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What are the different material options for Patios?

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Alex, Staff Writer

Wednesday, 13 April 2022

A patio offers the perfect transition between the inside of your property and your garden. From catching some rays in the summer to alfresco dining, there are endless ways you can enjoy quality time as a family on your patio. 

But when it comes to laying a patio, there are many different options to consider. As well as different colors, shapes and effects, there are various materials you can choose from to create your patio. Here’s an overview to guide you. 

Concrete slabs

Starting with the cheap and cheerful option, concrete slabs are one of the most budget-friendly materials for a patio. Concrete slabs are typically cut square-shaped, which makes it easy to create a neat finish. 

The surface of concrete slabs is very smooth, though the light coloring of the material means it will require pressure washing to keep it looking clean every now and then. 


Flagstones can be cut straight, but are most known for the crazy paving effect found on driveways or beside a pool. 

If you’re looking for an interesting patio effect on a budget, then flagstones can offer a lot of versatility. Just be aware flagstones that are cut up and placed randomly might not give a level surface for patio furniture. 


Like flagstones, slate paving can also be cut into clean shapes or used as crazy paving. 

Slate is of a higher quality than concrete, and its smart grey appearance pairs excellently with most roofs, especially if you have slate roof tiles. Its darker color also means the slate will not look dirty, making it ideal for those who want a low-maintenance option for their patio.


Sandstone has a natural beauty owing to the natural rock it is sourced from. Its light-colored appearance gives a bright feel to your patio which can give it a modern feel. 

While sandstone isn’t as hard-wearing as other natural materials, it will last for decades with the right care and maintenance. 


Limestone is a rock that’s made from calcium carbonate and natural quartz. The texture of limestone is very fine, which gives a softer appearance especially compared with concrete. 

Limestone can be further enhanced to protect it, which will also bring out the colors even more. Treating limestone is recommended as the acidity of the rain can corrode it. 

Colour-wise, you can mix and match various shades of limestone or keep your patio uniformed. 


Outdoor tiles for your patio are one of the most luxurious options out there, especially if you opt for something such as porcelain. 

If you have bifold doors, you can even use the same tiles indoors and continue them outside. This means that when the doors are open, it creates a seamless transition to the outdoors, which makes your property feel much more spacious as a result. 

All outdoor tiles will vary in terms of price, color, quality, durability, practicality and maintenance so be sure to ask about each of these points before you purchase them.

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Adding a new patio or replacing your existing one is going to make a huge difference to the enjoyment of your garden. As a place where you can socialize, dine and relax, patios are a stunning feature of any outdoor space. 

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