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How much does Logo Design cost on average?

Average Price
$300 - $1,300 per design

How much will I pay for Logo Design services?

Looking for a good quality logo design but wondering how much it will set you back? Read our handy price guide to find out how much you’ll pay for logo design in the US.

What is Logo Design?

Every business should credit part of their success to the design sense that went behind their logo. People usually think it’s just a creative way of writing a company’s name or just a random emblem to make the company look appealing, but it's a lot more than that. 

Logo design is one of the first steps a company takes to building an identity or image. 

While businesses may have in-house designers, many would prefer to hire a graphic designer to provide the service for them. Typefaces and color boards are made to create an understanding of how the company wants to represent itself before the actual work is put in on making the logo.

Why do you need a good Logo Design?

A logo is usually the very first thing a customer will see about your business, and first impressions count for a lot. Most customers will make buying decisions about a product or brand within seconds, so your logo has to grab their attention and keep them engaged, all in that split second.

Your logo is one of the key aspects of what sets you apart from your direct competitors and it is also the one thing that signifies the value of a product about your brand. A well-executed logo is essentially a representation of the creative capability of your company, so it’s important to get it right.

How much does it cost to have your Logo Designed in the US?

Logo design costs in America vary depending on the type of work you want to be done, as well as the type of professional you hire. 

If you're appointing freelance graphic designers, then your costs may be in the low to medium budget range. If you're using design agencies to carry out a detailed research and design your logo, then your cost may go into the medium to high-end range.

Average cost of Logo Design in the US
Low budget$50 - $500
Medium-range$500 - $10,000

What affects the price of having your Logo Designed?

The cost of logo design will vary depending on a few key factors including: 

  • Professional’s experience

  • Complexity 

  • Company size

Professional's experience

The experience of the designer is a key factor in how much it costs to get your logo designed. The more high-profile projects the graphic designer has in their portfolio, the higher they will charge you.


One of the biggest cost drivers will be the complexity of the design brief. Some logos are just simple representations of the company that are nothing more than just a stylized version of the company’s name, so they wouldn't cost as much as a logo that needed a significant amount of research to be put in before the final result.

Company size

The size of the company that needs its logo to be designed also affects how much a graphic designer would charge for their services. A global corporation wanting their logo designed will face higher rates as the quality of work expected is very high. This goes both ways as smaller companies are bound to attract designers that operate on the lower end of the spectrum as their requirements aren’t as big.

Is getting your logo professionally designed worth the cost?

Not only will a strong logo stand out to consumers, but it’ll also ensure that they remember your brand in a positive light. Don’t cut corners on the foundations of your brand identity - hire a professional on Bark to create your logo to the standard your business deserves.

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