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How much does a Graphic Designer charge?

Average Price
$40 - $130 per hour

What is the cost of a Graphic Designer?

Need a graphic designer to help turn your design dream into a reality but not sure how much it’ll set you back? Read our handy guide to find out how much your graphic designer will cost for the likes of logo design, business cards, and similar services.

What does a Graphic Designer do? 

Graphic design is a visual art form that encompasses illustration, typography, photo manipulation, and motion design. A graphic designer can work with both physical and digital mediums to create items such as logos, posters, business cards, brochures, letterheads, canvas prints, book covers, signage, social media graphics, packaging, and more. 

A graphic designer tends to be college-educated, which can sometimes be complemented with professional experiences, such as at a design studio or printing company. A graphic designer should possess an excellent eye for detail and be able to creatively interpret a brief. 

How much does a Graphic Designer cost? 

Average cost (per hour) $40 - $130
Minimum cost (per hour) $40
Maximum cost (per hour) $665

The average cost to hire a graphic designer is between $40 and $665 per hour. Though your project may also be priced as a fixed fee too which could work out cheaper overall.


When you work with a graphic designer you quite literally are starting with a blank canvas! The project scope will be reflected in the overall cost, but there are several other considerations when it comes to determining price: 

  • Type of graphic design service 

  • Item type 

  • Design style 

  • Intended purpose 

  • Experience of designer

  • Project scope 

  • Revisions

Type of Graphic Design service

Type of graphic design serviceHighest average price (per item)Lowest average price (per item)
Logo design$665$120
Book cover$400 $160
Brochure design$530$330
Business cards$130$65
Social media covers$65$40

It’s tricky to get your head around graphic design costs, as your designer may charge by the hour, per item, or as a package fee. The cost also is much higher for the most experienced freelancers or if you go to a design studio. If looking to hire on an hourly basis, you should expect to pay between $40 and $130 per hour depending on the level of experience the graphic designer has. 

On average, social media covers are the cheapest items to produce starting at just $40. The most expensive item is logo design which can be as much as $665. The reason for this is because your logo will be used on every single piece of marketing material you produce for many years to come. It communicates to your customers exactly who it is you are and will set the tone for the kind of clientele you will attract.  

Item type

Graphic designers can create a very wide range of printed or digital items. Before hiring, it’s helpful to do some research yourself so that you have an idea of what you want the final product to look like. Though your designer can give you help and advice if needed. If you are unsure, then check out some local printing companies to see what type of items they can produce for you with your design. 

Design style

Remember that every graphic designer will have a unique design style and process, so it’s worth sticking with the same designer if you have an ongoing design project, so that you stay consistent. 

This is especially the case if you are happy with their work, as graphic designers will also frown at being asked to copy existing styles or pieces.

Intended purpose

It’s important to be clear about the intended purpose of your design and where it will be used, as this will impact the work that your graphic designer does.

For example, if you are having a piece of signage made, the text will need to be large and bold so that it can be seen easily by passing traffic. Likewise, a business card is only the size of a credit card, so the challenge is to make sure the text and graphics are legible. 

Some items such as a logo may need to work at smaller and larger scales. Your graphic designer should provide you with a range of file formats such as eps, pdf, jpg, png, etc so that the artwork can be used for a variety of purposes. 

Experience of designer

A graphic designer with years of experience under their belt will inevitably charge more than someone fresh out of college. However, when it comes to the visuals representing your business it’s imperative to have an expert eye dictate proceedings. 

While not everyone has the budget for a top design studio, always make sure you are dealing with a professional before you start. Their portfolio as well as asking about their experience will guide you with this. 

Project scope

Project scope is undeniably the biggest factor influencing the overall price. It’s important to be clear about how much work you need your graphic designer to do so that they can give you a reasonable quote based on that. 

It’s best not to tell them how long you think the work will take, as no two designers are the same. Even if a project is quick to turnaround, it could well be the case that it’s because the designer is extremely experienced, and with that wisdom comes an increased price. 

The best way to approach a project scope is to be upfront about your requirements. For example, a complete branding package that includes a logo, business stationery, signage, etc. It’s also ok to add more items as the project progresses, but be aware that this will come at an increased cost. Your designer may be booked for future assignments, so where possible tell them all the details in the initial brief. 


Graphic design is a two-way process between the designer and the client. It’s natural that when you are first presented with the design you may want to tweak some of the details. Before you enter into a contract, your designer will specify how many changes are included within the quote. If you require excessive changes then your designer may need to bill you for these separately. 

Being clear with your designer about the brief from the outset will ensure that your expectations are aligned. This will save you both time and ultimately money on endless revisions.

Hiring a Graphic Designer - is it worth the cost? 

When it comes to your business, marketing materials is an area where you shouldn’t cut corners. If the design is shabby or the core message isn’t clear enough, you could lose business in the blink of an eye. 

Even if your project isn’t business-related, having the skillful eye of a graphic designer to produce the work is well worth it. After all, graphic designers study for years and are constantly refining their technique. They understand color, layout, and typography and will ultimately give you a better outcome versus an untrained eye attempting the same. 

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