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Accelerate Profits Now! Business Coaching Services

‘20 Certificate of Excellence

ATTENTION ALL BUSINESS OWNERS! Do any of these questions keep you up at night? • Are you STRUGGLING to get your business to the NEXT LEVEL? • Are you WORKING HARDER than ever, but RISING COSTS mean you’re making LESS PROFIT ever? • Are you tired of having to COMPETE ON PRICE? • Is the owner running your business, or IS YOUR BUSINESS RUNNING THE OWNER? • Are you thinking of BUYING OR SELLING A BUSINESS, but you’re not really sure WHAT'S A FAIR VALUATION? • Do you have a BUSINESS DREAM, but you’re not sure how TURN IT INTO REALITY? It does NOT have to be this way. I help small business owners to break free of these nightmare scenarios and regain control of their business, their profits, their life and their dreams. Hello, I'm Chat Leonard, owner of Accelerate Profits Now!, and thanks for checking out my profile! Let’s get right to it...the main objective of my business coaching practice is stated in the name of my business, to help small and medium-sized businesses to “Accelerate Profits Now!” As fellow business owners, we know this is the bottom line, literally and figuratively, for any business. We don’t have time for moral victories, there are no participation trophies for us, we must have REAL WINS as measured in MORE NET PROFITS! There are many different strategies I can use to make these real wins happen for your business, including: • Constructing a “financial makeover” road map for my clients - this is essential because it is our scorecard, it will tell us when we’ve achieved real wins. Sometimes we'll use your Profit and Loss statement, your General Ledger, or cash flow projections to identify which business areas will give us the greatest results in terms of revenue and profits; • Developing low-cost/no-cost results-driven lead generation and sales strategies and competition-crushing marketing; • Working with my clients to put together a business plan, which provides an entire “how-to” holistic approach to get your business to the next level and beyond. There's no one size fits all, every business has its own unique set of challenges and opportunities, and we'll work together to maximize your results; • Conducting a Marketing Audit to see how effective your business’s marketing programs are at generating leads and converting leads into paying customers, and what the real return on your marketing investment actually is. This is very often an eye-opening experience for the business owner, but it’s also the starting point for the turnaround in the business’s fortunes. And whether your plans are to continue working your business, or you're looking to sell it at some point in the future, these strategies will help you achieve your goals. Some recent clients include a custom welding business (CA), a personal injury attorney (FL), a pizza restaurant (CA), a wedding event venue (MI), a flooring contractor (CA), a bar/restaurant (ID), a commercial landscaping company (CA), a heritage woodworking business (KY), a commercial insurance broker, a pilates studio (NY), a massage therapist (CA), a hair salon (IL), a HR consulting group, and a number of entrepreneurs looking for help in bringing their business idea to life. Many of these clients started as Bark leads! Quite a diverse cross-section of entrepreneurs and small business owners, but there’s one thing they all have in common: they want my help to realize their dream of creating their own profitable multimillion-dollar business that feeds their passion to achieve personal, financial and professional freedom. My background: I grew up in England and Germany before eventually settling in the US over 30 years ago. I have 36+ years of experience in the business world, from start-ups to international corporations, in a variety of sales/marketing leadership and general management positions. For the past 27 years, I’ve worked as both an independent business consultant/coach and in corporate coaching roles with entrepreneurs and owners of small/medium-sized businesses, putting all my learning, skills and experiences in the service of helping my clients grow their businesses and build their dreams. Interested? A good next step would be to schedule a complimentary, no-obligation discovery call. It's a relaxed but purposeful way for us to get to know each other and see if there's a good fit. Below is the link to my appointment calendar, just take a look and pick a time that works for you: https://calendly.com/chat-leonard/30min I look forward to connecting with you. Let me show you how I can help you and your business to Accelerate Profits Now! And if you've got a bit more time, check out this short YouTube video. It's my origin story as to why I became a small business coach and why I'm so passionate about helping small businesses. Just copy and paste the link into your browser: https://youtu.be/dui9ZCvhGnk

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What do you love most about your job?

I love working with small business owners. I grew up in our own family-run small business, and I love the energy, passion and determination that all business owners must have. If they didn't, their business wouldn't make it.

Please check out this short YouTube video. It's my origin story as to why I became a small business coach and why I'm so passionate about helping small businesses. Just copy and paste the link into your browser:



What inspired you to start your own business?

In my younger years I had worked for large corporations and multi-nationals, but it always seems to take forever to get anything accomplished. Too much bureaucracy, hidden agendas and committees! When working with business owners, we can get things done much quicker, and we see the results of our strategies much sooner.

Why should our clients choose you?

My clients choose me because I use the financial improvements that we'll achieve in their business as our scorecard. I've heard this from many of my clients. When they've talked to other business consultants/coaches, everything feels a lot more "wishy-washy." The result of our work together will be measured by improvements in sales revenues, and most importantly, more net profits. Hence, the name of my business, "Accelerate Profits Now!"

Can you provide your services online or remotely? If so, please add details.

More than half my clients live out of state (or even overseas!), so I am completely comfortable working online/remotely, whether via Zoom or phone calls.

What changes have you made to keep your customers safe from Covid-19?

During 2020 and early 2021, I did not meet in person with any clients, even my local ones. More recently, things have opened up, of course, and so I do meet in person with my local clients, but even then, many of my local clients prefer working with me online - it saves them (and me!) so much time, and the results are equally good.

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Overnight farmapram call here ☎️

24 May 2024

Overnight farmapram call here ☎️

24 May 2024

Overnight farmapram call here ☎️

24 May 2024

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