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Have you set yourself fitness goals and want to find personal trainers to help you accomplish them? Are you looking to build muscle, lose weight, or improve your gym technique? Tell us what your fitness needs are and we can find you the best personal trainers near you.


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Once we know your fitness goals and what you want from a personal trainer, we’ll send you quotes from a selection of qualified fitness professionals who can assist you in mastering your training and fitness goals.


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This is your fitness journey, no one else’s. To make sure the personal trainer you hire is the right fit, we have both female personal trainers and male personal trainers near you. We also have online personal trainers for you to choose from. You can browse their reviews, credentials and experience on their Bark profile.

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Tips on finding the right personal trainer for you

When it comes to choosing a personal trainer near you, always make sure they are aware of your specific fitness goals. Your trainer should be able to craft an exercise programme tailored to your needs and objectives, so it's important to discuss what you want to achieve early on. If you aren't sure what this is don't worry, your fitness expert will be able to help you set realistic goals in an initial consultation.

Your personal trainer is responsible for implementing an exercise plan to help transform your strength, fitness, and form. They must have suitable experience to ensure any fitness plan isn't going to hinder your progress or cause an injury. You should always hire a personal trainer who is suitably qualified, as this demonstrates they have the required knowledge to train you. Qualifications of fitness trainers can include Level 2 and Level 3 diplomas covering fitness instruction, certificates in sports massages, and diplomas in nutrition and healthcare.

Whether you’re aiming to win a triathlon, exceed your expectations in the gym, lose weight, or exercise around a pre-existing health condition, you can find local or online personal trainers with Bark, who are certified and ready to help you achieve your personal fitness goals.

From Sydney to Perth, Brisbane to the Gold Coast, we have the best personal trainers in Australia for you to choose from. Get your free quotes today!

Hiring a personal trainer can add variety into your fitness

No matter what your fitness goals, there is a huge range of female and male personal trainers available on Bark to help you achieve them. So why stick to the same fitness routine that doesn’t give you the results you want?

Your personal trainer can give you tailored training advice and help create realistic, achievable fitness goals. Whether you are a beginner or someone with advanced fitness levels, there is a personal trainer for you. A local PT will cater to all different types of exercise programmes such as spinning, free weights, or high-intensity interval training (HIIT), helping you to unlock your true performance potential.

How much does a personal trainer cost?

On average, a personal trainer in Australia will charge $35-$80 per session. Although, this is variable depending on different factors, such as your location and the experience of the personal trainer.

Looking for other fitness professionals?

Whether you're looking for boxing instructors, football coaches, tennis lessons, or pilates classes, there will be a certified fitness professional near you on Bark.

All of them are determined for you to succeed in your personal fitness journey. View all our Sports & Fitness services.
Chris Webber Personal Trainer  profile image

Chris Webber Personal Trainer

Chris Webber is a certified personal trainer who specialises in fitness and muscle gain. Offering bespoke exercise and diet plans, Chris Webber can help prepare for sporting events, as well as assist with general fitness goals.

Hear from
a professional

What do you love most about your job?

There’s far too many things to pick from! If I’ve got to narrow it down to just one, it’s very rewarding helping someone on a potentially life-changing journey. I get to see real change in my clients, whether that be in their overall health, weight, or attitude.

How did you get into personal training?

I was always athletic at school. I was a part of as many sports clubs as possible and I would never seem to slow down – being active is simply who I am. When I first joined a gym I quickly learnt that I could set new milestones and beat them again and again. Being able to see progression was fascinating and pushing myself to new limits was great. I became friends with the personal trainers at my gym and the job they were describing was simply perfect for me. I then booked onto my first training course and the rest was history!

What qualifications have you achieved?

I have a Master Personal Trainer Diploma, certifications in sports massage, and even ante and postnatal instructing. I’m certified to instruct cycling, weight lifting, and circuit training.

What variety of training options do you provide for clients?

I can work with clients from home, at a local gym, in public areas/parks, from my private workout studio, or even at their office. Modern life is busy and can be difficult to balance, so we can discuss the most suitable options for your routine and budget.

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Personal Trainers FAQs

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It depends on your end goal. If you’re training for a marathon, you might work out nearly every day of the week. If you’re a low-level beginner, a minimum of three times a week is enough to make a noticeable impact. No matter what you’re working out for, everyone needs rest and recovery days. Without them, your muscles won’t be able to recuperate and grow strong, so remember to factor in some down-time, too!

Pretty much anywhere! The great thing about personal training is that it’s flexible - as long as you have the necessary equipment, you and your instructor can decide to have your sessions from the gym, your home, the park, or even your office if you want to!

Yes! First of all, they will chat with you about your goals, and discuss the best way to achieve them. They should also ask you to fill in a consent form to check that you don’t have any pre-existing health conditions that could impact your exercise. They’ll also carry out a health assessment to get a better idea of your current fitness level, tailoring your workout plan around that.

It's tricky to say, as personal training sessions vary significantly depending on what you want to achieve and the type of workout. Generally, one personal training session tends to last forty-five minutes to one hour. It will start with a gentle warm-up, followed by the nitty-gritty of the actual workout, with stretches to end the session. Remember, warming up and stretching is essential for injury prevention - it’s just as important as the main part of the workout!

A personal trainer needs to be clued up on all aspects of fitness, from the most effective exercise techniques to nutrition and human anatomy- that’s a lot of responsibility! You need to make sure your professional is suitably qualified for the job. After all, you shouldn’t cut corners when it comes to investing in your health. Make sure your trainer has the minimum qualifications required to practice. In the UK, this is the Level 3 Personal Trainer qualification.

Absolutely! Online personal training has become increasingly popular as more people are looking to maintain their fitness during lockdowns and gyms closing. As long as you and your personal trainer have a strong internet connection and a device to stream on like a laptop, tablet or smartphone, there's no reason why your session can't be delivered remotely.

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