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Inner Strength: Physio. Fitness. Athletics profile image

Inner Strength: Physio. Fitness. Athletics

At Inner Strength we are a full spectrum health coaching facility who fields a team of top-of-their-field personal trainers, physical therapists, dietitians and health coaches. We helps women in their 40's-50's-60's & 70's make positive health change permanent, so you can get back to doing the things you love without fear of pain, injury or not being able to perform like you once did. What does "Full Spectrum Health Coaching" mean? Picture this... We call it your transformation vehicle. Traditional gyms will purposely put 1 wheel on your car (workouts) and tell you are going to be successful in their program... but as we know, you can't reach top speed with one, or even two wheels (maybe they give you a "recommended nutrition handout" too)... That's NOT us! By putting all 4 wheels on your Transformation Vehicle we're going to guarantee you not only lose weight, gain strength and get out of pain in your time with us, but you're going to get an education of how to finally stop the "lose 20 lbs/gain 20 lbs yoyo" and actually maintain the results you get here for the rest of your life! What are the 4 Wheels of your Transformation Vehicle? Glad You Asked :) 1st Wheel: A Completely Personalized Fitness Program - At Inner Strength we provide either private, personal training or small group personal training. Either way your program is 100% built-just-for-you to meet your personal Goals, Capabilities and Limitations. That means in our small group programs (Return to Fitness & Rise Above Fitness) you will not be fed some cookie cutter workout that everyone else is doing. At this stage in your life you need a program that will meet you where you are and safely progress you to higher levels of strength, balance, mobility and endurance. (Yes... even if you have chronic pain, injury or have never worked out even once before!) Sessions are 1 Hour in length and we have 7 different times each day for our Small Group Programs (6AM, 9:30AM, 10:30AM, Noon, 4:30PM, 5:30PM, 6:30PM during the week and 9AM & 10AM on Saturdays) Private training sessions can be accommodated any time. 2nd Wheel: A completely personalized Nutrition Program - The nutrition industry has a dirty little secret, and it's this right here --> Your success in your eating is far more about how you process information and stay motivated than having the "perfect plan." In fact, we're massive proponents of never saying "you can't have____." Whether you're the the type of person who likes lists, numbers, calorie tracking and a more structured plan with a coach telling you exactly what to eat, you're the type of person who likes principles, habit creation and flexible checklists or a combination of the two, we're going to custom build a nutrition program that never overwhelms you, tells you "no (insert favorite food, coffee etc here) or makes you rely on "willpower".. .because as we all know, that stuff simply doesn't work. We ARE however going to actively teach you how to achieve you goals and adjust your plan when you do feel like having your favorite foods. 3rd Wheel: Your own Personal Health Coach who holds you accountable - Our Health Coaching Program is all about teaching you how to actually maintain your weight loss, strength and pain relief. It's one thing to get into a consistent routine of working out and eating well when our schedule is optimal, it's completely another to understand life won't always allow your schedule to remain optimal and clear of all stressful events while pretending we all don't get get hit with a wave of fear and self doubt from time to time. Our health coaching element is where your personally assigned coach will teach you how to improve your stress management skills, sleep management skills and take your self belief from "I'm nothing special" to "I'm one BAD-MAMMA-JAMMA on the inside who's working on making my outside match, and I WILL NOT BE STOPPED" :) Each day you have a 1 click accountability check in sent your phone where you can click a green button to say "Today, i'm on track" or a red button to say "Today, I need help." When we see you need help, your coach will send you a text and ask when you would like to talk it out. Also, every 2 weeks you will have a "habit creation progress call" with your coach to discuss which of your goals have been work, which are still a work in progress and which need some TLC to make em happen. Your coach will help you keep, adjust and eliminate the proper habits to get you to your destination. 4th Wheel: Our Truly Fun, Positive and Empowering Environment of Only Women in their 40's,50's,60's&70's - Here's the truth: You will only be successful in getting the results you want if you are consistent. What is the only way to be consistent? Be totally comfortable and actually really enjoy what you are doing, where you are doing it and who you are doing it with! That's why our positive, fun and empowering environment of women who are all only here to become better versions of themselves, so they can give at a higher level for their families (no wannabe models taking duck face Instagram pictures here!) is so critical to our members success! Let's face it we often don't have the most healthy OR empowering support systems, so putting yourself into this kind of "Social Club that works out together" (as our members call us) is so critical. Pair that with monthly opportunities to socialize with this tight-knit family of strong-on-the-inside-and-outside women and now you have a group of people who actually understand this process and unconditionally support your effort to better your life. So there you are...an (undoubtedly-too-long-yet-accurate-description) of the 4 Wheels we put on your transformation vehicle here at Inner Strength so you can keep your health on the fast track for good! Hope you enjoyed and hope to hear from you soon :)

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How do you help your clients achieve their fitness goals?

Honestly, I help my clients achieve their fitness goals by removing the nearly insurmountable amount of pressure they put on themselves to be perfect throughout their body transformation process.

