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What is the price of Garden Clearance?

Average Price
$60-$90 per hour

What is the price of Garden Clearance?

Do you have land outside your property that needs clearing? Read our handy guide to find out how much your garden clearance team will charge for their services.

What can a Garden Clearance expert do for your garden?

Our outdoor yard areas can be difficult to maintain. Before you know it, you have a severely overgrown garden on your hands. Such gardens are unsightly for the neighborhood too, and can even reduce the value of your property. Plus, unless the area gets cleared, you won’t be able to enjoy your outdoor space to its full potential. That’s why it’s time to call in professional help in the form of garden clearance.

Garden clearance teams specialize in the removal of grass, weeds, shrubs, hedges, trees, and more. They’ll use a combination of heavy-duty tools and expert knowledge to remove all of the debris from the land. Your garden will be left tidy ready for use or garden landscaping, depending on your requirements. All of the waste they clear will also be removed and disposed of responsibly, saving you any extra work.

How much does Garden clearance cost? 

The cost of garden clearance ranges between $60 and $90 per hour depending on the complexity of the job.

On a basic level, garden clearance involves scaling back overgrown grass, weeds, and shrubbery. They’ll also trim back any hedging, restoring a neat and tidy appearance to the land. 

Average cost of Garden Clearance
Average cost (per hour)$75
Minimum cost (per hour)$60
Maximum cost (per hour)$90

More complex jobs may require waste removal which can be completed for an extra cost, depending on whether the debris is hazardous or not. If your items are unable to be cleared by a garden clearance team, then you may need to pay for specialist removal before the work can begin. 

What changes the price of Garden Clearance? 

The cost of garden clearance varies depending on several factors, including: 

  • Garden condition

  • Debris type

  • Garden size

  • Waste removal

  • Time

  • Location

Garden condition

It’s safe to say that any yard requiring garden clearance probably isn’t a pretty sight. That being said, there is a huge difference between a garden that hasn’t been attended to in a few months versus several decades. Therefore, the physical volume of plant matter plus any junk that needs removing will affect the total cost. 

Average cost of Garden Clearance based on the condition of the garden
Type of garden clearance Highest average priceLowest average price
Regular clearance$340$160
Complex clearance$800$550

Generally speaking, garden clearance will cost between $160 and $340 on average. But if the job is much more labor-intensive and requires the removal of large or bulky items, it could cost $550 or more to get it cleared.

Debris type

No two yards are the same. Some will have grass and a few weeds, others will have trees and even pieces of furniture that need removing. 

Some types of debris are more difficult to clear than others. In particular, trees and hedges require a lot of physical labor to remove, including those pesky tree roots. Some people also want to clear old buildings or garden furniture. So, such jobs will take a bit more time and labor to get through. 

Garden size

The size of your outdoor area will affect the price, as larger gardens will take longer to clear than smaller ones. 

Waste removal

Once your land has been cleared, everything that has been removed will need to be disposed of. Depending on your contractor, they may include the price of waste removal as part of your quote, which will probably work out cheaper too. 

Another option is to hire a dumpster, which can cost in the region of $80 to $500 depending on the size. Unless you are also having a home clearout (or are clearing an extremely large plot of land), a dumpster may be more expensive. So be sure to compare both options before you book, if you are looking to save money. 


Garden clearance is normally priced as a fixed fee. The quote will factor in the time the professional estimates the job will take to complete. In some cases, the job may be priced as hourly, though if so you should ask for an estimation of the total number of hours it’s likely to take. 


More experienced contractors will typically charge more for their services. The company should have plenty of before and after shots on their website to prove their experience, and help you make an informed decision as a customer. 


As with any service you wish to hire, the price is always going to reflect the location due to the difference in living and operational costs. 

While each company is free to set their own rates based on the individual job, there are some fluctuations in the price of garden clearance depending on where you reside. 

Typically, contractors in Wisconsin will charge $370 for garden clearance, increasing to $600 in California. The national average is around $450 in the US. 

Average cost of Garden Clearance based on the location
LocationAverage Garden Clearance cost
New York$500

Is it worth getting Garden Clearance?

Absolutely. Outside areas can be very difficult to clear yourself, especially if you lack the tools, time, or knowledge to do so. Having an external team come in will make things a lot easier, without you having to lift a finger. It’s also great preparation work to have done prior to landscaping too.  

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