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How much does a Tree Surgeon cost? Arborist Prices - 2021

Average Price
$375 - $750

What can I expect to pay for a Tree Surgeon?

Having trouble taming your tree? Maybe it’s time to bring in a tree surgery and removal expert! Read our guide to find out how much your expert will charge for tree planting, pruning, removal, and more.

Tree surgeon

What is a Tree Surgeon?

Just like humans, trees need regular checkups to stay healthy. A tree surgeon (otherwise known as a tree arborist!) cares for a tree throughout its lifecycle. From planting, pruning, and removing trees as well as identifying and treating diseases, there’s a lot that comes under their job description. 

Tree surgery isn’t for the faint-hearted. It is a highly skilled job that requires working at height, climbing, and using power tools, so make sure your professional has the necessary qualifications and experience. 

If your professional is a member of an organization such as The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), this certifies that they meet the minimum requirements to practice safely. Considering doing some DIY style tree surgery? Remember that hiring an expert is not only worth it for the health of your tree, but also your safety. Find an arborist near me on Bark.

How much does a Tree Arborist Cost? 

Tree arborist prices depend on many different factors, including the size of the tree and the type of maintenance required. To give you a rough breakdown, here’s a ballpark figure for two of the most common tree surgery services: 

Average cost of Tree Removal (in total)$500 - $750
Average cost of Tree Pruning (in total) $300 - $500

The cost of tree surgery can rise to $1,500 and more depending on the size of the tree and the nature of the problem, so be clear about your budget with your tree surgeon at the outset.

What changes Tree Arborist prices?

Tree arborist prices can vary depending on different factors. These include: 

  • Tree size

  • Location

  • Type of service

Tree size 

It’s no surprise that the taller the tree, the higher the price. For a ballpark figure, here’s a breakdown of the average cost of a tree surgeon by height. Don’t forget that stump removal will incur additional costs. 

Tree Removal (per tree):

HeightMinimum cost (in total)Maximum cost (in total) Average cost (in total)
Under 30ft$200$450$325
30ft - 60ft $420$1,200$750
60ft -80ft$800$1,500$1,150

Tree Pruning (per tree)

HeightMinimum cost (in total) Maximum cost (in total) Average cost (in total)
Under 30ft$80$350$215
30ft - 60ft$150$700$425
60ft -80ft$300$1,000$650


Looking for a tree surgeon in a big city like New York? We hate to break it to you, but arborist prices are typically higher in a large metropolis compared to more rural areas. As a rough guide, here’s the average cost of tree surgery and removal service in the big apple compared to smaller cities and regions: 

Tree Removal (per tree)

Location Average cost
New York$750 - $1,100
Smaller cities$550 - $800

Tree Pruning (per tree)

Location Average cost
New York$394 - $590
Smaller cities$250 - $450

Type of tree surgery 

Some tree surgery tasks may need more skill and time to complete. If the tree is hazardous or diseased for example, the cost of a tree surgeon may be around $50 - $200 more than the average price, depending on the problem. If accessibility to your tree is difficult, you will also pay an additional price for the labor costs. 

How can I tell if my tree is unhealthy? 

Unfortunately, trees can’t talk, so it’s hard to know when there is a problem before it’s too late. If you notice any of these problems with your tree, it's worth calling a tree surgeon for some expert advice. They’ll often give you a quote for free! 

  • Mushrooms or fungi around the base of the tree 

  • Detached roots

  • Cavities or indications of decay on the bark

  • Dead branches

  • Discolored leaves

Bring your tree back to life - find an Arborist on Bark. 

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