective only works out of restaurants and over the phone, that is a sign you should get out now. You need to know where to find this person if they don’t follow through on their obligations.

  • Experience - Ask about their experience and education. To make sure your job gets done right, find a detective who specialises in the task you need. Ask about their experience and the results of their past work.

  • Insurance - Most serious private investigators are insured. While it is not necessary for all jobs, if something were to happen during the work, you as the hirer, would be held liable if there was no insurance coverage.

  • Confidentiality - You are very likely to deal with sensitive information when you are working with a private investigator, and you need to be sure they will be discreet and respectful of information shared between the two of you.

  • Contract - Your initial consultation with a private detective should be free, and from there, they should be able to outline anticipated costs. If you choose to follow through with the work, make sure all fees and expectations are clearly outlined in a contract.

  • Be prepared - Brace yourself for what a private investigator may uncover. Be sure you are ready for whatever they may find, especially when it involves people close to you. You may hope the private investigator will prove your fears wrong, but be sure that you will be able to handle all outcomes.

You can be confident that any of the local private investigators on Bark will give you a reliable and professional service.

Before you choose a private investigator, you could read testimonials and details of their past work on their website.

You could also look at their profile page on Bark, which displays reviews from past customers.

Absolutely! Although, it's important to carry out thorough checks on your personal investigator as well as looking at testimonials from previous clients, as your professional will be dealing with sensitive information, so you need to ensure that they're trustworthy.

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