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How to grow your Social Media presence in 2021

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Alex, Staff Writer

Friday, 14 May 2021

Social media marketing is one of the most important forms of marketing in our increasingly digital world. Not only is a vast proportion of the population on social media, but it’s also a free marketing tool, and what could be better than that?

Social media gives you a direct line of communication to prospective customers who have actively opted to follow your business. This makes social media a great way to connect with your target audience and receive continuous feedback on your service offering.

However, creating a social media presence isn’t always easy. It can take hard work and dedication to build a social media presence that makes an impact. Here are five ways that you can grow your social media presence in 2021.

Create a Social Media strategy

Creating a social media strategy can help you to understand what you’re trying to achieve and how you’re going to get there.

You’ll begin by understanding your target audience – that’s your ideal customer. After all, if you don’t truly understand who you’re targeting with your marketing, you’re unlikely to be successful. Once you understand who you’re aiming your social media marketing at, you can begin to set realistic goals. Some popular goals may include:

  • Increasing your brand awareness

  • Driving traffic to your website

  • Increasing your engagement levels

  • Growing your audience and followers

Your goals should be measurable and time-dependent, as this will allow you to effectively monitor your progress over time. Once these goals have been set, you can begin to think about how you will achieve them. This includes considering which type of content will allow you to reach your target audience most effectively and help you to achieve your goals.  

Build a Social Media content calendar

A social media content calendar acts as a visual representation of your social media strategy. Your strategy outlines what you want to achieve, whilst your content calendar sets out exactly how you’re going to do it.

Creating a social media calendar will help you to see exactly what content you’re posting and when. This will help you to stay on track with your social media marketing and ensure that you don’t lose traction.

Once your content calendar is in place, it’s a good idea to use a social media scheduling tool to prepare your content. A scheduling tool will allow you to create your content ahead of time, posting it on your behalf on your selected day and time. This is ideal for small business owners who don’t have the time to create social media content daily. By using a social media scheduling tool, you can spend one day a month creating content and then forget about it for the rest of the month.

Get personal

Some of the most effective social media content in terms of driving engagement are personal posts. These are social media posts that show the person behind the business.

If you’re a sole trader, you could consider posting the story of how you began your business, a few facts about yourself, or even a photo of yourself. This helps to humanize your business, showing that you are friendly and approachable.

For larger businesses that employ several staff members, you could have a weekly or monthly team spotlight, showcasing a member of staff, along with their interests and achievements.

Social media content that humanizes your business and gives it that personal quality can help to increase your engagement rates and raise the profile of your brand.

Make use of Social Media analytics

You know what you want to achieve, but how will you track your progress?

Most social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have analytics tools built-in. This allows you to see how your social media content is performing and whether your followers are increasing or decreasing.

Continuously monitoring your social media analytics will give you a clear picture of how effective your social media strategy is and whether you’re on track to achieve your goals. You can also use these analytics to discover what type of content performs best and which type of content you might choose to avoid in the future.

Hire a Social Media manager

If you want to drive your social media performance, it’s worth considering hiring a social media professional to manage your accounts. A social media marketing manager can help you to put together a social media strategy, along with a content calendar. They can also create content for your business and post on your behalf.

Hiring a social media manager can fast-track your progress across every social platform. They will put their specialist knowledge to use in driving your social media performance and helping you to achieve your marketing goals.  

If you’re ready to hire a social media manager to drive your engagement and increase your followers, you can find the perfect social media expert for your business on Bark.

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