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Inner Health Hypnotherapy - ILAH BROCK

los angeles

Vocational - Avocational Self-Improvement. Behavior Modification at the direction of the client. (Rates posted toward the bottom) How can Hypnotherapy Help you? It is an organic and safe way to affect the changes you desire. Through the use of hypnotherapy there are a myriad of modalities that can be useful for a positive change in your life. For Example: If you have a behavior that you do not prefer and would like to change it to a behavior you would prefer, something as simple as not making the bed to making the bed, or more complex, such as, not exercising to exercising, eating sugar to not eating sugar, smoking to smoke free, fear & phobias, Tinnitus (ringing in the ear) to habituated so you no longer even notice it is there, pain management, substance abuse, RELATIONSHIPS Expert-Overcoming grief, in relationships, teaching the client how to over come fear of rejection, working through your divorce, loss of a loved one, as well as for * Weight loss, Stop smoking, Anxiety, *ED, *low libido (men or women), Worry,Fears/phobias,Career Success, Confidence, *Pain management,*Depression & more! ***Regarding fears and phobias - some of the most common arease is the fear of needles, flying, and driving - all of these can be helped with Hypnotherapy. This is one of the most holistic and organic means of self improvement that you will ever encounter. Calls are free - Please call me to discuss you specific issue. It is private and confidential! You can also email me for a free relaxation meditation recording for better sleep. Please subject line, "BK - Relaxation Recording" to ilahbrock@gmail.com and I will send it over. I do offer house calls for an additional travel fee.*( some restrictions apply) Smoking Cessation: The are two programs offered. 1. Quit in first session and two follow-ups and 2. Prepare to quit and work towards that desired date, then one or 2 follow-ups. The goal for this is to titrate you down from nicotine so the withdrawals are no longer an issue. SEE BELOW FOR RATES *Weight loss - I offer a 9 week program - it is all inclusive and can be designed to meet your needs. It is 100% effective if you follow the program and listen to the coach (me). There are several packages I can offer from the basic package, 9 weeks, meeting once a week for a total of up to 15 hours of session time (2 to 2 1/2 hours is the first session) This package is a bark special from $1800 to $1400 and includes the actual program, 9 one on one sessions with me, hypnosis in every session, every session is recorded (the hypnotic portion) for you to listen to for daily reinforcement, you also receive a myriad of support materials. For $2500 that includes all of the above plus, I include two entire days (up to 10 hours total) of food cooking and preparing and answering questions. This can include up to 4 people if you would like to attend these classes in your location. I also bring all the food for approximately 35 prepped meals including food storage containers. Substance Abuse; hypnotherapy can absolutely help with addictions. Please note: it is important to understand that the client should be a part of a step type program. We can discuss those organizations as well and see what would fit your purpose for the best possible achievement. *Some conditions may require a referral from your Dr. Or therapist. Thank you for your kind consideration. All the best, ILAH (eye-lah) Please be sure to have a valid phone number. I WILL call you! My rates: The first session approximately 2 1/2 hours and I do a complete assessment and we discuss your issue at length. I do record all of the hypnotic portion of the session for you to have to listen for daily reinforcement. This first session - $350 at My office in Tarzana, CA or video session- NOTICE: DURING this coronoavirus chaos, I am reducing this to $250 House calls start at $550 and a proper quote will be given for the location. The amount quoted does include your session rate, as well. I will travel anywhere in the United States at the client's retainer. Subsequent Sessions are up to 1 and 1/2 hours and $125 at my office in Tarzana. CA. or via video session for $100 per clinical hour. My West Los Angeles Office is $375 for the first session (same time duration) and $165 for subsequent sessions (same time duration). Remotely is $250 for first session and $100 for subsequent sessions. (I do offer cash discounts and multi-session packages as well as gift certificates) If you would like me to travel to your location - there is a traveling fee and it is either a flat rate or by the mile - we can discuss. In your first session you will be taught techniques that will allow you to self-help between sessions. Phone calls are free and I am happy to discuss how this works. *** There are no guarentees - however if you are ready to make that change, effectiveness is almost certain. We can discuss how this works and what to expect as well as what is your part. Hypnotherapy is nothing that is done 'to you' as this is a partnership like an Athlete and a coach - I am the "conduit' to your subconsciouis mind to help you make those behavior changes more rapidly. Sometimes in moments and sometimes within a few days. It does all depend on how your subconscious mind accepts the (positive) suggestions you and I have discussed. I am a phone call away- five six two seven six zero seven seven two three I look forward to assisting. NOTE: Minors can be helped with hypnotherapy in many cases. Please note that a consent will be required as well as other conditions as indicated. Please call me to discuss. All requests for "someone else'' (except a minor) will be declined. My policy is to only see those clients who have a personal desire to change and not because someone else is wanting it for them. I can absolutely talk to you about their situation and give you some over the phone support as I am able. Thank you for reaching out - Just signing up for Bark.com is a huge step toward your future inner healing. I applaud you - now let's chat! All the best, Ilah Brock

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What do you love most about your job?

I am a helping, caring, sharing person and I truly and deeply want to see people at the top of their success.
It is fascinating for my clients to discovery how the brain and subconscious mind works and how interesting it is that they can change a behavior from a negative to a positive and overcome even egregious obstacles and live with clarity, gratitude and appreciation for life, in a way many have never experienced before.

What inspired you to start your own business?

I was seeing my own hypnotherapist and I experienced the results immedieately. I had to learn more about what this is so after about two weeks of research, I decided to become a hypnotherapist.

Why should our clients choose you?

I use a combination of Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy. MER, NLP, EFT, As well as teach my clients Law of Attraction, so they can have the best results in as short of time as possibel.
Hypnotherapy is vocational, avocational self improvement at the direction of the client. It is a participatory process and we work together to help you make the changes you desire.
Relationship issues, Anxiety, Confidence, Test Anxiety, Stop Smoking, Lose Weight, Pain Management, Worry, fears, phobias, negative self talk, shame, guilt, self love, anger, frustration, stress, abandonment, relaxation, sugar addiction, stage fright, and a whole lot more.

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I don't mind

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At therapist's location

What do you need the hypnotherapy for?

Overcoming an addiction e.g. quit smoking, Weight loss, Stuttering

Which day(s) would you consider?

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Do you have any additional details

I am interested in one quote for quitting smoking/drinking and another for stuttering for two people. Thank you.

Do you have a preference for the therapist's gender?

I don't mind

Which therapy locations would you consider?

At therapist's location

What do you need the hypnotherapy for?

Improving my life, Overcoming an addiction e.g. quit smoking, Trichotillomania

Which day(s) would you consider?

Saturday, Sunday, Weekday evening's

Do you have any additional details

I have Trichotillomania. I'm tired of wearing wigs.

Do you have a preference for the therapist's gender?


Which therapy locations would you consider?

At my location, At therapist's location

What do you need the hypnotherapy for?

Improving my life, Overcoming an addiction e.g. quit smoking, Weight loss, Insonmia/Difficulties falling asleep

Which day(s) would you consider?

Saturday, Sunday, Weekday evenings

Do you have any additional details

Quitting smoking is my number one concern at this time.

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