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CoPilot is a your own personal trainer whenever and wherever you want.

Copilot is a 1-on-1 remote coach that helps you build healthy habits. Your coach will provide unlimited personalized workouts, nutrition guidance, and constant contact to keep you on track while being 100% remote through our iPhone app.

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12 November 2021

10+ Stars. No Question.
I could talk for hours about my love for the DeltaTrainer app and how it’s CHANGED my life. I started in the midst of a health scare and new challenges and found a trainer who has been so helpful in meeting me where I’m at and helping me exceed where I can. I love that workouts are on my time and how customized to me my workouts are. I’ve never seen results so fast in any other program I’ve tried. And I love the app itself too and how it walks me through each workout. It’s also been great to be able to ask my trainer any questions I had about the workout or how I’m feeling during or after. I feel so great after each workout and feel I have gotten my money’s worth and so much more. More...

12 November 2021

I thought that getting an Apple watch would help me stay fit, and to an extent it helps. But at some point I stop responding to the annoyingly cheerful reminders to 'stand' and 'breathe', because I know that at the other end there is nothing but a computer algorithm. On the other end of this app, however, is an actual human being, who can work around my schedule and equipment to develop a plan. I can do the workouts any time. I think this system would work for anyone, ranging from the not-so-fit like me to people who already do gym workouts. I asked for very short daily workouts that I can do at home, and because everything is set up for me (ie, the routine for each day is all mapped out and I just have to push a few buttons to start the program), there isn't a lot of activation energy required. Of course, I can consult the trainer and ask for changes, but in general she's been varying it in ways that seem to perfectly match what I'm capable of, and I can already see positive changes from the last few weeks of exercising.

The other nice thing about this app is that workouts I do outside of the program, if they are recorded on my Apple Watch, are included in a graph that charts my overall fitness.

tldr: Nicely designed app, intelligent and sympathetic people on the other end who work with you. I feel better and stronger already!


Helping our clients build life-long healthy habits

We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to be healthy! One of the best ways to build healthy habits is through a personal coach, but those typically come with a hefty price tag. That's why we made coaching affordable!

Yes! All of our training is delivered through our app. You'll be guided through your workouts