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Inspiring gardening ideas for your backyard

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Alex, Staff Writer

Tuesday, 5 April 2022

We all know that feeling: looking longingly at our backyard, wishing it would turn into the garden of Eden rather than an overgrown Boreal Forest. Luckily, with modern gardening services, this doesn’t just have to be just a pipe dream! There are endless gardening ideas for your backyard, from simple everyday tricks to more aspirational features. 

All we need is a little inspiration, or perhaps the help of a professional to make our visions come to life. The best way of doing this is to search for gardening services in your own area through Bark. Before you do that, let’s get those creative juices flowing and take a look at some great gardening ideas and transform your garden into the best it can be!

Gardens with water features

One of the best ways of elevating your drab-looking backyard is to add in a water feature. Gardens with a water feature in them often create a more peaceful and relaxing space - perfect for chilling in your yard and listening to the trickling of the water. Water features don’t have to be extravagant or dominate the yard and use tonnes of water. A simple fountain, gentle flowing tap, a tiny spout or even a large birdbath can do wonders for the overall look of your garden.

Again, you don’t need to be an expert in construction, plumbing or landscape gardening to create your perfect water feature. Find a gardener specializing in water features in your local area, and your vision will come to life in just a matter of days!

Create a vegetable patch   

Creating a vegetable patch in your garden is a great way to tick two boxes at once. Not only does it add a whole new look to your backyard, but it means you can grow your own fresh vegetables from the comfort of your home! The best and most efficient way to add vegetables or a kitchen garden to your outdoor space is to have a raised vegetable bed. 

Hiring your gardener to construct a series of raised beds in your yard means you can come in at the last minute and enjoy them for what they are. Simply sow your seeds, allow nature to do the hard work and reap the delicious reward come harvest time!   

Construct a rock border

Gardening ideas with rocks are some of the most plentiful and effective. From a simple stone sculpture or rock bed to a well-designed rock border, it’s surprising what it can do for the overall look of your backyard. Having your gardener construct a rock border to your own specifications is an extremely satisfying way to elevate your backyard. 

Simply decide on the route of the border, whether it’s down the center of your garden or around a flower bed, then decide on the type of stone or rock you’d like. Smooth pebbles, shale or even slate - the types of rock borders you can have are seemingly endless, and each one has a different effect on your garden. 

Add some garden furniture 

A simple way to enliven your garden is to invest in some garden furniture for your garden. This can be something as simple as a garden bench, crafted in any way you wish. You can then walk along your stone path and sit on your garden bench, perfect for enjoying your garden on those warm summer days. 

Introducing a piece of ornate garden furniture to your green space proves that you don’t need to overcomplicate it when it comes to gardening ideas in your backyard. One simple search for gardening services through Bark is all you need to start enjoying your garden again and to transform it into a social space for you and your friends.

To sum up

Most gardening ideas for your backyard don’t need you to move the earth or spend hundreds of dollars to complete. A simple raised vegetable bed or water feature can do wonders for even the drabbest of garden spaces. Best of all, with an endless list of professionals for all kinds of gardening services, there is always someone who can bring your wildest gardening ideas to life!

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