My clients goals aren't just to get weight loss, strength, mobility and endurance results, but to finally make these results sustainable so they last long after I'm done working with them.

To do that we need to come to an understanding that "restriction" and "perfection" are 100% not sustainable and real results come and stay when when we begin to understand that those "Holy-Crap-I-Can't-Believe-This-Is-My-Body" results happen when we create 1-3 small habits that become routine, and add 1-3 more.

This is not a linear process either (you learn and adapt in your own unique way,) so I provide daily, 1 click accountability check-ins where you can tell me if you are on-track/off-track, then we can collaborate of how to make it through that day in the most sustainably heathy way possible.

What’s the secret to getting the body of your dreams?

The secret to getting the body of your dreams is what I call "The Roots of Your Health" - This is what build long term sustainable healthy habits.

This is having a deep understanding of how to manage your stress, sleep, and self belief.

This means that you can have the best plan in the world; however, life wins 100% of the time. So when that interruption to your plan happens (emergency, vacation, unexpected travel...and it will happen) knowing in those times that when you can't workout or eat totally healthy that "healthy" has a totally different definition.

You'll need to know how to

A. Manage your stress so that you you can make clear-headed decisions about how to treat your body and recover from unexpected stressors instead of relying on willpower (because we all know that doesn't work.)

B. Understand how to make the most of your sleep schedule and that if your normal bedtime routine isn't leaving you feeling rested normally - it definitely isn't going to work under extreme conditions, so we should have some go "sleep better" default settings.

C. That belief in yourself comes first. It takes no special program to talk nicer to yourself and use empowering vocabulary but....

D. It does help consistency to LOVE WHAT you are doing, WHERE you are doing it and WHO you are doing it with... so having a group of coaches and Women over 50 who are here to be POSITIVE, HAVE FUN and just become a better version of themselves, just like you, definitely helps.

What do you love most about your job?

I love that I get to see what I call "miracle moments" every day.

Miracle moments are the things we claim we can't believe because we can't see them, but they really do happen.

I've seen women who can't get pregnant due to their weight have healthy, happy babies.

I've seen ladies who can barely walk, run.

I've seen obese families who have deeply engrained unhealthy habits create "generational health" because of the vulnerability and bravery of the mom to seek help and turn her family's future around by getting grandma, dad and kids onboard.

I've seen narcissists turn into optimists.

Maybe you don't believe you can lose weight, get strong, healthy or out of pain.

But I bet in your life something happened that you didn't believe it could.

I get to be a small part of those happening every day, and I get to see my clients attain something by seeing it too... HOPE

What inspired you to start your own business?

I was raised by a single mom who did everything for my sister and I and nothing for herself. She has an auto immune disease and even though I wouldn't have called us extremely unhealthy, I was overweight a good portion of my childhood and we as a family were fairly uneducated about how to stay healthy.

As years went on I watched her struggle to have the energy to keep up with me. She would try all the tapes, DVD's, fad diets and workouts but nothing ever stuck...The cycle would just continue.

So when I grew up I realized my mother was far from alone in not having a place where she could be comfortable enough to go consistently and not only work toward her health, but get educated about how to maintain it.... so I made that place :)

Why should our clients choose you?

You should choose me if

1. You are "professional at losing weight" (have lost 10 -40 lbs, 10-40x) like the rest of the ladies I train and are tired of the yo-yo.

2. YOU HATE GYMS - My clients call our place "a social club that works out together" - I like that description and my program is a coaching & accountability program.... we have a gym where we do the workouts.. but this is way more than a place to workout....if you

3. Need to stop relying on willpower and start being held accountable - this is your place.
- You have a 1 click accountability challenge every day to say "I'm on-track or I'm off-track" when I get your check in you'll get a text to see when we can schedule a time to talk it out that day.
- You get a your own personal health coach, with a progress call every 2 weeks
- If you schedule a workout and don't show up the trainer will call you :)
- If you don't show up to a call - you'll get an email :)

The only way you can possibly fail is to completely ghost us for weeks... and I don't believe anyone would really do that.

Can you provide your services online or remotely? If so, please add details.

I do offer Zoom workouts and On-demand workouts

Zoom sessions are coached at the same time as the sessions and I modify your workout so you can do it at home, along with the live session. I'll coach you through the session just like you were in the session!

On-demand coaching is available through our app where we have all our exercises filmed with coaching points and will set up a time to discuss equipment you may need.

All health coaching, nutritional counseling and PT can be done via zoom as well.

What changes have you made to keep your customers safe from Covid-19?

Before covid I had a free flowing setup where clients would setup there station wherever they were comfortable. Now we have pre-set personal workout spaces, spaced 6 ft or more apart with everything you'll need for the day.

If the Delta variant continues to grow into an even larger issue we will institute our clear plastic physical barriers around the individual workout spaces and require temperature check and contact tracing :)

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