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Lifeguarding Legacies, PLLC

It's on your to-do-list. You know you need to complete your will or trust. But somehow the whole idea is about as much fun as planning a tooth extraction. It doesn't have to be like that. What if I told you that what we are doing is protecting your kids from being sued in a car accident? Or protecting them from a failed marriage? Or keeping your kids from fighting? Or helping design a plan for the charities where you already volunteer? Or maybe even taking care of Fido in the way that you've always pampered your furbaby? Yes, we do that. And it is all painless. Then your friend tells you that they just used a cheap or free online service to do their will. It's a little like pulling your own tooth. You could do it. But what if it gets infected? What if you break the tooth? What if you damage the nerve? Chances are, the expense and pain of the cleanup is more than if you'd have just made the appointment to let the professional do their job. That's why you hear the horror stories. We can protect you from that pain. As a long-time educator and counselor, I use very little "legal speak" (unless I am teaching it). I can even help spouses who don't necessarily agree find a plan that eases both their concerns. And I do this in a no-risk way with free strategy sessions and a free copy of my eBook "Lifeguard Your Legacy: what every Arizonian should know about Estate Planning." So meet with me, ask your questions, and let me help you proudly check this off that nagging to-do-list, replaced with the peace of mind that you've Lifeguarded Your Legacy.

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What do you love most about your job?

This career is a perfect combination of all my past careers. I have the opportunity to teach, counsel, create, and problem solve with clients in a meaningful way that has impacts on generations. I help people see both possibility and problems, then design solutions that turn their values into legacies.

What inspired you to start your own business?

The move to Arizona forced me out of my comfort zone in education. It was time to jump. To take a risk--sit for a bar exam, build something entirely new, and grow a whole new networking circle. Looking back, it was a crazy leap, but now I am seeing the pieces all fit together. And have been amazed at how each client inspires me to continue this adventure with consistent renewed enthusiasm.

Why should our clients choose you?

Many good estate attorneys in the area all take the same training and use the same software to create legal documents. So the difference is in the experience. There are a 3 ways that the experience will be different with me. 1) I come to your home or place of business (concierge-style). 2) I don't ask you to complete the 14-page intake forms. You do nothing but sign and initial. I ask the questions and take the notes. 3) You end up with your original documents AND a lifetime membership to www.mylifeandwishes.com, which is loaded with your documents and key contacts on a very secure platform where you can later add your personal information, passwords, and accounts. This last benefit will leave your Personal Representative or Trustee blessing your name for making their job less of a scavenger hunt in the dark and more of a neatly wrapped, easy to manage gift.

Can you provide your services online or remotely? If so, please add details.

There are three appointments for most clients. The first is the consultation/intake--the client gets to choose whether we meet live or on Zoom. The second is the document review--this is on Zoom--where we review the key provisions in all documents and make live changes together. The final is the signing, which is done live at your home with two witnesses that you select and I act as notary. After that, I scan your documents and priority mail them back to you. If you selected a Trust, I still assist you with funding for 90 days after signing.

What changes have you made to keep your customers safe from Covid-19?

The client is ordinarily in their home, so I rely on their comfort for Covid-19 and follow their lead. For the initial appointment, it is often easy to provide some physical distance. Many clients have chosen to meet outside. For signing appointments, we have frequently met outside or have witnesses at a separate table where I run between the two tables. One signing actually happened at the client's request on the hood of a car in the driveway. In all cases, I arrive at all appointments with a faceshield and hand sanitizer. I give out single-use quality pens to clients who are signing documents and the witnesses attending. I request that everyone use hand sanitizer before and after signing since we are passing documents back and forth.

One change that was not my choice is the hospital environment. Pre-COVID, I could help clients in their 11th hour to put together estate plans. Now, if anyone is allowed in the hospital, it is just one guest. End-of-life created plans are no longer feasible. I encourage clients to cross estate planning off the checklist now and do not procrastinate, relying on 11th hour planning.

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Wills and Estate Planning FAQs

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Having to allocate your estate can be a very sensitive task and often complicated task. This can be made harder the more intricate you wish your will to be. When writing a will, whether it’s straightforward or more complex, it’s a good idea to get some professional help and advice. Many people choose to go for a solicitor when it comes to their will writing needs, but an accredited Will Writer can be just as effective, at a fraction of the price.

If you opt for a face-to-face meeting, your will writer will schedule an appointment in your home. During this appointment, your Will Writer will have a conversation about your specific circumstances.

With telephone-based services, you will be assisted with enquiries much in the same way as a face-to-face appointment.

During both of these conversations, your Will Writer will ask you to confirm some details:

  • What type of assets you own – this includes any possessions, property and savings

  • Your executors – members in your family that are tasked with handling property, paying debts/taxes a liaising with beneficiaries

  • Your beneficiaries – what family members receive what/how and in what amounts. This includes what charities are awarded compensation. Your will writer will give you suggestions on all of these factors and how to organise them prior to drafting.

With an online service, your Will Writer will respond to a set of online questions about your will. After completing these questions, you will receive a draft by either email or post, which you will then be required to sign in the presence of a witness.

So what should you think about when looking for a will writer? Bark makes it easy to compare professionals and get quotes immediately. Here are some points you may wish to review before selecting an estate planning professional:

  • Take a look at past reviews or testimonials from previous clients

  • Check whether the Will Writer specialises in your specific circumstances (i.e. overseas assets)

  • Accreditation by The Law Society – proves the legitimacy of the professional

  • Possible member of The Society of Will Writers or The Institute of Professional Will Writers – proof of up-to-date training Insurance in the case that your will is challenged legally (adhering to a code of practice

These are great places to start when hiring your Will Writer.

Getting a Will Writer has some very obvious benefits. You may have assets you wish to split among a wide range of people. Or you may not know how you wish to divide your estate at all. In either of these cases, a Will Writer can help to clarify your motivations and see to it that your family is provided for correctly.

The will-writing process itself can be very intricate. If you are confused about the ways in which your estate can be organised, or you’re unaware of the best way to protect your estate for future generations, a Will Writer can be very valuable. With an accredited Will Writer, you can make sure that your estate is not only allocated correctly but that all assets left behind are safeguarded for future generations.

One very important aspect of writing your will is that it is legally binding. It is very easy to write a will in theory – but incorrect or omitted information can cause unpleasant disputes between family members. These disputes can rage on for years and years. By having your will looked over by a professional, you avoid needless confusion or altercations between your loved ones.

Making sure your will is kept up to date shouldn’t be forgotten either. A good Will Writing company will keep details on file, and also let you know when you should update your will accordingly. Looking over your will on a frequent basis is very important. Not only does this keep you up to date with regulations, but you can also make sure everything you’ve stated in your will is still current.

Yes! Bark makes it simple to find and hire a Will Writer from the comfort of your home. Just tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll connect you with the best Will Writers for the job. Most Will Writers will be able to offer their services online or remotely, all you’ll need is a phone or a strong internet connection.



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